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Chapter 20, Disorders in pregnancy


Master: if a woman has normal pulse, which is small and weak in the Chi position, and if she has thirsty, cannot eat, no hot or cold, this condition indicates a pregnancy. Such condition should come about 60 days after the stop of last period. If such condition is severe, use Guizhi Tang.


Guizhi Tang (see the diarrhea version)


If the woman has a history of a mass disease in the abdomen, and this time her period stops but not as long as three months, she now has bleeding from vagina. If the movement feeling is above the naval, the bleeding is due to the mass disease. If the period has stop for six months and she has movement feeling in the abdomen and has bleeding from vagina, it is the fetus movement if the period is regular during the three months before the period stop; other wise it is due to the mass disease in the abdomen. Even if there is both the fetus and the mass disease in the abdomen, the mass disease should be treated so as to save the fetus. Use Guizhi Fuling Wan.   


Guizhi Fuling Wan


Guizhi, Fuling, Mudanpi, Taoren, Shaoyao, equal parts for all.


Prepare the herbal in powder, then into pills with honey as size of 1 cm in diameter. Drink one pill each time before meal. Increase the number of pill each time until the woman feels less bleeding.


If a woman has pregnancy for six or seven months, has string pulse, fever, but feels bloating, pain, chilly and cold feeling in the lower abdomen, this condition is due to open of the uterus. For the treatment, use Fuzi in herbal formula.  


Master: if women has continuous bleeding from uterus during the pregnancy for five to six months, or after abortion, or has pain in abdomen, use Jiaoai Tang. Abdomen pain during pregnancy is called Baozu.[1]


Qungui Jiaoai Tang


Chuangqiong 30 gram, Ajiao 30 gram, Gancao 30 gram, Aye 45 gram, Danggui 45 gram, Shaoyao 60 gram, Shendi 45 gram.


Add the herbs (except Ajiao) and 1250 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil and keep in mild boiling until there is about 750 ml water left. Remove the residue, add Ajiao in. Continue to boiling until the Ajiao is completely melted. Drink 250 ml of the herbal tea each time, three times a day.


If the woman is in pregnancy and has pain in stomach, use Danggui Shaoyao San.


Danggui Shaoyao San


Danggui 45 gram, Shaoyao 250 gram, Fuling 60 gram, Baishu 60 gram, Zexie 125 gram, Chuanqiong 125 gram.


Prepare the herbs into powder. Drink 1 gram each time with drinking wine, three times a day.


If a woman in pregnancy has continuous nausea and vomiting, use Ganjiang Renshen Banxia Wan.[2]


Ganjiang Renshen Banxia Wan

人参各一两,半夏 二两

Ganjiang 15 gram, Renshen 15 gram, Banxia 30 gram.


Prepare the herbs into pills with fresh ginger juice. The pill is 0.5 cm in diameter. Drink 10 pills each time, three times a day.


If a woman with pregnancy has difficult in urine, but appetite is normal, use Danggui Beimu Kushen Wan.


Danggui Beimu Kushen Wan.


Danggui 60 gram, Beimu 60 gram, Kushen 60 gram


Prepare the herbs into pill with honey. The pill is as 0.2 cm in diameter. Drink 3 pills each time. Gradually increase the number to 10 pills each time.


IF the woman with pregnancy has Shuiqi in the body, feels heavy in the body, difficult in urine, mild chilly, dizzy when gets up, use Kuizi Fuling San.


Kuizi Fuling San

癸子  一升,茯苓  三两

Kuizi 130 gram, Fuling 45 gram.


Prepare the herbs into powder. Drink 1 gram each time, three times a day. The problem will be solved when she has easy urine.


For woman with pregnancy, she needs to take Danggui San regularly.[3]


Danggui San


Danggui 250 gram, Huangqin 250 gram, Shaoyao 250 gram, Chuanqiong 250 gram, Baishu 125 gram.


Prepare the herbs into powder. Drink 1 gram each time with drinking wine for swallow. These herbs could make the later delivery easy, the fetus quiet and safe, and prevent illness after delivery too.


To nourish the fetus, use Baishu San.


Baishu San


Baishu, Chuanqiong, Shujiao, Muli.


Prepare the herbs into powder. Drink 1 gram each time with wine for easy swallow, three times during day time, and once at night. If the person feels annoying pain, add Shaoyao in the herbal formula; if she feels terrible pain in the upper abdomen, double the amount of the Chuanqiong; if she feels annoyed/impatient, vomit and pain, hard to eat, add Xixin 15 gram, Banxia 20 badges. After drinking, drink some vinegar. If she has nausea, drink some vinegar. If it does not work, drink wheat juice. If she feels thirsty after drinking the wheat juice, drink barley soup. This herb can be continued even if the symptoms stop.


(This paragraph is hard to translate.)

[1] Baozu condition: bao means uterus; zu means block. So Baozu means the uterus is block to further develop by block from enlarged mass in uterus, such uterus fibrosis.

[2] This is a condition in which the person has Cold in stomach before the pregnancy. Now the Cold in the stomach prevent the development of the fetus.

[3] If woman with pregnancy has no illness, surely she does not need to take any medicine. However, if she is in a Fire condition, even mild Fire, she needs the Danggui San to remove the Fire in the body.

[4] Danggui San is used for pregnant woman with Fire. The Baishu San is used for pregnant woman with Cold.