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Chapter 16, Jaundice disease


If the pulse is floating and slow, the floating pulse indicates the Wind, and the slow pulse suggests a Bi disease. Bi disease is not the Wind disease. The person with the Bi disease feels continuous annoying feeling, the skin color is yellow, indicating a stagnated Fire in the body. If the pulse in front of the feet is tight and frequent, the frequent pulse suggests Fire, which causes extreme hungry; the tight pulse indicates Cold, the person feels fullness with little eat. Floating pulse in the Chi position of the wrists suggests the damage in the Kidney; and the tight pulse in front of the feet suggests the damage of the Spleen. The combination and the stick together of the Wind and the Cold cause dizzy feeling upon eating. The food is not well digested, the inside of eh stomach is full of dirty mass. The dirty mass flows down to block the urine. The Cold blocks the Yinqi in the body, the Fire flows to the urine bladder, so results in the jaundice in the body. This condition is called Food jaundice. If the person has dark color in the front head, has mild sweat, has hot feeling in the palm and sole, all of which becomes severe in the early evening, urgent urine feeling, and frequent urine, all of the conditions are called Female labor jaundice. If the person has big and fullness abdomen as there is water in it, in this Female labor jaundice, it is hard to treat. If the person feels annoyed and hot in the chest, hard to eat, and has nausea from time to time, it is called Wine jaundice.  


If the person has deep pulse, thirsty and wish to drink water, has difficult in urine, he will have jaundice.


If the person has jaundice and feels thirsty, the jaundice is hard to treat; if no thirsty, it may be treated. If the jaundice is due to the reason inside of the body, the person has nausea; if it is due to the outside Xieqi invasion, the person feels chilly and fever.


If the person has fullness in the abdomen, the body skin is dark yellow, and if he is annoyed and hard to fall into sleep, he has jaundice.


The principle for the treatment of jaundice is the urine therapy. However, if the pulse is floating, use sweat therapy, using Guizhi jia Huangqi Tang.  


Master: with the jaundice, the person feels fever, annoying asthma, fullness in the chest, dry mouth. This is because the person has Fire in the body originally, and he is given fire therapy (such as using hot patch, toasting with fire, lying on a hot bed, etc.), the two Fire burns the sweat. The sweat remains in the body to cause the fever and yellow color on the skin, hot feeling in the abdomen. A bowel-cleansing therapy is needed, since there is Fire inside.


With jaundice, the person has fullness in the abdomen, difficult in urine and the urine is dark red color, has his own sweat. This condition suggests he is fine in the body surface but the disease is inside. So, use Dahuang Xiaoshi Tang as a cleansing therapy.


Dahuang Xiaoshi Tang

黄蘖,   硝石各四两,  栀子   十五枚

Dahuang 60 gram, Huangyin 60 gram, Xiaoshi 60 gram, Zhizi 15 badges.


Add the Dahuang, Huangyin and the Zhizi and 1500 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil and keep in mild boiling until there is 500 ml herbal tea left. Remove the residue, add the Xiaoshi in. Continue to boiling until there is 250 ml left. Drink all the herbal tea once.


For the jaundice disease, Yinchen Wuling San can also be used.


Yinchen Wuling San



Add Yinchen 10 parts into Wuling San 5 parts. Mix it well.


Drink the herbal powder 1.5 gram each time, three times a day.


With jaundice disease, if the urine is not yellow, and the urine is pretty easy to go, the person feels fullness in the abdomen with asthma, the Fire condition inside the body should be depleted with the Cold herb therapy. Other wise, the person will have a Ye condition (similar to the burping), that needs Xiao Banxia Tang to solve.  


Xiao Banxia Tang (see the version for phlegm)


For the treatment of the jaundice disease, it needs more than ten days treatment to see the healing effect. If after 18 days, the clinic condition has no improvement or even worse, the condition is difficult to solve.

谷疸之为病,寒热, 不食,食即头眩,心胸不安.久久发黄为谷疸,茵陈蒿汤主之。

With Food jaundice disease, the person is hard to eat, has hot or cold feeling, and feels dizzy and annoyed in the chest after eat. After a long time, he will have jaundice. In this case, use Yinchenhao Tang.


蒿六两,栀子十四枚 大黄二两

Yinchenhao 90 gram, Zhizi 14 badges, Dahuang 30 gram.


Add the Yinchenhao and 2500 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil and keep in mild boiling until there is 1500 ml herbal tea left. Add the Zhizi and Dahuang in. continue to cook until there is 750 ml left. Collect the tea. Drink one third of the tea each time, three times a day. The urine should be easy to pass and the urine should be as soup with red color. After overnight, the fullness in the abdomen should be reduced and the jaundice leaves from the urine.


In the Yangming stage, the pulse is late, the person still feels hungry after eating. If he feels full after the eating, he will feel dizzy and annoyed/impatience, has difficult in urine. This condition tends to be a Food jaundice. The person will still have fullness in the abdomen even though a bowel-cleansing therapy has been used. This is because the pulse is late, which indicates a Cold condition, so the food is hard to digest, so the person feels hungry even if he just ate. After eating the stock of the food blocks the Qi up and down movement to cause dizzy and annoyed in chest.


With the Female Labor jaundice, the person feels chilly in the evening. She feels urgent in urine, bloating in the lower abdomen, jaundice and dark color in the front heat, and hot in the sole. This condition is also called Black jaundice. The women has big abdomen as having water in it, the stool is also dark in color, has diarrhea from time to time, it is still the Female Labor jaundice, not a Water disease. Use Xiaoshi Fanshi San. If the person has fullness in the abdomen, it is hard to treat.


Xiaoshi Fanshi San


Xiaoshi and Fangshi, equal part.


Grind the stones into powder and mix them well. Prepare barley soup. Drink 2 gram of the powder with the drink of the barley soup, three times a day. The disease will leave along with the stool and urine. The mark for the effect is the dark stool and the yellow urine.


If a man has yellow skin, but the urine is easy, this condition is not a Fire-Wetness jaundice, but a weakness condition. In such weakness condition, use Xiao Jianzhong Tang. 


Xiao Jianzhong Tang (see the weakness condition)


With the Wine jaundice, the person may have no fever or Chattering syndrome, but feels fullness in the lower abdomen and dry in nose[2]. If his pulse is floating, use vomiting therapy first; if the pulse is deep and string, use bowel-cleansing therapy first.


With the Wine jaundice, the person feels difficult in urine, feels hot in the chest and sole[3]. (Use Zhizi Dahuang Tang).


With the Wince jaundice, the person feels hot in the chest/heart, has willing to vomit, use vomit therapy to cure. (Use Zhizi Chi Tang).  


Zhizi Dahuang Tang

 十四枚,大黄 一两,枳实 五枚,豆豉 一升

Zhizi 14 badges, Dahuang 15 gram, Zhishi 5 badges, Douchi 124 gram.


Add the herbs and 1500 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil and keep in mild boiling until there is 750 ml herbal tea left. Collect the tea. Drink one third of the tea each time, three times a day.


If a bowel-cleansing therapy is used for a Wine jaundice, it will develop into a Blank jaundice. The person has dark color in the eye and face, has burning sense in the heart as chaw garlic. The stool is dark and the skin is numb. The pulse is floating but weak. [4]


For various jaundice, Zhugaofa Jian can be used.

(There may have missing sentence in this paragraph).


Zhugaofa Jia


Pig fat tissue 125 gram, human hair, as a size of chicken egg, three mass.


Add the hare into the pig fat. Bring to melting until the hair melted. Separate the medication into small parts. Drink it three times a day. The Xieqi will move out of the body from the urine.


For various jaundice, if the person feels fullness in the abdomen, and has nausea, use Chaihu Tang.


[2] The foot Yangming meridian starts from the nose.

[3] Hot feeing in the sole: the fire in the stomach meridian.

[4] Note: both the Female Labor jaundice and the Wine jaundice can develop into the Dark jaundice condition.