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Chapter 19, Spasm, hernia, worm


(There is missing in this paragraph, so it is not to be translated.)


(There is missing in this paragraph, so it is not to be translated.)


(The formula is missing for the Lilu Gancao Tang)


For the Zhuanjin disease, the person has tight and spasm on the back of the feet, hard to bend the feet. The pulse is mild string. If the spasm develops into the abdomen, use Jisibai San to solve the Wind-Cold in the tendons.  


Jisibai San


White part of the chicken stool.


Grind the material into powder. Drink 1.2 gram with 150 ml warm water. 


For testis hernia, if the testis is not the same in size in both side, and if it moves up and down from time to time, use Zhizhu San. Hernia belongs to Jueyin disease.


Zhizhu San

蜘蛛(熬煎)十四枚,桂枝 半两

Zhizhu (spider) 14, Guizhi 8 gram.


Grind the spider into powder. Mix well with Guizhi powder. Drink 7.5 gram. Repeat once during the daytime. It can also be made into a pill with honey.  


Asked: if there is worm and pain in the abdomen, how to diagnose it with the pulse? Master: if there is pain in the abdomen, the pulse should be deep. If  the pulse is string, or big, it suggests the presence of worm in the abdomen.


If the abdomen pain is due to worm, the person spits saliva, feels pain in the chest. the symptoms come from time to time. The pain is hard to stop even if using highly toxic medications. In such worm-caused abdomen pain, use Gancao Fenmi Tang.


Gancao Fenmi Tang

甘草  二两,粉  一两,蜜   四两

Gancao 30 gram, Jianfen 15 gram, Honey 60 gram.


Add the Gancao and 750 ml water into a herbal pot. Bring to boil and keep it in boiling until there is about 500 ml herbal tea left. Remove the reside, add the Jianfen and honey in. Mix it well. Drink 250 ml each time. Stop to drink it if the pain stops.


If the cold hands and feet is due to the worm in the abdomen, it is called Huijue condition. The person should vomit worm and feels annoyed/impatience from time to time. The onset of the annoyed feeling is due to the move up of the worm into the diagram. But it stops pretty soon. The person feels nausea and annoyed after eat, due to the worm moves up again. The worm moves after smells the food odor. For the worm Jue condition, use Wumei Wan.


Wumai Wan.


Wumei 300 badges, Xixin 90 gram, Ganjiang 150 gram, Huanglian 250 gram, Danggui 60 gram, Fuzi (remove skin, processed) 90 gram, Shujiao 60 gram, Guizhi 90 gram, Renshen 90 gram, Huangbo 90 gram.


Grind the herbs (except Wumei) into powder, then mix them well. Rinse the Wumei alone with vinegar overnight. Remove it’s kernel. Steam it with boiling water vapor, with 1300 gram rise, until the rise is eatable. Grind the Wumei and the rise in to mud. Add honey some amount and the herbal powder. Make it into pills about 2 to 3 cm in diameter. Eat ten pills each time, three times a day. Later gradually increase to twenty pills each time, three times a day. During taking this herbal pill, do not eat non-cooked food, cold food, sticky or oil-fried food, rotten or fertilized food.