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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)



Introduction by the author


In the Traditional Chinese medicine area, it is not hard to know how to use herbs for treatment, but hard to recognize the conditions for the use of the herbs (e.g. it is hard to diagnose). Again, it might not be hard to make a diagnosis, but hard to identify the Yin or Yang condition in the body. The Yin and Yang together develop into the Five elements. The Yin and Yang, the Five-elements are constantly under increase or decrease, consumption or supplication. Their changes can be largely variable. Any mistake or error during this course would cause a disease condition. How it could be easy to find reason(s) for a disease and how it could be easy to find the location/step the disease is? In Clinic, there are many situations in which the diagnosis is not clear, and it is hard to make a clear diagnosis. There could be evidence(s) suggesting this disease condition, but could be other evidence(s) suggesting some other disease condition. This is a quiet common experience for a doctor, no matter he is a Chinese medicine doctor or a western medicine doctor. If the diagnosis is not clear, how could we avoid the delay of the treatment and avoid not cause the death of a patient?


I am born in the Sichuan province of China. Later I moved to the Chengdou city in that province. I learned from my teacher Mr. Liu Zhitang, who helped me in the understanding of Huang Di Nei Jing》、《Zhou Yi, Taiyi, and the principle for Dr. Zhang Zhongjing[1] to set up his herbal formula. 


I spend more than 20 years in the study of the Chinese medicine, then I started to understand that the Yin and Yang in the human body is actually the same thing. I have to admire the beauty of the herbal principle by Master Zhang Zhongjing. I read more than 70 kinds of medical books. The authors introduced and explained their own idea. There are some who also discuss the principle of Master Zhang Zhongjing, but they mentioned the treatment of the disease but not the reason for the diseases, or they mentioned the herbal formula but not the beauty, the smart of the herb formula by the Master. The variations in their discussion make us followers confused very much. Recently, I read 13 books by Dr. Chen Xiuyuan. He explained the medicine principle, shallow or deep, appearing to understand the Master a lot. Among his idea about identifying the Yin and Yang and the key to use a herb or a herb formula, however there are some degree of too simple.


Here, I will try to explain furthermore the real meaning and mechanism for the Universe evolution, the nature of human life, the mechanism of the body biology, pathology, the inside and outside reasons for a disease, the way to tell a Yin deficiency or a Yang deficiency, the way to use the herbs, with the aim to make it more clear the Master’s aim, and to explain, in more detail, the medicine truth that the Dr. Chen Xiuyuan failed in his books. I did so, though I know I do not know everything yet.


My aim is to save life for people. If someone thinks that I am too brave, please forgive me.


Zheng Qin-an.