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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)



Diagnosis of Yin deficiency


When the Yin is in deficiency, the Yang Qi must be overwhelming (Yang Qi here refers to Fire overwhelming. When the Fire is overwhelming, the Water will be in deficiency. This is the reason for the Yin deficiency). Though the overall condition looks similar to the Yang deficiency, it is needed to find the evidence for the Yin deficiency.


Patients with the Yin deficiency condition, have red color in the face, mouth lips or eyes. The patients appear very energized, have no desire to go to sleep. The voice sound loud, the mouth is with bad odor, the breath is strong, the body is light and dislike hot, the bowel movement and the urine is hard, the mouth is dry and thirsty and wants to drink cold water. The tongue cover is dry-yellowish, or dark-yellowish, without moist. The patient shows irritable, anxiety, chattering without consciousness, or has hot flash, waving hot, night sweat, has dry cough, keeps drinking water. The pulse is long and  strong. All of such clinic conditions suggest the Yin deficiency. For the treatment, the herbs used should supply more Yin and suppress the Yang (supplying more Yin includes the six Yin in the body. Referring to the above chapter for the meaning of the Qi and the Yin, the overwhelming of the Qi will create Fire. Check the therapies for the saving Yin, storing the Yin, nourishing the Yin, and transforming the Yin. Study that chapter carefully, so to know the way to solve the Yin deficiency.).


However, in clinic, some patients’ conditions are similar to the Yang deficiency. Let’s take some examples here. Some patients with the Yin deficiency may have pulse  very deep to touch, or feel as thin as silk, similar to the Yang deficiency. (When the fever is extremely high, the pulse will shrink to the bottom and hard to touch. However, the patient must have the typical symptoms indicating the Yin deficiency as introduced above).


Some patients with the Yin deficiency have the hands and feet very cold, similar to the Yang deficiency (This is because the Fire is hidden deep inside and cannot move to the extremes. The patient however has other evidence suggesting the Yin deficiency).


Some patients with the Yin deficiency could have sudden vomiting or sudden diarrhea, sudden heavy sweat, similar to the Yang escaping conditions (This is because the Fire is hidden inside of the body, forcing the vomiting or diarrhea. The patients must have other evidence for the exist of the Yin deficiency).


Some patients feel to talk but hard to talk, similar to the exhaust of Qi (This is because the hot phlegm floating up to block the upper opening organ. The patients must have other evidence for the exist of the Yin deficiency).


Since the reason for the Yin deficiency is due to the Fire overwhelming (the Fire here means the Qi). When the Fire is over, it will hurt, damage, burn off the Blood. This is truth for ever. Later doctors only focus on the Fire, blurring the true reason for the Yin deficiency, which makes the Master Zhang Zhongjing’s herbal therapy for saving the Yin Qi all wasted, such as the storing-Yin therapy, nourishing-Yin therapy, saving-Yin therapy, etc.


(This paragraph is the explanation by others, so not translated here).