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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)



Disease caused by factors inside of the body


There are many books talking about inside reasons for a disease. All books summarize the reasons as seven emotions. It said, the happiness hurts and damages the Heart; angry hurts the Liver, scare and fear hurts the Kidney, missing feeling (to the loved one, for instance) or the long time thinking hurt the Spleen, and sadness hurts the Lung. All the books are talking the personality of each organ. I here summarize all into one Heart.


The Heart is the boss, the master, the supervisor of the consciousness. For seeing, listening, speaking, physical moving, as well as feeling the feeling of happy, hate, depression, sadness, angry, etc., all depend on the function of the Heart. If the Heart is in a health and stable condition, none of the feelings could hurts its associated organs. In another words, if the Yang Qi in the Heart is not weak, how could be any inside disorders?


For all inside damage/disorder, all are due to the damage in the Heart first. When the Heart Qi is damaged, the Heart cannot govern the all other organs, so that various disorders come and develop. The evidence for the damage of the Heart Qi, are fever, cough, short of breath, easy to get tired, feel heavy in the body, like to lie down, no desire to eat, feel as there is some kind of sad, depression, or worry feelings in the heart. This is because the Heart Yang is in a weak condition. One degree the Heart Yang Qi is weak, one degree the Ying Qi will be more. This is true.


When the Yang Qi is too weak (e.g. it cannot suppress the Yin Qi. The Yin Qi here means the Kidney Qi), the Yin Qi would be overwhelming (it will float up). The little True Yang in the (Kidney) Yin, will float alone with the Yin Qi, so there are teeth ache, swelling in cheek, swelling in the ear, and sore throat, etc. Ordinary doctor do not know this and they think this is due to the Yin overwhelming and Fire overwhelming. They do not know that the reason is due to the weakness in the King Fire, which cannot clear off the various Yin, the Yin Qi floats up, causing the teeth ache, and so on.


If you see the nature, the earth Qi floats up, becomes black cloud, block the sunshine, so the rain falls. From the nature, you can understand the truth of the Xu Fire, know that real reason is due to weaken Yang Qi, so overwhelming Yin Qi. I mentioned this again and again, for the aim later for further discussion.