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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)



The significance of the Yuejin meridian/stage


The Jueyin meridian/stage origins from the Wind. (the Wind dominates the Jueyin). Shaoyang is its middle Qi (The gall bladder and the Liver is the meridian couple. The Gallbladder belongs to Shaoyang, and the Liver belongs to the Jueyin). The Yueyin is its surface meridian/stage/layer. In the Jueyin stage, there are disease that in the meridian. There are also pure Yang conditions, pure Yin conditions, the Yin-Yang intermingle conditions too.


If the Xie Qi in the Shaoyin is not solved, it will pass into the Jueyin stage. In this case, the Jueyin and the Shaoyin should be treated the same time. If there is only the evidence for the Jujeyin condition, no evidence in the Shaoyin, only treat the Jueyin condition.


What’s the evidence for the disease in the Jueyin meridian layer? The patient has heavy thirsty, feeling of air pushing up to the heart, hot and burning feeling in the chest, very hungry but no desire to eat, vomiting warm when eat, continuous diarrhea when the bowel-cleansing therapy is used. The Yueyin Wood Qi starts from the lower part of the body, goes up to mix with the hand Jueyin Heart-shell meridian. The hand Jueyin meridian dominates Fire. The Wind and the Fire mixed to cause a disease. The Wind and the Fire helps each other, causing the heavy body weight loss. The Fire is overwhelming, causing heavy thirsty. The Heat shell is the outside fold of the Heart. The Fire in the Heart Shell causes the burning feeling and up-moving air pushing feeling. The Wood Qi is too strong. It moves up to insult the Spleen Soil, so patient feels hungry but no desire to eat. The warm is the product of the Jueyin Wind and Wood, to vomit warm. The Wood insults the Soil. The Soil becomes weak. If the bowel-cleansing therapy is used, it is easy to cause continuous diarrhea (The Soil fails to block, or to prevent, or to suppress the Water). The treatment principle is to use Dangui Sini Tang, Wumei Wan. (Dangui Sini Tang is the principle herb formula for the disease in the meridian. The Wumei Wan is the general herbs for all the Yueyin disease). In the formula, the Cold herbs and the Hot herbs are used together, with the aim to reduce the Fire.


The pure Yang condition is caused by Xie Qi, which transforms into the Fire when moves into the Yueyin stage. The patient shows very hot and very cold in the body surface skin. The Xie Qi attacks the upper part of the body, causing the throat Bi, attacks the lower part of the body, causing blood-pus diarrhea. (the patient has open eyes, no sleep, very bad odor in the mouth, heavy breath, similar to the Yangming Fire condition). For the upper attacking condition, use the herb Huanglian Erdong Ajiao Jiziqin Tang. For the lower attacking condition, use the herb Huanglian Erdong Ajiao Jizihuang Tang, to wet the dryness and to save the Yin.


What’s the evidence for the pure Yin condition? It is caused by invasion of Xie Qi in the Jueyin stage, transforms not following the middle Qi, but the surface Qi of the Yueyin. The meridian per se belongs to Yin and the invaded Xie Qi belongs to Yin too. So the disease shows pure Yin. The patient shows closed eyes, bends the body to lie, feels heavy in the body and dislike to talk, reverse cold in the hands and feet, blue-purple color in the nail, pain in the stomach and spasm in muscles. The treatment principle is to restore the Yang Qi in the body. When the Yang is restored, the Yin will decline.


What’s the evidence for the Yin-Yang intermingle condition? It means the disease is in both eh surface and in the middle Qi of the Jueyin stage. The patient has acute abdomen pain, vomiting and diarrhea, annoyed hot in the heart, frequent drink of the cold water, but vomiting upon drink. The treatment principle should be to use large dose of herbs to restore the Yang Qi, adding little herb Huanglian, so the formula contains both the warm and the cold herbs in it, for the reason that the disease condition is the Hot-Cold intermingle.


Appendix: Each of the six stages has its own surface layer, middle, and original layer Qi. The invading Xie Qi can move and stay in either of the three parts of each stage. Usually, once it comes into the meridian layer, it moves to the middle layer very quickly. If the beginner fails to study the rule carefully, he/she would not be able to understand the coming and the result of the Xie Qi invasion. What I did here to explain the rule for the Xie Qi transport, transformation, is to show a roughly meaning. It is recommended to study another book <<Shanghan Qianzhu>> by author Doctor Chen Xiuyuan, to understand more in detail.