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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)


The meaning of the King Fire and the Minister Fire.


The King Fire, is the Ordinary Fire; The minister Fire, is the True Fire. The Ordinary Fire is the heart; and the True Fire is the True Yang in the kidney.


The Ordinary Fire locates in the upper position to govern the Yang, the Yang is more overwhelming than the Yin there. So the Yang in the upper position to function; the True Fire locates in the lower position to govern the Yin. The Yin is overwhelming in the lower part than the Yang. It locates in the lower part of the body for structural support of the function of the Ordinary Fire. The two Fire can be separated as such into two, but they are actually the same Qi. They are the governor of the Yin and the Yang.


Therefore, if the King Fire in the upper part of the body is weak, it cannot govern the opening organs in the upper part of the body, so the running nose, the saliva, the tear, the bleeding from the nose and teeth, all can happen. If the Minister Fire in the lower part of the body is weak, it cannot govern the lower part opening organs, so that the leak of the urine, the leak of libido, the discharge, the leak of the stool, all can happen.


Though the two Fire can not be separated, they are neither mixed. By this way, one Fire goes up and another goes down, so to create the middle Qi (the two Fire both can create soil, the upper King Fire create and give the birth of the Ordinary Soil, the Stomach soil, and the lower Minister Fire creates and gives birth to the True Soil, the Spleen soil. The two Fire create the soils, by help each other). The two Qi now becomes three Qi (the Three Qi is also called Three Yuan or three Jiao. The medical bible said: “without the original inherit Yuan, there will have no later Yuan, later King Fire, or later Ordinary Soil. But without later Yuan, the later King Fire, the later Soil, the inherit Fire can not exist for long as a life”. This is the true meaning of the three Yuan.).   


If the middle palace (the Soil place) do not get the warm-up by the two going up and down Fires, it will have no ability to digest the food, and the phlegm and wetness will be accumulated in the body to cause disease. (Here you can see, the upper, the middle and the lower three parts are actually the one mass of Fire).  


If the upper King Fire and the lower Minister Fire both are not enough (deficiency), the upper King Fire tends to go down, such as moves into the small intestine or lung disease moves into the large intestine; the lower Minister Fire tends to go up to cause such as teeth ache, cough blood, asthma, short of breath, swelling in the face, pain in the throat, etc.


Among these disorders, the most important conditions are: sometime, the Yin Qi floats and runs up without the True Fire follows; sometime, the Yin Qi floats up with the True Fire follows. Doctor should be very careful.


If there have been the evidence for a upper exhaust conditions, such as the floating and hollow pulse, short of breath, fast and hush breath, but no red face, no hot body, or no sweat, it means that the Yin Qi floats but the True Fire has not followed up yet.


If in this condition, there are also red face, hot body and sweat, it means the floating Yin Qi is accompanied by the floating True Fire. Upon this time, the disease is in a true exhausting condition. It is extreme dangerous for life.


Once seeing such floating Yin Qi, it should not be delayed any longer. Yang-supplying therapy should be started as soon as possible, using various saving-Yang therapies, so not to cause the death.


There is also a condition, in which the Yang Qi goes down, but the King Fire does not follow down, and in which the Yang Qi goes down, and the King Fire goes down too. Doctor should be very careful in these conditions.


If the lower part exhausting evidence has shown, the pulse is weak, thin, and almost to break off; there are bleeding in the stool and urine; there is diarrhea with water in the stool; the arm and the feet are cold but the patient dose not feel cold; the patient can still hold the urine and stool (no leak), all suggest that the Yang Qi goes down but the King Fire has not followed down yet.


If the extremes are very cold, the bowel movement and the urination are too much, tend to leak, it indicates that the Yang Qi goes down, as well as the King Fire. Upon to this stage, it is the condition of exhaustion to die.  


Once find the evidence for such Yang Qi shrink, proper treatment should be started as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the extreme becomes cold. This is urgent to save life. 


Whenever the exhausting condition starts from the lower part of the body, but shows in the upper part of the body, it is called the Yang escaping (it is the escape of the Yang in the Kan (Kidney is the Kan Gua). The Yang in the Kan is the Qian Gua, is the Universe, so that it is escaping from the upper part of the body). On the other side, if the exhausting condition initiates from the upper part of the body, but shows in the lower part of the body, it is called the escaping of Yin (It is the escaping of the Yin in the Li Gua, the Heart. The Yin is the earth, so the Yin escapes from the lower part of the body.)


If the Yang is to escape, supply Yin to save it, such as using Du Shen Tang (single gensing). If the Yin is to escape, supply Yang to save it, such as using Hui Yang Yin[1].


Sometimes, in the Yang escaping condition, it is not needed to nourish the Yin. When the Yin becomes overwhelming, the Yang will return home to quiet. Sometime, in the Yin escaping condition, it is not needed to supply Yang. When the Yang becomes overwhelming, the Yin will return home to quiet. (Question from the translator: how to le the Yang or the Yin becomes overwhelming?) The readers should try to understand this variation and understand how the Yin can turn into the Yang and how the Yang can be changed into the Yin.

[1] It is difficult to translate Chinese into English by using the Chinese Pinyin. Here, the “Yin” means the beverage, the drinks, not the “Yin” in the Yin-Yang concept. But, it is not the ordinary “beverage” or “drink”. It refers to a kind of herbal drink. For non-Chinese speaking doctor, it is recommended to learn Chinese, if you really want to be a doctor in Chinese medicine.