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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)



Disease caused by factor from outside of the body.


Whenever we mention that a disease is caused by outside factors, it means the factors come into the body from outside of the body. The factors include the Wind, the Cold, the Hot, the Wetness, the Dryness and the Fire.


If the person fails to maintain his/her healthy in a proper way, the Yin-Yang will lose balance. In such condition, the six disease-causing factors will invade into the body to cause a disease.


Among the six disease-causing factors, the most important factor is the Cold. This is because the Cold is associated with the Winter (the first season of the year), and the Zi Shi (the first time zone of the day. It is between 11 pm and 1 am). Upon the Dongzhi substep of the year (there are 24 of such sub-step in one year), the Yang Qi starts to born. The Qi of the whole year starts from the Winter. And the Qi for the whole day starts from the Zishi. This is why Master Zhang Zhongjing paid much attention first on the Shanghan disease. He apposed the six Jing principles. The disease passes from one meridian to another. It starts from the Taiyang meridian and stops at the Jueyin meridian. Though we mention mostly the Shanghan disease, the rule for the Hot, the Wetness, the Dryness, the Fire and the Wind are all the same manner. Though it introduce the rule for the Shanghan disease passing as a six-day as a circle, it also refers the disease passing rule in a year.


The Master Zhang Zhongjing is really smart to understand the secret of the Universe. He is really our Master for generations, for his setting up the rules, introducing the herbal formula for us later doctors. If doctor wants to learn the Chinese medicine in a much cute and detail manner, he/she only needs to pay attention to study the Shanghan Lun, the six meridian theory. No need for spending time on other books.


It should known that, when discussing the Yangming stage of the Shanghan disease, the principle for the treatment of Dryness-caused common cold has been implied; when discussing Taiyin stage, the principle for the treatment of Wetness-caused common cold has been implied too. Similarly, the treatment principles for the Wind-caused, the Fire-caused common cold has been implied in the Shaoyang, Shaoyin, and Jueyin stages. When we discussed the reason and the treatment of common cold, it is needed to search the answer from Master’s book, Shanghan Lun.


A disease of course can be mild or severe, it will anyway fall into the Six-Jing system (stage). Each stage in the Six Stage system has its own diagnosis principle, it is as clear as the sunshine and the moon shine. It should not be confused at all. If readers keep in mind the principles, then study the standard principles for the treatment carefully, he/she should keep in a correct step to understand and master the Chinese medicine and becomes a skilful clinic doctor.