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Yi Li Zhen Chuan

原著       ·  郑钦安

Author; Zhen Qin-An (Qing dynasty, China)


The real meaning of the True Dragon


The True Dragon is the Universe, the sky, the Qian Gua. (the Qian Gua belongs to the Metal in the five element theory. It is a unified mass, without any dust. The Old Chinese refers the Universe as the Dragon. They mean that the Dragon can transfer, transform, change, exchange, in numberless ways. The Qian distributes part into the Kun, transfers into water. So the Yang (the Qian) creates the Yin (the Kun). Then the Kun can also produce Yang (the Ordinary Fire in the body). So, the Yang produces the Yin and the Yin also produces the Yang. They are the root of each other, so create the later Kan Gua (Kidney) and Li Gua (the Heart), which are the origin of the human body.


The going up and going down of the True Fire (in the Kidney) and the Minister Fire (in the Heart) creates the middle Soil, which again creates numerous other stuff. The True Fire and the Minister Fire also depends on the Soil to supply nutrition to maintain in the body. For example, the Dragon in the Kan Palace (in the Kidney) is the new born Dragon. It lives and brought up in the Kun Soil (the Kidney). So, it is said: “the Dragon is in the Soil”. Though this new born Dragon has no trend to fly, but it works to create the middle Soil (the Spleen). As the water needs the soil to stop, to save as pool; so the Dragon needs the soil to hide and to stay. So, the soil is on the top of the water, the water is within the soil. There is the Dragon in the water, so the water would not be too cold. With the Dragon in the soil, the soil can function to balance the function of the water. By this way, the water and the soil works in a harmony way, so to create everything on the earth.

窃思天开于子(子时一阳发动故也),而龙降焉。龙降于子,至巳而龙体浑全,飞腾已极(故五六月雨水多,龙亦出,皆是龙体浑全),极则生一阴。一阴始于午,至亥而龙体化为纯阴已极,极则生一阳。故曰:复一。一也者,真气也 (注:在此应为肾中之真火?),天之体也(注:在此应指天的来源?),气虽在下(注:在此应为在肾?),实无时而不发于上也。若离中真阴,地体也,虽居于上,实无时而不降于下也。故《易》曰:"本乎天者亲上,本乎地者亲下",此阴阳升降之要,万古不易之至理也。

I thought that, the day starts from the Zi Shi[1] (between 11 pm to 1 am) (Zi Shi is the time zone the Yang Qi starts in the body), in which the Dragon falls. Upon to the Si Shi[2] the whole body of the Dragon has been developed in full and it flies up for a complete free movement (therefore during the May and June, there are much rain. It indicates that the Dragon is in full function and the whole body of the Dragon is well developed). Once the Dragon develops in full, the Yin starts. The Yin starts from the noon. Upon the Hai Shi ( Between 9 pm and 11 pm), the Dragon body transforms into pure Yin. Upon the Yin develops in full, a Yang starts again. It is therefore said: return to origin One. The One means the True Qi (here means the True Fire), which is the body of the life. Though the Qi is in lower position (in the kidney), it always has tendency to float up. This is as the True Yin in the Li Gua (Heart).The Yin in the heart is the source of the Soil of the kidney. It locates in the upper (in the Heart), but tends to flow down. So, it is said in the book Yi: “The source of the Sky tends to flow up, and the source of the earth tends to flow down”. This is the mechanism by which the Yin and Yang to flow up or down. This is the truth never fail.


If the doctor can really study the meaning of the Dragon, the mechanism of the life, the Yin-Yang transformation, he/she will understand the whole Dragon, and apply the knowledge in his/her clinic work.

[1] Shi here means time zone. In Chinese culture, each time zone is two hours. Zi Shi is the first time zone of the day. The whole day has 12 time zone.

[2] Si Shi: another time zone. It is the sixth zone of the day, closing to the noon.