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Chapter 10. herbs to solve epilepsy



1. Jiawei Cizhu Wan


This formula is for epilepsy.

(二两,能吸铁者,研极细水飞出,切忌火 赭石(二两) 半夏(二两) 朱砂(一两)

Cishi 60 gram (grind to very fine powder, using water to collect it, avoid fire), Daizheshi 60 gram, Banxia 60 gram, Zhusah 30 gram.

Grind the herbs into powder. Add 125 gram of wine fermenting agent. Grind it to powder too, filtrate through a sieve, to collect about 120 gram. Fry halfof it, mix with another halt not fried and other ingredients, prepare them into pills, a size of 1 cm in diameter. Drink the pills with cutler water, 6 gram pills each time, once a day. 

磁石为铁、养二种原质化合,含有磁气。其气和异性相引,同性相拒,颇类电气,故能吸铁。 锻之则磁气全无,不能吸铁,用之即无效。然其石质甚硬,若生用入丸散中,必制为极细末,再以水飞之,用其随水飞出者方妥。或和水研之,若拙拟磨翳散之研飞炉甘石法,更佳。

Cishi (magnetite) is the mixture of iron and oxygen, is rich in magnetic nature. Its Qi contracts the stuff with the opposite Qi, but refuses the stuff with the same Qi, so it can contracts iron. If the Cishi is burned, it will damage its magnetic nature, loss the contracting nature, so loss its healing ability. It is stone, and it is very hard. When to use in herbs, it must be grind into very fine powder, together with water-floating technique to collect the most fine powder part. Or, grind it with water, collect the powder from the cutler water, the similar way as I introduced to prepare Luganshi in the Moyi San formula.

The Zhusha is not toxic, but toxic after burning. From chemistry point of view, it is the compounds of Liuhuang (brimstone) and Shuiyin (mercury). So, in old herb books, it is always said that the Zhusha contains true mercury. If burned, the brimstone and the mercury are separated, so it becomes toxic. 

In the original formula, Shenqu (medicated leaven) is used. Its change to the wine fermentation is because the folk prepared Shenqu is with kind of sour taste. However, the preparation of the wine fermenting agent is much professionalized. The healing effect is much better than the medicated leaven.  

Cizhu Wan is originally introduced in the book
Qian Jin Fangfor the treatment of blurry vision. Mr. Li Pinghu explained: the Cishi is associated to the Kidney, can nourish the True Yin in the Kidney, to make the Kidney Water not spilled. The Zhusha is associated to the Heart, can nourish the Heart blood, to prevent the Heart Fire from floating up. The Shenqu helps to digest the stagnated Qi, and to nourish the nutrition Qi of the Spleen-Stomach. However, it is not known before that this formula can also solve epilepsy. After Dr. Ke Yunbo said that, the Cizhu Wan is excellent in the treatment of epilepsy, I tried and it really works, though the addition of Daizheshi and Banxia could make it work much better. The addition of these two ingredients is for the reason that the epilepsy is always caused by reversed Qi up, together with the Phlegm. The use of these two herbs together can clear the Phlegm,  and to suppress the reversed Qi.

The reason to use the cutler water to cook the herbal tea is that the Xiang Fire is located in the Liver-Gall Bladder. The insurrection is related to the Liver-Gall Bladder. The Liver-Gall Bladder belongs to Wood and the Wind. The start of inside Wind is always from the Liver-Gall Bladder. The iron rust is the residue of Metal. To use it means to use the Metal to conflict against the Wood, the Liver, so as to expel the inside Wind; also for the reason that iron can conduct the electricity (the Fire), and that the heavy Metal can bring down the Xiang Fire. 




The brother of my friend Mr. Qi had epilepsy. None of regular herbs worked for him. Later he got a formula: take gall bladder stone of bear, size of soy bean; rinse it in cold water to open it, and to take it (use warm water in winter and hot water in summer). Repeated several times, his condition was cured. Mr. Qi described the case to me. I tried and it worked.



2. Tongbian Heixi Dan (Tongbian here means to change, and to modify, in Chinese; Hei means black color; Xi means metal tin; Dan means big pills).


This formula is used for epilepsy.

铅灰(二两,研细) 硫化铅(一两,研细) 麦曲(两半,炒熟)
Lead powder 60 gram (grind to powder), Lead sulfide 30 gram (grind), wheat fermenting agent 45 gram (fried).

Prepare the ingredients into pills with water, 1 cm in diameter each. Take five to six pills each time, up to ten pills each time. Drink the pills with mirabilite (1.2 gram) water. After take the pills, and if there is constipation, (since the lead and lead sulfide both can cause constipation), add the amount of the mirabilite. 

In the history, there is a formula called Heixi Dan. It used brimstone and lead, to treat the upper-hot and lower-cold condition. It works well. It is however not perfect since it has grass-wood herbs in it, which have floating property, not easy to fall down to the lower part of the body. I have tried to modify it before, by using the pills made from only the lead sulfite and cooked wheat fermenting agent. It works well for epilepsy that recurs once every several days. It has been continued for several months and it has to be stopped due to hot feeling of patient, so that the epilepsy might recur again. So I modified it by adding more lead residue and less lead sulfite. It is no longer to cause the hot side effect. After continuous intake of it for several months, the epilepsy can be cured. With addition of more herbs to nourish the Spleen, to clear Phlegm, to smooth the meridians, and to clear Fire, the formula is more perfect.

取铅灰法 用黑铅数斤,熔化后,其面上必有浮灰。屡次熔化,即可屡次取之。
The way to collect the lead residue: take lead several kg. After melting, there would have floating ash on the surface. Collect it. Repeat the melting and collection.

制硫化铅法 用黑铅四两,铁锅内熔化。再用硫黄细末四两,撒于铅上。硫黄皆着,急用铁铲拌炒。铅经硫黄烧炼,结成砂子,取出晾冷,碾轧成饼者(系未化透之铅)去之,余者,再用乳钵研极细。

The way to prepare lead sulfite: Take black lead 120 gram, melt it in iron pot. Pour brimstone powder 120 gram over the melted lead. The brimstone will burn, stir the mixture with iron material. The lead will become knob by this way, so to form sands. Remove it out to cool. Press on the mixture and remove the cake formed part (e.g. the not completely melted part), but collect the sand part, which is again grind into very fine granules.



3, Yiwei Tianyang Tang (Yi here means number one in Chinese; Wei: one ingredient; Tie: iron; and Yang: nourishing).

This formula is to treat epilepsy, as well as the outbreak of Liver Fire. The person feels pain on the side of abdomen, headache, and dizziness; or has short of breath, asthma and vomit; or has annoying Hot in the Upper Jiao, as well as every Upper-Hot but Lower-Cold conditions.

Use the herbal solution to cook other herbs, it can nourish the blood (for anemia).

Cutler rust iron with water. Collect its water, red in color. Use it cook to drink.

Chemistry terms the rust as the compounds of the ferric and oxygen. It is good at to suppress the Liver, since it is the residue of Metal and the Metal conflicts against the Wood. For its heavy falling property, it is good to rebalance the Upper-Hot and Lower-Cold condition, since it is good to bring the floating Xiang Fire down. The Xiang Fire is the Fire in the Yin, similar to the electricity, e.g. the iron can conduct the electric. For its smell as similar to a blood, it can also nourish the blood, for the similar-to-nourish-similar natural law. The body blood is red color, for it contains oxygen. The rust is the compound of iron with oxygen, so it can nourish the blood. In the western medicine, they also use iron-wine to solve anemia.

A girl, 6 years of old, has epilepsy once every several months. Later it recurred several times a day. She became slippery without clear wake up. The two eyes turned up to show white color of the eyes, appearing as chronic scare. She was tried to use herbal formula introduced in the book
Fu You Pian to solve her chronic scare, the eyes were no longer as turning as white. Later the movement I tried to solve the epilepsy, I remembered there is a formula to use cutler water to treat ulcer, since the rust can suppress the Liver. So the rust water should be able to suppress the up-rushing Liver Fire, so as to calm down the inside Wind. The cutler water was stored in a pot. The person who prepared the cooking thought that the herbs were already in the rust water. The cutler water was cooked as usual and the girl was asked to drink it. After drink, the epilepsy cured! Later it was known that the herbs were not cooked yet, and the family was to cook it. I said, the herbs was no need any more, since the cutler water had already worked. The cutler water was drunk twice a day for several days, the epilepsy stopped.

A man, 30 years of old, had epilepsy for tens of years. It recurred every night. He was given the Cizhu Wan. The epilepsy stopped. Several years later, it recurred again, though no as severe as before. After drinking the rust water, the disease was cured.

One of my relatives, 60 years of old, suddenly had headache and vomit at night and had strong palpitation, with sweat on the upper body. The family thought she got cholera. Her pulse was floating and big on the Chong position, which also felt as shacking. She was given the cutler water urgently to drink. After drink, the condition was calmed down.

友人韩××曾治一人,当恼怒之后,身躯忽然后挺,气息即断,一日数次。韩××诊其脉,左关虚浮。遂投以萸肉(去净核)、龙骨牡蛎(皆不用 )、白芍诸药,用三家磨刀水煎之,一日连服二剂,病若失。
My friend Mr. Han treated a man. The patient got very angry and the body turned straight and fall backwards. His breath was almost to stop. This condition repeated several times a day. Mr. Han felt his pulse floating and weak. So he used Shanyurou (removal of kernel), Longgu and Muli and Baishao. The herbs were cooked with cutler water. The person was asked to drink the tea, two doses a day. The disease almost disappeared.


To treat epilepsy, western medicine uses medication that works to anesthesia the nerves, so to suppress the function of the brain cells. It is rare to cure. However, if the epilepsy occurs very strong and frequent, and the body is very weak, hardly to endure the treatments, the western medication can also be taken twice a day, to reduce the frequency and the level of the outbreak. Then, use the herbs to nourish Spleen, clear the phlegm, conduct the meridian and nerves, and to cleanse the Fire. When the body is stronger, stop the western medication but continue the herbs, with the addition of herbs to calm down spasm (herbs such as Zhusha and Cishi), to expel Wind (such as Wugong and Quanxie), and that to conduct the nerves (such as Shexiang and Niuhuang). By this way, the disease can be cured too.