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Chapter 28. herbs for various pain



1. Shenjiang Tang

 This formula is used for Liver stagnation and Spleen weakness. The person feels fullness and bloating in stomach and has no appetite. The application of this formula should be checked with other formulas used for th Liver disease.

野台参(二钱) 生黄芪 (二钱) 白术(二钱) 广陈皮(二钱) 川浓朴(二钱) 鸡内金(二钱,捣细)知母(三钱) 生杭芍(三钱) 桂枝尖(一钱) 川芎(一钱) 生姜(二钱)
Wild Taishen 6 gram, Huangqi 6 gram, Baizhu 6 gram, Chenpi 6 gram, Houpo 6 gram, Jineijin 6 gram (grind), Zhimu 9 gram, Baishao 9 gram, Guizhi tip 3 gram, Chuanxiong 3 gram, fresh ginger 6 gram.

Ordinary doctors are ready to talk about to suppress the liver (Ping Gan, in Chinese). When they meet the Liver stagnation condition, they usually use Liver Qi-breaking herbs. When they meet the condition, in which the Wood (Liver) insults the Soil (Spleen), so that the person cannot eat, they would say that, to combat the Liver can support the Spleen. They do not know that, the human Yuan Qi, is rooted in the Kidney, but springs and starts in the Liver. Whatever a plant is in its spring stage, its young branch is easy to broken and damage. The Liver is the spring organ of the body. To sue breaking herbs as such, why not consider the possibility that the herbs may damage the spring brach of the Yuan Qi? In the book
Nei Jing, it is said: “If the Yueyin (Liver meridian) is hard to treat, treat the Yangming (Stomach meridian)”. Also, in the bookJing Kui, it is said: “To treat the liver disease, first to support the Spleen”. Therefore, in the formula here, the herb Guizhi and Chuanxiong are used to smooth the Liver Qi. Other herbs are either to raise the Spleen Qi, and to reduce the Stomach Qi, so as to nourish the Middle Soil. When the middle Soil is thick and strong, and sufficient, it would response to the adjustment by the Liver. This is to follow the idea from theNei Jinto supply the Yangming; and theJing Kuito support the Spleen.


Comments: That “To treat the liver disease, first to support the Spleen” is usually explained as: the Liver disease is to pass to the Spleen. So, it is better to support the Spleen so to prevent its pass to the Spleen. They do not know that, to support and to nourish the Spleen is to adjust the function of the Liver”. To understand this sentence by these two ways, it can then really understand it.


A lady, 60 years of old, was thin and slim for her life. She, due to labor and mind work in the family, suffered from palpitation in heart; had Liver Qi stagnation; felt bloating and fullness in the abdomen; had hard to eat; and her tongue was with black covering; and had constipation, which was once every ten days. She had visited many doctors without any major improvement. She was more slim and her condition turned worse. When I saw her, her pulse was as thin as silk, with slight string, but it was lucky that its frequency was normal, so it was considered that it was chance to save her. She was given Shenjiang Tang. For her black tongue covering and constipation, fresh Digupi was added. After several doses, the black tongue covering and constipation were improved gradually. After ten doses, the condition was much improved. After about hundred of doses, the body turned completely health.



2. Peipi Shugan Tang (Peipi means to nourish the Spleen here in Chinese; Shugan means to to relax the Liver).

This formula is used for Liver Qi stagnation; the Wood insults the Soil, so that the Spleen and Stomach Qi could not raise or fall normally. The person feels fullness and bloating in the chest, and has short of breath often.

于术(三钱) 生黄芪(三钱) 陈皮(二钱) 川浓朴(二钱) 桂枝尖(钱半) 柴胡(钱半)生麦冬(二钱) 生杭芍(四钱) 生姜(二钱)
Baishu 9 gram, Huangqi 9 gram, Houpo 6 gram, Guizhi tip 4.5 gram, Chaihu 4.5 gram, Maimendong 6 gram, Baishao 12 gram, fresh ginger 6 gram.

脾主升清,所以运津液上达。胃主降浊,所以运糟粕下行。白术、黄芪,为补脾胃之正药,同桂枝柴胡,能助脾气之升,同陈皮、浓朴,能助胃气之降。清升浊降满闷自去,无事专理肝气,而肝气自理,况桂枝柴胡麦芽,又皆为舒肝之妙品乎。用芍药者,恐肝气上升,胆火亦随之上升,且以解黄芪 桂枝之热也。用生姜者,取其辛散温通,能浑融肝脾之气化于无间也。
The Spleen dominates the raising up, so it transport liquid-fluid, the nutritional material, up to the lung; the Stomach dominates the moving down, so it transport debris down to the intestine. The herb Baizhu and Huangqi are the main herbs to nourish the Spleen and Stomach. When the two work with the Guizhi and Chaihu, they all can raise the Spleen Qi; when they work with the Chenpi and Houpo, they all can help the Stomach to transport things down. When the pure nutritional material raises and the reside falls down, the fullness will disappear naturally. In this way, even if the Liver Qi was not adjusted deliberately, the Liver Qi will be harmonized the same time. In addition, the Guizhi, Chaihu and Maiya, all are the valuable Liver-smoothing herbs. The Shaoyao used is to prevent the Hotness due to the Huangqi and Guizhi, since the raising of the Liver Qi may bring the Gall bladder Fire up the same time. The reason to use the fresh ginger, is that, for its spicy-opening property, it can harmonize the Liver Qi and Spleen Qi.

In the history, and in the medical books, the Maiya (malt) is fried to use in the formula. Only Dr. Chen Xiuyuan used it without any process (e.g. fry). He said that, the Maiya without fry can raise the Liver Qi. It is great recognition of the function of Maiya. For human Yuan Qi, it is rooted in the Kidney, but sprouted in the Liver, and nourished in the Spleen, and accumulated in the Chest as Big Qi to govern the Qi in the whole body. The Maiya is the germ of the wheat. Its nature is the same as the Liver, so it can go in the Liver to harmonize the Liver Qi. This is the nature rule. It is trustable without test. However, it has to be cooked into soup to drink. In this way, its Qi is good at to raise, and to function to harmony.



Letter from Mr. Zhang, Qingxian, Zhili province:


A lady, who was my relatives, 20 years of old, felt depression. She usually talked very little for her inwards personality. Due to the Qi stagnation, she felt shacking and spasm in the arms and legs, short of breath, fullness in the chest. All last for one night. She visited acupuncturist for a treatment first. The doctor said that she had “bird-claw” condition. …The acupuncture worked soon, but the condition recurred soon. Her pulse on the life side was string and thin but hard to feel on the right side. The pulse was very frequent as up to hundred times per minutes. Her shoulders raised with breath, had reversed Qi up so felt as asthma. Upon asked, it was known that she was not strong usually in the body condition. She ate little usually. The Liver belongs to the Wood and dominates the tendons in the body. The Liver, when stagnated, would insult the Spleen, so the Spleen, when insulted, would cause less in eat. She was given this Peipi Shugan Tang. For her reversed Qi in the body, the herb Daizheshi (powder) 15 gram was added. The herbal tea was drunk for two doses. The spasm stopped, and the breath became calmed down. The Daizheshi was removed. The original herbal formula tea was drunk for several doses for a maintenance.



3. Jinling Xiegan Tang.

This formula is used to solve the burning pain in the side of abdomen.

川楝子(五钱,捣) 生明乳香(四钱) 生明没药(四钱) 三棱(三钱) 莪术(三钱) 甘草(一钱)
Chuanlianzi 15 gram (grind), Ruxiang 12 gram, Moyao 12 gram, Sanleng 9 gram, Ezhu 9 gram, and Gancao 3 gram.

Dr. Liu Hejian had Jinlingzi San (e.g. the kernel of the Chuanlianzi), with equal amount of Yuanhu. The herbal powder was drunk to solve the pain in the upper and side of abdomen, if its reason is the Hotness.

This is because the Jinlingzi can bring the Fire in the Heart Shell and the Xiang Fire in the Liver and Gall bladder down. It can also help the Yuanhu to open the channel for the Qi and blood to circulate, so as to solve the pain. When I used this formula, it worked in many cases, but there were also cases, in which it did not work. Later, when I used the formula here, no any failure cases any more.

The so called Hua Qi, e.g. the Qi disperse, means that the herb can break the mass or stagnated block, melt it and dissolve it into no-form thing, such as the herb Ruxiang and Moyao in the formula. The reason for removal of Yuanhu, but with addition of Sanleng and Ezhu, is that, the Yuanhu is very strong and sharp in herbal nature. In addition, its breaking power tends to downwards, not as the Sanleng and Ezhu, which are more calm and good at harmonizing the Liver. The Gancao is used to prevent the side effect of Jinlingzi, since the Jinlingzi is with little toxic effect. This formula not only works to stop the pain in the side of the abdomen, but also for any pain in the chest and the abdomen, if it dose not due to Cold.



Letter from Mr. Li, Yanshan city, Zhili province:


In one winter, my friend, Mr. Liu, had pain in the left upper side of the abdomen. He tried various herbal therapy, but all failed. So, he came to ask me. I give him the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, which did not work either. His pulse was slightly weak, with that on the left Chun position as deep and stronger. He was given the Jinlingzi San to try, with addition of Danggui several grams. The next day, he had bowel movement, with green and sticky stool, and the condition was solved right away after the bowel movement. Since it has been indicated clearly that, this formula works for burning pain on the side of abdomen, it is known that your formula, each has specific application. If the herbal formula matches the disease, it works very well.



4. Huoluo Xiaoling Dan.

治气血凝滞, 瘕,心腹疼痛,腿疼臂疼,内外疮疡,一切脏腑积聚,经络湮淤。
This formula is used to solve the Qi-blood stagnation, mass or clot formation, pain on the arms or legs, ulcer inside or outside of the body,

当归(五钱) 丹参(五钱) 生明乳香(五钱) 生明没药(五钱)
Danggui 15 gram, Danshen 15 gram, Ruxiang 15 gram, Moyao 15 gram.

Cook the ingredients as herbal tea. If prepare them into powder, separate the mixture into four parts. Drink the powder with warm wine.

腿疼加牛膝。臂疼加连翘。妇女瘀血腹疼,加生桃仁(带皮尖作散服炒用)、生五灵脂。疮红肿属阳者,加金银花知母连翘。白硬属阴者,加肉桂、鹿角胶(若恐其伪可代以鹿角霜)。疮破后生肌不速者,加生黄芪 知母(但加黄芪恐失于热)、甘草。脏腑内痈,加三七(研细冲服)、牛蒡子
If there is pain in the leg, add her Niuxi; pain in the arm, add herb Lianqiao. If woman has blood stagnation that causes pain in stomach, add herb Taoren (remain the peel and tip, fry and grind. Drink with the herbal tea from other ingredients), and Wulingzhi in the formula. If the skin ulcer belongs to Yang condition, add Jinyinhua, Zhimu and Lianqiao. If the skin ulcer belongs to Yin condition, add herb Rougui, Lujiaojiao (if worry that it might be a false one, use Lujiaoshuan to replace). If the ulcer is healing slow, in which the muscle grows slow, add Huangqi and Zhimu ( The addition of Zhimu is to prevent the hot side effect from the Huangqi) and Gancao. If there is pus inside the organs, add Sanqi (grind and drink it with the herbal tea from other ingredients), and Niubangzi.

一人,年三十许。当脐忽结 瘕,自下渐长而上,其初长时稍软,数日后即硬如石,旬日长至心口。向愚询方,自言凌晨冒寒,得于途间,时心中有惊恐忧虑,遂觉其气结而不散。按:此病因甚奇,然不外气血凝滞。为制此方,于流通气血之中,大具融化气血之力,连服十剂全消。以后用此方治内外疮疡,心腹四肢疼痛,凡病之由于气血凝滞者,恒多奇效。
A man about 30 years of old suddenly had a mass in the naval, which grew from the lower to the upper, and which was soft in the beginning but after several days, became hard as a stone; and which grew to the upper part of the stomach. He came to ask formula from me. He said that, one day in the early morning and in a cold weather, he went on the road and felt some fear and worry. Later he felt kind of stagnation in the body, which remained not to disperse. (Comment: this case is strange, but belongs to stagnation of the Qi and blood). I gave him this formula, to smooth the movement of the Qi and the blood in the body, and to disperse the block and the clot. After continuous ten doses, the mass disappeared. Later, I used this formula to treat various ulcer, inside or outside of the body; the pain in the heart, abdomen, arms and legs. Whenever the pain is due to the stagnation of the Qi and the blood, it usually worked.

Mr. Gao was near 50 years of old. He was usually slim and thin in the body condition. One day, he visited a friend in a neighbor villiage. They drunk wine/liquor, and did not have sleep. It was in winter. He walked several miles home in the early morning in cold weather. On the way, he felt sour and numb on the leg with sweat and hard to walk again. He sat down on the ground for break. When he came home, felt pain on the legs. The pain became worse when he used hot brick to apply on it. He knew medicine somehow, so he drunk some sweat-creating herbs several doses and the condition became worse. Due to the hot of the herbs, he vomited blood several mouths. He also had constipation. I was invited to have a look. When I saw him, he lied down face up with legs bend and had two persons hold his legs. He cried sometimes and then laughed sometimes, appearing very painful. His pulse was string and thin, which was slightly frequent. I thought that, that the pain became worse with the hot brick application suggests that the hot forced the Cold further deeper inside; that the drink of sweat-creating herbs caused the pain worse suggests that the herbs dispersed the body surface Cold, but not the Cold in the tendons and in the bones. The over sweat would also damage the Qi and blood, which again reduce the body ability to heal. Considering this, I used this Huoluo Xiaoling Dan to him, with addition of Lujiaojiao 12 gram (drink it with herbal tea from other ingredient), and Tianma 6 gram. The pain on the left leg stopped, but the same on the right side. So, the Lujiao was replaced by Hugujiao. The pain on the right leg also stopped.

A lady had an ulcer on the left side of the body, which was about five inches long, upper half in the breast and lower half in the ribs. The skin color above it was not changed. It was very hard on feel, and slightly warm than other place. He had visited other doctors and tried various ways but not effect. The ulcer was larger than before. When I saw him, I check the herbal formula he used before. Some herbal formula was the one for the treatment of white deep-rooted ulcer, with the herbal formula of Mr. Lingwu Sanren; some herbal formulas were for the treatment of breast carbuncle. I explained to the family: the mass was hard and white in color. It belonged to the Yin condition. It was also slight warm when feeling it, suggesting that there was Yang in the Yin. For the herbal formula used before, some was for pure Yin condition and some was for pure Yang condition. There was not formula that worked for both Yin and Yang condition the same time, no strange that they did not work. I used this Huoluo Xiaoling Dan to him. After several doses, the condition was improved clearly. After 30 doses, the condition was completely cured.

A lady was 50 years of old. She had an ulcer on the back of the head with two ulcer opens on opposite direction. She asked formula from me. That was the time, at which I just builded up the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, so I wrote down to her. After ten doses, her condition was cured.

A woman, 50 years of old, had pain on the neck, which felt as a tendon contracting. The head bended backwards and could be see in horizontal. Her back was straight and felt pain which down to the back of the knee and feet and the calcaneal tendon. Also, the whole body felt kind of pain. He had visited various doctors. The herbs uses were either Wind-dispersing, blood-calming, tendon-wetting, or meridian-conducting herbs. After two years, the condition was not improved but worse. She could not get up the bed, or after got up, she could not sit up. She could not eat either. When I saw her, her pulse was frequent and strong, with slight string. It was considered that the tendons were affected. She was given the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, with addition of Yiyiren 24 gram, Zhimu 9 gram, Xunshen 9 gram, and Baoshao 9 gram. After 30 doses, the condition was solved.

Tendons generally speaking belongs to the Liver, but the calcanearl tendon belongs to the Stomach. For this case, the lady usually had dry-hot in the stomach, which made the body liquid-fluid is in short, so that it could not nourish the tendons. The calcarneal tendon is the king of the various tendons in the body, so if the calcaneal tendon is in spasm, the whole body felt pain too. The herb Yiyiren is calm in herbal nature. It is good at nourishing the Spleen and Stomach, e.g. it can nourish the calcaneal tedon. The Zhimu and Xunshen can develop liquid-fluid, so to activate and to harmonize the meridians and to improve the blood circulation. For the pulse was slight string, worrying that the Wood insults the Soil, the Shaoyao is used to harmonize the Liver, which also means to help the Spleen-Stomach.

Yiyiren dominates the treatment of tendon spasm, which has been clearly indicated in the book
Shennong Bencao Jing. In the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, the addition of Yiyiren can make the formula work very fast. It really indicates the truth and the correct of the writing in the this book.

The Huoluo Xiaoling Dan works for pain in the heart, chest, and abdomen, no matter the reason for the pain is Cold, Hotness, Qi stagnation, or blood stagnation. There was a youth who lived in the same village as mine. He felt very painful on the the naval. Doctor had used warm herbs to him, but the the pain became so worse that he cried without stop. The second doctor used different herbs, the condition was slightly reduced, but still groaned day and night. The formula were continued several times without further more improvement. At that time, at which I came back from Tianjing city by chance. I felt his pulse. His pulse was waving and sthenic on the Chi position on both sides. I asked the reason for his pain. He said at that night, he felt hungry, so ate a cold cake. The next morning after wake up, he felt the pain. I explained to him, though the pain started from eating cold food, the pain now was not cold pain. It was due to previous hidden Fire in the Lower Jiao of the body, which was suppressed by the cold stuff, and the Fire block was more hard. He was given the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, with addition of Longdancao 12 gram, and Chuanlianzi 12 gram. One dose solved the pain.  

It might be asked: for this case, doctor had used bowel-cleansing therapy, why the hidden Fire did not expelled with the stool? Answer: if the Fire is in the large intestine, the Fire can be removed with the stool by the bowel-cleansing herbs. But the herbs used for the bowel-cleansing therapy must be the Cold-salty herbs, such as the Da Chenqi Tang. For this case, the Fire is stagnated in the Chong meridian and the Ren meridian, has nothing to do with the large intestine. The Chong meridian and the Ren meridian belong dominate the blood part of the body. The herbs in the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, all are good to come into the blood part of the body, and to conduct the meridian, so the can bring the herb Longdancao and Chuanlianzi into the Chong meridian and the Ren meridian, to disperse the stagnated Fire there. In addition, the herbs the patient drunk from previous formula was not the salty-Cold herbs, so it does not work. 



Letter from Mr. Zhang, Qing city in Zhili province.


One of my relatives, who was 30 years of old. He was strong usually and no any illness. In an autumn, he worked in the field and worked very hard and felt very tired. He had a break in the ditch to have a cigarette smoking. Soon he continued the hard labor work. Upon evening he needed to go home, he felt sour and numb in both legs. Upon the night, the pain was very severe with spasm. At that time, I just by chance was at the village. His brother came, knocked the door and ask my help. His pulse was late, stagnated and thin in feeling. He groaned without end. He felt stagnation in the body, cold in the body and hard in the urination. He was given the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, with addition of Baishao 9 gram, Guizhi tip 6 gram, fresh ginger 3 pieces. After one dose, the leg pain was reduced; the urine became smooth; and the cold in the body also disappeared. After second dose, the condition was completely solved.


Another case, Mrs. Wang, who lived in Tianjing city, was 57 years of old. His right know hot inflammation, which was red in color, hot, swelling and pain. She had reduced appetite and poor sleep. Her son went to see her. When he came home, he heard that the lady groaned endlessly, and cried for help. Her right pulse was waving, frequent and strong. She felt palpitation and dizziness. Her tongue covering was white and oily. She did not have bowel movement for three days and her urine was red and hot. All suggested a Wetness-Hotness condition. She was given the Huoluo Xiaoling Dan, with addition of Shigao 18 gram, Zhimu 12 gram, Niuxi 12 gram, and Yiyiren 12 gram, and Gancao 3 gram. She was asked to drink one dose only. Next day, she could come to by herself, and the pain was reduced and the swelling disappeared. She complained to have sour and pain on the right arm. Then, to the previous formula, the herb green Liangqiao 6 gram, Jinyinjhua 6 gram, and Yousongjie 6 gram were added. After drinking of the herbal tea, the condition was solved.



5. Huoluo Quhan Tang (Huoluo means to activate; Quhan means to remove the Cold)

This formula is used for Cold-invasion in the meridians, in which the arms or legs feel spasm. It is common in women.

生黄芪(五钱) 当归(四钱) 丹参(四钱) 桂枝尖(二钱) 生杭芍(三钱) 生明乳香(四钱) 生明没药(四钱) 生姜(三钱)

Huangqi 15 gram, Danggui 12 gram, Danshen 12 gram, Guizhi tip 6 gram, Baishao 9gram, Ruxiang 12 gram, Moyao 12 gram, fresh ginger 9 gram.

If the cold is very severe, add Ganjiang 9 gram.


The Cold is in the meridian, not in the organs. The meridians distribute more in between the muscle, so the herb Huangqi is used as the king herb to warm the muscle. If the body is strong, it can combat against the Xie Qi by itself. With addition of other herbs to warm the meridian, and to conduct the energy flow among the meridian, these herbs can not only dissolve the Cold, but also expel the Wind. This is what it is said that, when the blood is activated to circulation, the Wind would be expelled off. If the Wind-Cold is removed, and the blood is in active circulation, how the spasm not stop?



6. Jianyun Tang (Jianyun means to improve Qi movement)

This herbal formula is used for the pain in the leg and arm, due to Qi deficiency. It also work for pain in the lower back.

生黄芪 (六钱) 野台参(三钱) 当归(三钱) 麦冬(三钱,带心) 知母(三钱) 生明乳香(三钱)生明没药(三钱) 莪术(一钱) 三棱(一钱)
Huangqi 18 gram, wild Taishen 9 gram, Danggui 9 gram, Maimendong 9 gram (with kernel), Zhimu 9 gram, Ruxiang 9 gram, Moyao 9 gram, Sanleng 3 gram and Ezhu 3 gram.

此方减麦冬知母三分之一,合数剂为一剂,轧细炼蜜为丸,名健运丸,治同前证。If from the formula, the Maimendong and the Zhimu are reduced one third, and several doses were mixed to prepare pills, the pills were called Jianyun Wan, which is used for the same condition as the Jianyun Tang.

从来治腿疼臂疼者,多责之风寒湿痹,或血瘀、气滞、痰涎凝滞。不知人身之气化壮旺流行,而周身痹者、瘀者、滞者,不治自愈,即偶有不愈,治之亦易为功也。愚临证体验以来,知元气素盛之人,得此病者极少。故凡遇腿疼、臂疼,历久调治不愈者,补其元气以流通之,数载沉 ,亦可随手奏效也。

Usually, the pain in the arms and in the legs were treated as Wind, Cold, Wetness Bi syndrome, or blood stagnation, Qi stagnation, phlegm-fluid block, and so on. People do not know that, if the Qi-blood movement and metabolism in the body is in proper and sufficient activated status, the body Bi syndrome, not matter what would be its reason, would be solved naturally by the body self. Even if it is accasionally not cured, the treatment followed would be also easier. After I came in the clinic work, I found that, the people with sufficient Qi and blood in the body, rarely suffer from the leg pain or arm pain. For this reason, if the pain has been treated with various way for a long time without improvement, the Qi-nourishing and Qi-promoting therapy can solve the long term problem very soon.



7. Zhenzhong Tang

This formula is used for people with pain the arm or leg, and has reduced and poor appetite.

白术(六钱,炒) 当归身(二钱) 陈皮(二钱) 浓朴(钱半) 生明乳香(钱半) 生明没药(钱半)
Baizhu 18 gram (fry), Danggui 6 gram, Chenpi 6 gram, Houpo 4.5 gram, Ruxiang 4.5 gram, Moyao 4.5 gram.

In this formula, large amount of Baizhu is used to nourish the Spleen. If the Spleen is strong, the Qi would be activated and distributed all over the body. The Baizhu also dominates the Wind Bi, Cold Bi and Wetness Bi syndrome. This has been well indicated in the book
Shennong Bencao Jing. With help from other herbs to activate the Qi and the blood, not only the Wind Bi, Cold Bi, and Wetness Bi syndrome would be solved, but the pain due to the Qi-blood stagnation, would also be solved.

A girl felt pain on her leg. She almost could not walk. I gave her the Jianyun Tang and it solved her pain. Next year, that leg pain occurred again, together with pain in the lower back. The use of previous formula did not work. Her pulse then was ru and weak on the Guan position of the right side. When asked, she said she eat less. So, this Zhenzhong Tang was given. After several doses, her appetite was improved. After 20 days of treatment, the pain on the leg and the lower back both were cured.


A old lady was 70 years of old. She suddenly felt pain on the leg and she could not walk. The pain was very severe at night so much so that she could not have a sleep. Her family member came to ask for help. They said her pulse was strong, supposing that she had Fire-stagnation pain. When I felt her pulse, her pulse was big and string. When asked, She said that she did not feel any hot in the heart. I said, this pulse does not suggest the Fire. The big pulse suggests that the Spleen and Stomach were very weak, so the True Qi escapes. Its string suggests the disorder of the Liver and Gall bladder. The Wood insults the Soil. She was given this Zhenzhong Tang, with addition of Renshen, Baishao and Shanyurou (removal of kernel), several grams for each, to nourish the Spleen-Stomach deficiency, e.g. to suppress the Liver and Gall bladder. After several doses, the condition was solved.



8. Quzhi Tang (Qu here means circle, in Chinese; the Zhi means straight).

This formula is used for pain in the leg due to Liver deficiency, with weak pules on the left side.

萸肉(一两,去净核) 知母(六钱) 生明乳香(三钱) 生明没药(三钱) 当归(三钱) 丹参(三钱)
Shanyurou 30 gram (removal kernel), Zhimu 18 gram, Ruxiang 9 gram, Moyao 9 gram, Danggui 9 gram, Danshen 9 gram.

If after several doses, the left pulse remains deep and week, add herb Xudian 9 gram, or add Huangqi 9 gram to nourish the Qi portion of the body. If the body felt cold, reduce the amount of Zhimu.

Spleen deficiency can cause leg pain. The reason has been discussed before. It is known by most people who understand medicine deeper. That Liver deficiency can also cause leg pain is rarely mentioned in medical books. It is even not well known among people who understand medicine. I met one patient, who was 30 years of old. After a heavy angry, he felt leg pain, which was worse day by day. After two months, he could even be unable to get up or turn the body. Doctors gave him Liver-harmonizing, and Qi-calming hers, the condition turned worse, for his condition developed after angry. When I saw him, his left pulse was very weak. He complained that the painful spot also felt hot. I suddenly recited that it was indicated in the book
Nei Jingthat “Angry damages the Liver”. The so called “damage the Liver” means to damage the Qi-blood in the Liver, not necessary to stagnate the Qi-blood in the Liver. When the Qi-blood is damaged, the weakness follows, so the pulse shows as weakness. The reason for the leg pain and hot feeling is that, the Liver dominate the opening-conducting function in the body and the Xiang Fire is hidden and stored and located in the Liver (the Xiang Fire is born in the Kidney-Life but lives in the Liver-Gall bladder). When the Liver fails to opening-conducting, the Xiang Fire is hard to circle in the body, so it is stagnated in between the meridian, together with the stagnated Qi and blood, to cause the Hotness and pain. For this reason, wherever the hot feeling is strong, where the pain is also strong. He was given this formula, in which, the Shanyurou is to nourish the Liver; Zhimu is to clear the Fire; the Danggui and other herbs work to promote the circulation of the Qi and the blood in the body. After ten days continuous treatment, the condition was cured.  

安东友人刘××,年五十许。其左臂常觉发热,且有酸软之意。医者屡次投以凉剂,发热如故,转觉脾胃消化力减少。后愚诊之,右脉和平如常,左脉微弱,较差于右脉一倍。询其心中,不觉凉热。知其肝木之气虚弱,不能条畅敷荣,其中所寄之相火,郁于左臂之经络,而作热也。遂治以曲直汤,加生黄 八钱,佐萸肉以壮旺肝气,赤芍药三钱,佐当归丹参诸药以流通经络,服两剂,左脉即见起,又服十剂全愈。
My friend, Mr. Liu in Andong city, and was 50 years of old. He usually felt hot on the left arm with kind of sour and weak feeling. Doctors gave him several times Cold herbs, but the hot feeling remained. Later, he felt reduced digest function. When I saw him, his right pulse was calm, but the left one was weak, and it was half in intensity of the right one. When asked, he said no hot or cold feeling in the heart. It was known that his Liver Wood Qi is week, which could not smooth the circulation of the Qi and the blood. The Xiang Fire that lived in it was stagnated in the meridian in the left arm to cause the hot feeling. He was therefore given the Quzhi Tang, with addition of herb Huangqi 24 gram, to help the Shanyurou to make the Liver Qi stronger, herb Chishao 9 gram, to help the Danggui and Danshen to open and to conduct the Qi circulation in the meridian. After two doses, the left pulse was stronger. After ten doses, the condition was totally cured. 


Mr. Wang in Fengtian city was 40 years of old. He felt pain in both side of the abdomen, which past to the leg too. When it was very severe, it felt as punch by a sharp stuff. He also felt rough in urine tract. The urine dropped but not past as a line. It took half hour for each urination. His pulse was also normal in the right side but slightly weak in the left side. He was given the Quzhi Tang, with addition of Huangqi 24 gram and Xuduan 9 gram. One dose solved his pain half, the urine also felt smooth. The next time, the left pulse felt stronger than before. The original formula was modified slightly and it was continued for 20 days, one dose for one day. The pain on the abdomen side and legs all were cured, and the urination was normal. The side of the abdomen belongs to the Liver. If the Liver Qi is sufficient to go up and down, there would no stagnation there to cause pain. The reason that the urination was improved, is that the Kidney is the switch of the urine and the stool movement. If the Liver Qi is sufficient, it can direct and govern the Kidney Qi to switch the urination and bowel movement.