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Chapter 22. herbs for stranguria condition



1. Lixue Tang (Li means to treat, to solve, or to cure in Chinese; Xue means blood)

 This formula is used for stranguria condition with blood in the urine, or pure blood urine, or blood in stool, all of which are due to Hot condition.

山药(一两) 龙骨(六钱,捣细) 牡蛎(六钱,捣细) 海螵蛸(四钱,捣细) 茜草(二钱)生杭芍(三钱) 白头翁(三钱) 阿胶(三钱,不用炒)
Shanyao 30 gram, Longgu 18 gram (grind), Muli 18 gram (grind), Haipiaoxiao 12 gram (grind), Qiancao 6 gram, Baishao 9 gram, Baitouwen 9 gram, Ajiao 9 gram (do not fry)

For bleeding in urine (blood-urine condition), add herb Longgancao 9 gram; for bleeding in stool, remove Ajiao but add Longyanrou 15 gram.

For the blood- stranguria, the blood is usually from the sperm tract. The person either losses order in sexual system, due to over indulge in sexual pleasures; or has Hot condition due to Kidney weakness. If the person has high sexual desire, has too frequent sex activity with the excuse that the sex would nourish him, but has no sperm liquid comes out, his body would also develop Fire/Hot. The hot would disturb the blood in the blood space (Both man and woman has blood space. In man it is the prostate, in woman, the uterus). The blood is mixed with the rotten sperm to form various rotten mixture, which can be red color, or white color; can be silk form, or clot form, and can cause pain during urination due to its block on the urine tract. In this formula, the herb Shanyao and Ajiao are used to nourish the Kidney weakness. Baitouwen is cold, bitter and restraining in herbal nature, can cool down the Hot/Fire in the blood, can enhance the blood vessels. The Qiancao and Sangpiaoxiao work to dissolve the block and can stop the slippery of the sperm liquid. The Longgu and Muli can stop the slippery of sperm liquid, as well as dissolve the clot. The Shaoyao promote urination, as well as nourish the Yin and clear the Hot. So, the whole herbs work well. If the urine-blood condition is caused by overwhelming missing or thinking of person, which causes the Heart Fire falling down; or by over angry feeling, so that the Liver Fire moves down, the blood in the urine would not form clot. The person only feels stretching pain during urination. In such cases, the blood comes out of the urine bladder, not necessary from the sperm tract. However, this formula also works for such two conditions.  

In the blood- stranguria condition without pain, the blood in most cases comes from urine bladder, less chance from sperm tract. It is usually due to the Heart Fire moving down to the Small intestine. If it is due to the Liver Fire moving down to the blood space, the blood then comes out of the sperm tract. The herb Shengdi in the formula is to clear the Heart Fire. To solve the Liver Fire in the blood space, use herb Longgancao.

一人,年三十许,患血淋。溲时血块杜塞,努力始能溲出,疼楚异常。且所溲者上多浮油,胶粘结于器底,是血淋而兼膏淋也。从前延医调治,经三十五人,服药年余,分毫无效, 羸已甚。后愚诊视,其脉弦细,至数略数,周身肌肤甲错,足骨凸处,其肉皮皆成旋螺高寸余,触之甚疼。盖卧床不起者,已半载矣。细询病因,谓得之忿怒之余误坠水中,时当秋夜觉凉甚,遂成斯证。知其忿怒之火,为外寒所束,郁于下焦而不散,而从前居室之间,又有失保养处也。拟投以此汤,为脉弦,遂以柏子仁(炒捣)八钱,代方中山药,以其善于养肝也。疏方甫定,其父出所服之方数十纸,欲以质其同异。愚曰:无须细观,诸方与吾方同者,惟阿胶白芍耳,阅之果然。其父问何以知之?愚曰:吾所用之方,皆苦心自经营者,故与他方不同。服三剂血淋遂愈,而膏淋亦少减。改用拙拟膏淋汤,连服二十余剂,膏淋亦愈,而小便仍然频数作疼。细询其疼之实状,谓少腹常觉疼而且坠,时有欲便之意,故有尿即不能强忍,知其又兼气淋也。又投以拙拟气淋汤,十剂全愈。周身甲错,足上旋螺尽脱。
A man, 30 years of old, had blood- stranguria condition. During urination, there is blood clot to block the urine tract to cause very much pain and he had to try very hard to allow the urine come out. In the urine, there was floating oily stuff on the top surface but stick and glue-like material on the bottom of the urine container. He had both blood- stranguria and grease-urine condition (there is grease-like material in the urine). He had visited 35 doctors for treatment, drank herbal tea for years without clear improvement. His body was very thin and slim. When I saw him later, his pulse was thin and string, and sometimes fast and sometimes slow. His skin showed as fish scales, and there are high peak swelling on the ankles both sides, which was very painful. He could not be able to get up the bed for half year. When I checked his sick history, I got known that he was very angry and then falled down in water. At that night, he felt very cold, in that autumn night, and later the sickness was developed. It is so known that his inside Fire was fold and sealed by out Cold. The Fire so sticked in the Lower Jiao, and he did not pay attention in the regular sex activity as well. So, this formula was prescribed to him. For his string pulse, I used Boziren 24 gram (fry and grind) to replace the Shanyao, for the goodness in nourishing the Liver by the Boziren. After I wrote the prescription, his father took out all of previous formulas and wanted to compare the difference between those with mine. I told him, no need to check them in detail. The similarity between these formulas and mine are the Ajiao and Baishao only. He checked. It was true. His father asked how I knew it. I said, my formula was developed by myself after careful consideration and testing, so that it was different from those by other doctors. After three doses, the blood-urine stopped and the grease-urine was also reduced. Then, the formula was changed to my Grease- stranguria formula. After twenty doses, the grease- stranguria stopped too, but he still felt pain in the urine tract during urination and the urine was frequent. I asked him in detail the way of the pain. He usually felt falling feeling and pain the lower abdomen, with frequent willingness to pass urine. So, it was known that he had also the Qi-urine condition. He was given my Qi- stranguria formula for ten doses. All conditions were cured, including the body skin and ankle swelling.


Most of blood- stranguria condition belongs to the Hot condition, less to Cold. If it is a Cold condition, this formula is not a proper one. I treated a man, who was 30 years of old and suddenly got blood in urine. His pulse was weak and late. He felt very cold in the Lower Jiao, indicating that his middle Qi was weak, that could be hold the blood in the blood vessels. Togethter with weak and withered in the Mingmen Xiang Fire, which is not sufficient to contract the lower opening, the Kidney lost its hold function, and the blood leaked with the urine. He was given Sijunzi Tang, with addition of Shoudi and Fuzi. After continuous twenty doses, his condition was solved.


There is also a condition, which does not belong to either Hot or Cold, but belongs to Spleen deficiency that cannot seal the blood in the blood vessels to cause bleeding in the urine. This is what meant in medical books that the Taiyin Qi fails to raise, so to cause bleeding in urine or stool. The herbal formula of Sijunzi Tang should be used, which is helped by addition of Longgu and Muli.


Blood in stool is usually caused by break of blood vessels in the intestine. The herb Longgu and Muli have restraining herb nature, can repair and seal the blood vessels. The reason to remove the Ajiao is to prevent the loose of stool. The addition of Longyanrou is to nourish Spleen, since the person with such condition is sometime also with Spleen deficiency that can also cause leak of blood in urine or stool. If the Spleen deficiency is severe, large amount of Baizhou should be used, or add Renshen or Huangqi to help.  If the Spleen deficiency is so severe to cause Qi sink condition, add Chaihu and Shenma to help. If the body is weak and cold, add Ganjian and Fuzi, with removal of Shaoyao and Baitouwen.

A lady had bleeding in stool for several months. She visited doctors many times without improvement. I used Lizue Tang to her, with removal of Ajiao, but with addition of Longyanrou 15 gram. In the herbal shop, there was no herb Baitouwen however. So she drank the herbal tea without it for one dose. Her condition was slightly improved. The next day, she got the herb Baitouwen in other town. After the second dose, her condition was cured. See, how fantastic work the herb Baitouwen did!




Letter from Mr. Zhang, Tangshan city, Zhili province:


Mr. Zhang, 28 years of old, got the grease- stranguria condition in an early winter, later also blood- stranguria condition. There were with either blood strip or clot in the urine, followed by fresh blood. He also felt pain in penis with frequent urine. He had tried several doctors but his condition only turned worse. His face was blue-black in color and his pulse was hard and frequent, especially in the Liver position. He was given the Lixue Tang for three doses. The bleeding stopped and the pulse was slightly calm but other symptoms remained. He was then treated according to the stranguria with corresponding herbal formulas for ten doses. The condition was completely solved.



2. Gaolin Tang (Gao here means grease material; Lin: stranguria)


This formula is for grease- stranguria condition.

山药(一两) 芡实(六钱) 龙骨(六钱,捣细) 牡蛎(六钱,捣细) 大生地(六钱,切片)潞党参(三钱) 生杭芍(三钱)
Shanyao 30 gram, Qianshi 18 gram, Longgu 18 gram (grind), Muli 18 gram (grind), Shengdi 18 gram (chop), Dangshen 9 gram, Baishao 9 gram.


In the grease- stranguria condition, the urine is cloudy and sticky or as glue-like. The person feels pain in thee urine tract during urination. This condition is caused by the inside Hot condition due to Kidney deficiency. If the Kidney is insufficient, it loses its holding function, so that the sperm Qi is easy to slipper out. When the inside is with Hot, the bladder is steamed, the urine loses clear. After a long time, The Qi metabolism and movement in the three Jiao is in disorder, to cause pain during urination. The herb Shanyao and Qianshi work to nourish the Kidney weakness, as well as enhance its holding and sealing function. The Longgu and Muli work to seal the slippery of urine, as well as to dissolve the stagnation. The Dihuang and Shaoyao are to clear the Hot/Fire and to promote urine. The Dangshen is to lift the Qi up, to promote the Qi metabolism. If the urine is cloudy but not sticky, and the urine comes out easily, reduce the amount of Longgu and Muli half amount.



3. Qilin Tang (Qi here means air, in Chinese; Lin: stranguria. Here, Qilin means Qi- stranguria condition)

This formula is used for Qi- stranguria condition

生黄芪(五钱) 知母(四钱) 生杭芍(三钱) 柴胡(二钱) 生明乳香(一钱) 生明没药(一钱)
Huangqi 15 gram, Zhimu 12 gram, Baishao 9 gram, Chaihu 6 gram, Ruxiang 3 gram, Moyao 3 gram.


For person with the Qi- stranguria condition, he feels falling and pain in the lower abdomen. He has frequent urine and pain in harsh feeling in the urine tract. The person has original inside Hot, together with the Qi sink from Upper Jiao, which also causes Hot. The asthenic Hot and the Wet-Hot combined together, stick in the Taiyang place (urine bladder), blocks the Qi metabolism there to cause the Qi- stranguria condition. So, the herbal formula should focus on raising the Qi, with help of Yin-nourishing, urine-promoting herbs.



4. Laolin Tang (Lao here means hard work; Lin means stranguria).

This formula is used for Lao stranguria condition, e.g. a Lao- stranguria condition.

山药(一两) 芡实(三钱) 知母(三钱) 阿胶(三钱,不用炒) 生杭芍(三钱)
Shanyao 30 gram, Qianshi 9 gram, Zhimu 9 gram, Ajiao 9 gram (not fry), Baishao 9 gram.

The Lao-urine condition is due to damage of body condition from exhausting labor work, or from exhausting heart/mind work, or from overwhelming sex activity, all of which can cause inside Fire that can again exhaust the True Yin. When the Yin is exhausted and the Fire is overwhelming, the Fire can burn and steam the urine bladder to develop the infection-like condition. The person feels urgent in urine, and has urine retention feeling after urination. He also often feels pain in the urine tract. So, the herbal formula should focus on the use of herbs to nourish of the True Yin, with some herbs to nourish the Qi, and little amount of herbs as herbal guider to smooth the urination. However, it would be easier to solve if the condition is due to over labor work, and it would be relatively difficult to solve if it is due to heavy mind/heart work. It is most difficult to solve if it is due to over sex activity. If the condition is due to endless missing/desiring mind activity, the Xiang Fire waves silently but no anything to release (no sperm liquid to release), so causes the Lao-urine condition after a long time. In this case, the herb Huangbo and Zhimu should be used to cool down the Kidney, and the herb Zexie and Huashi to deplete the Kidney Fire. The condition should be cured.


It might be asked: among the above four formulas, three of them used the herb Shanyao as the main ingredients (king herb). Is the herbal nature of the Shanyao more suit to the urine conditions? Answer: For the urine difficulty due to Yin deficiency, the Shanyao can promote the urine. For that due to Qi deficiency, it can seal the urine. The reason is that, the herb Shanyao is very good Yin-nourishing herb, as well as Kidney-sealing herb. It is the most useful herb in the treatment of difficulty in urine and frequent urine. In addition with other herbs in the formula, the herb formula so works very well.



5. Shalin Wan (Sha here means stone, or sand particle in Chinese. Lin: urine infection)


This formula is used for the treatment of Sha stranguria (sand- stranguria condition), which is also called Shi stranguria (stone- stranguria).

黄色生鸡内金(一两,鸡鸭皆有肫皮而鸡者色黄宜去净砂石) 生黄芪 (八钱) 知母(八钱) 生杭芍(六钱) 蓬砂(六钱) 朴硝(五钱) 硝石(五钱)
Yellow Jineijin 30 gram (remove sand or stone), Huangqi 24 gram, Zhimu 24 gram, Baishao 18 gram, Pengsha 18 gram, Poxiao 15 gram, Xiaoshi 15 gram.

Grind the ingredients into powder. Mix with honey to prepare into pills, 1 cm in diameter. Drink it 9 gram, before meal, twice a day.

The reason for the stone- stranguria condition is similar to above various urine infection conditions: over work in heart/mind, or in labor, or in sex activity, can all cause silently the inside Fire. The inside Fire mixes and burns with stagnations, to develop sand-stone in the urine tract to block the urine tract and to cause pain. If the sand and stone is small, medication can dissolve it. If it is bigger than a kernel of a pearl, or a apricot, it would be difficult to dissolve by herbs. In this case, surgery is needed. This is then a life-risk condition, so even if it is dangerous with surgery, it is worthwhile to do it to save life.

Jineijin is the inner membrane of the chicken stomach. It can digest sands and small stone particles. Pengsha (borax) is the weld material. It can melt the metals in nature, can treat bone block in throat, so it can digest hard stuff in the body. Poxiao, in the book
《神农本草经》, is said it can dissolve 72 kinds of stones. Xiaoshi is not cited in this book, but in book Ming Yi Bie Lu, it is also said it can dissolve 72 kinds of stones. Probably, the two material are similar, which was not separated in ancient time. Upon the time of Mr. Tao Yinju, it was separated off, but their function is the same. Since all the herbs bear breaking nature, it is feared that they may hurt the body Yuan Qi, so the herb Huangqi is added to help the Qi portion of the body. If the Qi portion is strong and sufficient, the Qi can help the medicine to function. But also for worry that the Huangqi might create too much hot in the body, since the Hot is not good in the urine infection condition, in which the main reason is the inside Hot/Fire, the herb Zhimu and Shaoyao are added to clear the Fire and to nourish the Yin portion of the body. The Shaoyao can also direct the other herbs to the urine bladder.


Comments: there is a emergency method for this stone-urine condition. If the urine tract is blocked by stone, let the person lie face up to pass the urine. If it does not work, let the person to lie on the side, or stand up, or touch the ground with hands, to make the stone leave the spot, so to allow the urination.



6. Hanlin Tang (Han her means Cold in Chinese; Lin: stranguria condition).

This formula is used for the treatment of Cold- stranguria condition.

山药(一两) 小茴香(二钱,炒捣) 当归(三钱) 生杭芍(二钱) 椒目(二钱,炒捣)
Shanyao 30 gram, Xiao Huixiang 6 gram (fry and grind), Danggui 9 gram, Baoshao 6 gram, Jiaomu 6 gram (fry and grind).


The five stranguria conditions above all are with Hot in the body, though the reason might be different. In fact in clinic, there are other kinds of stranguria conditions, in which the Cold and Hot are mixed together, or which contains more Cold than Hot. The person likes to drink hot water/soup, likes to sit in warm place, has frequent feeling to go to wash room, and feels stretching pain after urination. In such case, use this formula.



7. Mizhen Dan (Mi here means secret in Chinese; Zhen means truth; and Dan means big pills)

 This formula is used for person, who has been cured from various stranguria condition,k but still has sperm-leakage and white and turbid urine, due to long time of disorder of the Qi metabolism.

五倍子(一两,去净虫粪) 甘草(八钱)
Wubeizi 30 gram (remove insect stool), Gancao 24 gram.

Grind the ingredients into powder. Drink 3 gram each time with herbal tea prepared from Zhuye soup. Repeat next day.


I treated a man. He had poison- stranguria condition before. He had taken various western medicine for two months. His stranguria was no pain, and the white-turbid urine was reduced a lot. However, the condition would recur if the medication was stopped for two days.


I used Grease-Lin Tang to him, together with the Mi Zhen Dan. His condition was cured after two times of treatments.



8. Dulin Tang (Du here means poison or toxic, in Chinese; Lin means stranguria infection).

This formula is used for sexual infectious disease. The person feels pain in the sex tract, or there is white and cloudy urine, or there is blood in urine.

金银花(六钱) 海金沙(三钱) 石韦(二钱) 牛蒡子(二钱,炒捣) 甘草梢(二钱) 生杭芍(三钱)三七(二钱,捣细) 鸭蛋子(三十粒,去皮)

Jinyinhua 18 gram, Haijinsha 9 gram, Shiwei 6 gram, Niubangzi 6 gram (fry and grind), Gancao tip 6 gram, Baishao 9 gram, Sanqi 6 gram (chop), Yadanzi 30 granules (peel). 

Cook the herbs, except the Sanqi and Yadanzi, to get herbal tea. Drink the Sanqi and Yadanzi with hot water first, then drink the herbal tea.

If the condition is with Wind-attack, add herb Fangfeng 6 to 9 gram. If, after drink the herbal tea, the pain is reduced, but the white and cloudy urine remains, or there is more sperm leakage, remove herb Sanqi and Yadanzi, but add Longgu 15 gram, and Muli 15 gram.


Yadanzi is very bitter in taste. It is good at dissolve stagnation, and to clear the Fire. Its ability to kill the virus or bacteria, or fungus, all is due to this property. In addition, the herb Sanqi can clear the poison, the rotten tissue, and to promote the growth of new tissue. Addition of it in the herbal formula is superior to the western medicine in the treatment of sex-related diseases.



9. Xiaodu Erxian Dan (Xiaodu here means to clear toxic, to cleanse poison; Er means number two; Xian means very valuable thing. Dan means big herbal pills).


This formula is used for the treatment of sex-related diseases, no matter it is newly developed, or it has been for a long time, it would work if the condition belongs to Hot condition.

丈菊子(一两,捣碎) 鸭蛋子(四十粒,去皮仁破者勿用, 服时宜囫囵吞下)

Zhangjuzi (Sunflower) 30 gram, (grind), Yadanzi 40 granules (peel, don’t use the one with broken skin. The Yandanzi should be swollen in whole without chew.)

Cook the Zhangjuzi into herbal tea. Drink the Yadanzi with the herbal tea.


Zhangju is the sunflower. Its flower is good at speeding childbirth, and its seeds are good at treatment of stranguria infection. A boy in another village got the stranguria infection. He had grease material and blood in urine and had very much pain. I told him this formula. Several doses solved his problem.



10. Fresh Xiaoji root Tang (Xiaoji is the name of a herb).

This formula is used for the treatment of sex-related disease, as well as blood- stranguria.

Fresh Xiaoji root 30 gram, (wash, and chop).

Cook the Xiaoji into herbal tea. Drink the tea three times a day. If fear its cold nature, use only 18 to 21 gram.

There was a boy with this disease. There was blood that is mixed with his urine. The blood could be as silk, or clot form, with fat tissue/membrane in it and the urine was also very rotten in oder. The pain was very severe. He visited several doctors but no improvement at all. I told him this formula. He tried it for continuous five days and the condition was cured.

Comments: If the poison- stranguria is with the blood- stranguria, the Yadanzi, Sanqi and fresh Xiaoji root should be used the same time.


The herb Xiaoji has been discussed in the chapter for the formula of the Three Fresh Yin. In that formula, it is used to solve blood-vomit. Here it is used to treat blood-urine in the poison-urine condition. It works very well, but it does not only work for these conditions. A boy, 15 to 16 years of old, had several knobs in his neck. The mass was about 2 cm in diameter; the skin color was not changed, but felt hot and pain. The condition was considered to be Yang condition, so used herbal tea prepared from fresh Xiaoji roots. He drank the tea continuously for several days. The knobs all disappeared. This is because the Xiaoji can dissolve the Fire-Poison in the blood, and can dissolve blood clot and break out the mass.



11. Chenhua Tang (Chen here means to make it clear, to purify, in Chinese).

This formula is used for person with frequent urine, leakage of sperm liquid, or with pain and harsh feeling in urine tract. His pulse was string and weak, or has cough, or has sweat, or has Yin deficiency with Hot.

山药(一两) 龙骨(六钱,捣细) 牡蛎(六钱,捣细) 牛蒡子(三钱,炒捣) 生杭芍(四钱)粉甘草(钱半) 车前子(三钱,布包)

Shanyao 30 gram, Longgu 18 gram (grind), Muli 18 gram (grind), Niubangzi 9 gram (fry and grind), Baoshao 12 gram, Gancao 4.5 gram, Cheqianzi 9 gram (fold with cloth).



12. Qinshen Tang (Qin means to clear in Chinese; Shen means the kidney).

This formula is used for frequent urine, pain and difficulty in urine, with sperm and white and cloudy urine. The pulse was waving, slippery and strong, indicating surely a sthenic Hot condition.

知母(四钱) 黄柏(四钱) 龙骨(四钱,捣细) 牡蛎(三钱,炒捣) 海螵蛸(三钱,捣细)茜草(二钱) 生杭芍(四钱) 山药(四钱) 泽泻(一钱半)
Zhimu 12 gram, Huangbo 12 gram, Longgu 12 gram (grind), Muli 9 gram, Haipiaoxiao 9 gram (grind), Qiancao 6 gram, Baishao 12 gram, Shanyao 12 gram, Zexie 4.5 gram.

It might be asked: the Longgu and Muli are restraining herbs. You use it for blood- stranguria condition as in the Lixue Tang. In the former formula, it is used in frequent urine, or with difficulty in urine. In this formula, it is used also for frequent urine, with pain and difficult urine. Wouldn’t you worry its restraining nature affect the pain and difficulty in urination? Answer: the Longgu and Muli restrain the defense Qi but not the Xie Qi. Whenever in the condition with the Heart Qi dispersing; Lung Qi erupting; Liver Qi floating; or Kidney Qi escaping, it works well. Even the condition is with stagnation, the pain, or with common cold, it can be used without any worry. No problem, and no side effect at all. This has been well discussed in my herbal formulas, such as Buluo Buguan Tang, Liyu Shenxian Tang, Cong Long Tang, and Qindai Tang. Readers can check it as reference. 

A old man, 70 years of old, had leakage of sperm, with white and cloudy urine. The urination is frequent, felt slight pain and harsh. His pulse was calm, but the pulse was still strong when pressed harder. It was so known that he had sthenic Fire in the Kidney though he was in old age. He was given this formula for five days. The condition was solved.

一人,年三十许,遗精白浊,小便时疼如刀 ,又甚涩数。诊其脉滑而有力,知其系实热之证。为其年少,疑兼花柳毒淋,遂投以此汤,加没药(不去油)三钱、鸭蛋子(去皮)四十粒(药汁送服),数剂而愈。

A man, 30 years of old, had leakage of sperm, with white and cloudy urine. He felt pain as sharp cut during urine. The urination is difficult and frequent. His pulse was slippery and strong. It was considered that he had sthenic Fire condition. For he was young, it was doubt that he may also have sex-related disease. He was so given this formula, with addition of Moyao (no removal of oil) 9 gram, Yadanzi (peel) 40 granules. After several doses, the condition was solved.



13. Shuhe Tang (Shuhe means to harmony, to calm down, or to balance)

This formula is used for leakage of sperm, with white and cloudy urine, which is due to Wind-Cold attack. The pulse is string and long, especially on the left side.

桂枝尖(四钱) 生黄芪 (三钱) 续断(三钱) 桑寄生(三钱) 知母(三钱)
Guizhi tip 12 gram, Huangqi 9 gram, Xuduan 9 gram, Sangjishen 9 gram, Zhimu 9 gram.

服此汤数剂后病未全愈者,去桂枝,加龙骨牡蛎(皆不用 )各六钱。
If the condition is not solved after several doses, remove the Guizhi, but add Longgu and Muli 18 gram each.


There was a fisher in the east sea suffered from severe white-stranguria condition. Within several days, his body condition turned very weak. He was scared very much so came

from so far away to me for help. His pulse was string on both right and left side. The left side is string as well as long, indicating overwhelming of Liver Wood. The Wood and the Wind belong to the same group. The organs in the body, no matter which organ is attacked by Wind, its Wind is associated with the Liver Wood. In the Yinyang Yinxiang Lun chapter of book Nei Jin, it is said: “The Wind Qi is connected to the Liver”, so the pulse is as such. The Liver is helped by the Wind, its shape and potency is more big and stronger, so turns to disorder. The patient also said that, he had had sex activity, then was attacked by wind during urination. After that, his back became mild swelling. This is a clear evidence for Wind attack in the body. After sex activity, the Kidney meridian is weak and hollow and not sealed, the Wind can penetrate in, disturb the Kidney, so that the Kidney loses its function of sealing and holding. The Liver Wood that works to pump the Kidney Qi now cooperates with the invading Wind, so that the Liver dispersing function is much more than the Kidney sealing/holding function, and so that the disease became worse. He was so given this Shuhe Tang to make the string-long pulse into calm. One dose made his condition better. After several days, the disease was cured. Later, whenever I met such pulse, I used this formula. I never failed.