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Chapter 15. herbs for vomiting



1. Zhen Ni Tang (Zhen here means to suppress, and to stop, in Chinese; Ni means reverse)

This formula is used to suppress vomit that is caused by reversed Stomach Qi or reversed Gall Bladder Fire.

生赭石(六钱,细轧) 青黛(二钱) 半夏(三钱) 生杭芍(四钱) 龙胆草(三钱) 吴茱萸(一钱)生姜(二钱) 野台参(二钱)

Daizheshi 18 gram (grind), Qingdai 6 gram, Banxia 9 gram, Baishao 12 gram, Longdancao 9 gram, Wuzhuyu 3 gram, Fresh ginger 6 gram, wild Taishen 6 gram.


2. Shuyu Banxia Zhou (Shuyu is the name of a herb; Banxia: the name of a herb; Zhou here means soup in Chinese)

This formula is used for continuous vomiting due to Stomach Qi rushing up reversely. The Chong Qi rushes up. The person have more vomit upon smelling the herbal smell and so much so that the person could not have anything swallowed.

山药(一两,轧细) 半夏(一两)
Shanyao 30 gram (grind), Banxia 30 gram.

Wash the Banxia with warm water for several times until there is no any smell of vitriol. Use the dish cooking pot (do not use the herbal pot) to cook the Banxia for about 650 ml. Add the Shanyao powder in, continue the cook for two to three boiling. The soup is ready to eat. Add some white sugar to eat. If there is Fire in the Upper Jiao, use the Shishuangbing to replace the sugar. If the body feels cold in the Upper Jiao, drink some Ganjiang (dried ginger) powder with the herbal soup. 

After vomit, if the person feels dry mouth and throat, and wishes to drink water, it suggests the condition belongs to Fire; if after vomiting, he has wet tongue, and has no desire to drink, it suggests a cold condition. However, if the vomit has been there for a long time to cause loss of liquid in the body, the person will also feel thirsty in a cold condition. In this case, check the pulse carefully. If the pulse feels slippery and frequent, it is Hot; if it is string and late, it is cold. If it is slippery but weak, it suggests Upper-sthenic but Lower-asthenic condition, and the Upper-Hot and Lower-cold condition. String and strong, it is reverse of Chong Qi and Stomach Qi. If the pulse feels as hot but not really hot, it is needed to ask about the diet, the digestion, the odor of vomited stuff, etc., to distinguish the Hot and Cold condition.

Generally speaking, the vomit is in most cases caused by the up-reverse of the Stomach Qi and Chong Qi together. Herb Banxia is the main herb to reverse the reversed Stomach Qi and the Chong Qi, so that there are Da Banxia Tang and Xiao Banxia Tang in the book
Jin Kui.


It should be specifically pointed out that, the person with vomit hates and dislike the vitriol taste and smell. Currently in the market, even the so called pure Banxia contains the vitriol, which must be washed off completely, to prevent further more vomit due to the vitriol. The amount of the Banxia was used up to 30 gram, for the reason that, the process of the Banxia in the herbal shop depleted off its spicy taste; and that, the more washing further more removed its spicy. It has to be used in a large amount, so as to keep its power in vomit-stopping function. To make it as soup with Shanyao, is for the reason that the person with vomit is easy to vomit after drink water-solution. The Shanyao soup is sticky, so to hold the healing effect of the Banxia longer time in stomach. In addition, the Shanyao could supply more liquid to the body and nourish the lung, so can prevent the possible dryness side effect from the Banxia. The Shanyao can also nourish the Kidney to restrain the Qi back to the Kidney. When the Chong Qi is nourished, it would stay in its original place in the body, no longer rushing up to push the Stomach Qi up. The Shanyao is calm, has no herbal taste, so it is as the Banxia, suitable to the person with strong vomit.


There is a clinic condition, in which the vomit is due to “reverse of Gall Bladder”. In the bookXu Ming Yi Lei An, there is a case as such. Dr. Xuxuan treated a child, who was 10 years of old. The child vomited bitter water, which had color as green as vegetable juice. Dr. Xu said: this is “reverse of Gall Bladder”. After the gall bladder juice is vomited completely, the person would die. He used herbal formula Wen Dan Tang, with addition of Suanzaoren, Daizheshi to re-localize the gall bladder. The formula should be termed as Zhen Dan Tang (note: Zhen here means to re-localize; to put in normal or correct position; Dan here means gall bladder in Chinese). One dose stopped the vomit. Comments: this case is very mysterious, so it is cited here for a reference.