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Chapter 2. Formulas for Yang deficiency


Dununfu Tang (appendix: the way to take Liuhuang).

This formula is used to solve the Yuan Qi weakness in the Lower Jiao of the body, in which the Xian Fire is weak, so that the Kidney is hard to make thing (penis) strong; the Spleen is weak so as the digestion and absorption is poor; the lower back is weak; or there is diarrhea in the earliy morning, all such Xu and Cold conditions.  

野台参(四钱) 附子(三钱) 山药(五钱) 补骨脂(四钱,炒捣) 核桃仁(三钱) 萸肉(四钱,去净核) 茯苓(钱半) 鸡内金(钱半,捣细)
Wild Taishen 12 gram, Fuzi 12 gram, Shanyao 15 gram, Buguzhi 12 gram (fried and grind), Hetaoren 12 gram, Shanyurou 12 gram (remove kernel), Fuling 4.5 gram, Jineijin 4.5 gram (chop to residue).

Dunfu Tang is originally specifically used to supply Xiang Fire. Renshen in the formula is as a king. In combination with Shanyurou and Fuling and help with the descending force by this two, the Renshen can supply the Yuan Qi in the Kidney. If the Yuan Qi is sufficient, the Xiang Fire is sufficient too. The Fuzi and Buguzhi is hot and is pure Yang, can supply the Lower Jiao directly, to help the hot of the Xiang Fire. Hetaoren is wet and lubricating with more fat, can supply the Kidney, to enhance the basic foundation of the Xiang Fire. Especially, the Fuzi and the Renshen is called Shenfu Tang, being the excellent formula to restore the Yuan Yang. The Buguzhi and the Hetaoren is called Qinge Wan, can also nourish the Xiang Fire (the Hetaore belongs to Wood, and the Buguzhi belongs to the Fire. When used the same time, the combination bears the meaning of Wood-Fire nourishes each other.). For fearing of too hot this formula, which may exhaut the Fire in the Lower Jiao, the Shanyao is used. For its sticky and thick nature, it can nourish the True Yin in the Lower Jiao. For its sweet and warm, can help to enhance the Qi development in the Lower Jiao. For Jineijin, it can promote the function of the Spleen-Stomach system, can loose the sticky side effect from the nourishing herbs too. For its Urine-bladder restraining property, it can keep the hot in the Kidney.


The hotness of the body, in the medical books in the history, is always contributed to be dominated by the Xiang Fire (Fire in the Kidney). Most of the authors do not know that the King Fire (the Heart Fire) is the most important to the body warm. The Xiang Fire is more important in sex ability (and pregnancy), whereas the King Fire is more important in the food digestion and absorption. The King Fire originates in the Heart. It is the the Fire in the Yang. Its Fire conducts down to warm the Spleen-Stomach, to help their digestion. If the King Fire is weak, the digestion ability reduces right away. When the King Fire is sufficient but the Xiang Fire is weak, the person can still eat and digest to enjoy the long life span. So, it is known that the King Fire is most important to person’s life span.

I met various persons with the King Fire insufficient, since I started clinic work. They had less appetite, with cold watter accumulation in the body. When given spicy-warm herbal therapy, their problems disappeared pretty quick (as my Liyin Tang). Some people said that the Heart dislike Hot, so the herbs used should be cold-cooling property. This is not correct. I treated one person. He was about 20 years of old. He suffered from easy-slleping (frequent somnolent). He can fall into sleep suddenly when he is eating. His pulse was big and slippery on Chi position, so it is known that he had Fire in the Kidny meridian. He was given Huangbo, Zhimu, Fuling and Zexie. Several doses made his condition completely disappear. This example suggests that, each person is different. The heart dislike Hot, but there is someone who needs the warming herbs. The Kidney dislike Cold, but also someone may need cooling herbs. In clinic, it has to be verified carefully, not stick to a fixed prejudice.




Appendix: How to take brimstone:


In the book Zhou Hou Fangby Dr. Ge Zhichuang, it is the first time cited the herbal formula “Bianque Yuhu Dang”. It is consist of only the brimstone. It is use to treat various Yang deficiency condition. The way to prepare this formula is hard to be available, so it is hardly intaken by current people. In my clinic work, I found that the healing effect by taking the not-processed brimstone is much better than the processed one. After process, the healing power of the brimstone reduces. If take less the processed brimstome, there is no healing effect; more intakes may cause dry and thirsty side effect.  If take the non-processed, natural brimstone little, it works without other side effect. For  about ten years, I tried it and it worked very well on many patients with deep-cold condition.

The brimstone is originally not a toxic in nature. Its side effect is its hot. Little intake would not cause hot feeling, so no side effect, so it can be intaken without processed, and it can even be taken for long time. From history, many doctors said it works better than the herb Guizhi-Rougui or Fuzi, but it is my finding that it can be taken without process. I tried to take it by myself, knowing its marvelous effect and safe, then used on other persons. Now there are hundreds of people in this city who are taking the non-processed brimstone, all feel better appetite and eat more, and get better health condition, all due to my teaching to them. Here cite some of the examples to take the non-processed brimstone:

A boy about three years of old suffered from slippery diarrhea without rice or food digested. He was very slim and thin. He was given the non-processed brim stone to take. The first day he took the brimstone, the diarrhea stop. Continuous intake for several days, he ate more and more with growing muscles. Several months later, he can still play outside in cold winter with red color on face, not dislike cold.

A old man about 60 years of old, suffered from swelling. His urine is harsh, and whole body was swelling. His pulse was deep and thin. He told that he had henea for a long time. He felt cold in his lower stomach. I said: to remove the coldness in the Lower Jiao, he has to take the brimstone. The brimstone is good at create more urine. It is more suit in condition of swelling that is due to the less-Fire but more-water. I prescribed him the Lingguizhugan Tang, plus Taishen, Welingxian. Again asked him to take the brimstone two fens. After ten days, the urine is easy and the swelling reduced two third. The Lower Jiao still felt cold, so stop the herbal tea, but only took the brimstone. The amout to brimstone is increased gradually. He took about 120 gram of the brimstone, the swelling disappeared and the Lower Jiao felt warm too.

A young man of about 18-years-old suffered from vomiting saliva, even food. His pulse was late and ru. When given heavy warming herbal tea, he did not feel any warm, even after take it for a long time. Then he was asked to take the brimstone. It was as much as soybean size, increased gradually until he felt warm. Later he took it twice a day, 6 gram each time and start to feel warm. He took totally about 1200 gram.  

A child, about several months old, had poor digestion of milk, had vomit and diarrhea, crying day and night, with slim and thin body. When crying, his eyebrown was tight, appearing he suffered from stomach pain. He was given brimstone three li, with milk for swallow. Several times, his condition was solved.


A man, about 40 years of old, felt cold-pain on the leg, which made him hard to walk. He was given warm-opening herbs and the condition was solved. Later, due to eat pig head meat (the pig head meat is cold-salty in nature, it is different from the pork), the condition became worse. The pain was as knife-cut. The previously used herbs did not work at all. He was asked to take the non-processed brimstone before each meal, as a size of a big soybean. The dose was increased gradually. Later, totally he took 240 gram of the brimstone. The condition started to be better.


A old man, about 61 years of old, had frequent cough with spilling of phlegm and asthma. Everyone believed that he had Laoji condition (exhausting condition), so there was no solution for it. His pulse was very slow (late pulse), which was less than three times per breath-circle. It is considered to have Cold-Water in his body. I used Liyin Tang plus herb Renshen and Fuzi (12 gram each), his asthma and cough was improved somehow but the pulse was still late. I believed that, the pulse as such would be hard to be improved with plant herbs. He was asked to take the non-processed brimstone little bit. He did not feel warm, so it was increased gradually. He took about 250 gram within one month. The asthma and cough both were solved completely.

一妇人年五旬,上焦阳分虚损,寒饮留滞作嗽,心中怔忡,饮食减少,两腿畏寒,卧床不起者已二年矣。医者见其咳嗽怔忡,犹认为阴分虚损,复用熟地、阿胶诸滞泥之品,服之病益剧。后愚诊视,脉甚弦细,不足四至,投以拙拟理饮汤加附子三钱,服七八日咳嗽见轻,饮食稍多而仍不觉热,知其数载沉 ,非程功半载不能愈也。俾每日于两餐之前服生硫黄三分,体验加多,后服数月,其病果愈。
A lady about 50 years of old suffered from Upper Jiao Yang Qi weakness and exhaust condition. The Cold-Yin stagnated and accumulated there to cause cough, palpitation, reduced appetite, cold legs. She would be able to get up bed for two years.  Previous doctors saw the cough, believed it a Yin Qi deficiency, so used herb Shoudi, Ajiao and other sticky herbs. It made the things worse. Later, I noticed that her pulse was thin and string, late pulse as no more than 4 times per breath-circle. I used Liyin Tang plus Fuzi 9 gram. After seven to eight doses, the cough was reduced. She could eat more but no hot feeling in the body. Considering that she has had such disease for a long time, it is not easy to change the basic condition within a short time, she was asked to take the brimstone three fens each day. Several months later, her conditions were completely improved.


Notice: In old medical books, the brimstone mentioned is stone brimstone. Currently the brimstone comes out of stone mine. Its color is bright yellow. Its particle is big, without bad odor and can be eaten without especial process. Though it gives strong odor in burning, but no taste when eat. No matter a disease is in the upper or lower part of the body, it can be taken for a treatment. After intake of brimstone, eat something to press it down. If it is hard for one to bite in mouth, drink it with water. Its healing effect lasts very long, so it can be taken once a day and its heat can last for one day.