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Comments from out clients:

My experience with Dr. Martin has been the absolute best thing that I have done for myself in my life. My health, mood and energy has improved tremendously. I have a sense of calm that I haven’t had in a very long time. This was my first experience with Chinese Medicine and I will continue always as I see so many benefits for my well-being. Dr. Martin is a wise and gentle doctor that I respect very much.

- Holly Osborn (Edmonton)

I will recommend you very highly. I am very pleased with my results.

- Mollis Hucolak (Edmonton)

That Dr. Martin Wang did amazing work on my neck and shoulders and back and I feel really good and he really cared about my getting better.

- Colin Henderson (Edmonton)

Dr. Martin Wang’s way of discussing and treating your problems is very professional.

- ED Ryan (Edmonton)

The treatment is very good. Dr. Martin Wang was very professional in his treatment and I felt great peace and comfort after each session.

- Sandra Ryan (Edmonton)

I was in pain for 2 years. Other medical professionals could not find the cause and therefore, could not help me. Dr. Wang diagnosed my condition invasively and began treatment, which has helped me neatly and I no longer have pain or any more problems. I would recommend to try the alternative treatment.

- Frienda Nesenberg (Edmonton)

The center has helped to reduce my pain greatly. It took only a short time to get me back on my feet from back trouble.

- Daryl Cote (Whitecourt)

I like it here very much – the doctor is very friendly as well as professional. He takes time to evaluate and do what is best. I feel very relaxed, and comfortable each time.

- Linda Clark (Edmonton)

After several treatments I have found relief. Once again I am now able to do things without severe back pain every day and no longer need to take pain killers.

- Randal Chittick (Edmonton)

After a series of acupuncture and herbal treatments, the pain that I have been experiencing is much more tolerable. I have been sleeping better and am generally more well rested.

- Kent Madsen (Edmonton)

I firmly believe in the treatment I receive at the clinic. Do not rely on just one treatment but I would try more than one.

- James Cardinal (Edmonton)

I feel great after a treatment! Very friendly and professional.

- Diane Johnson (Edmonton)

I highly recommend this medicine. It has helped me to feel well again. I am overwhelmed by my recovery. Thanks to Dr. Martin.

- Ellen Neyka (Edmonton)

I was experiencing severe pain in my knee due to degenerative osteoarthritis and had great difficulty in walking. Dr. Martin used a variety of treatments and my condition improved greatly. I have very little pain and am able to walk almost normally and function much better. Having faith and patience and trusting is important.

- Gloria Hendel (Edmonton)

Very caring. Seems genuinely concerned and willing to help.

- Louise Gettschalk (Barrhead)

I had four months of intensive pain and conventional therapy did not reduce my pain. Acupuncture and herbal treatment have reduced my pain and have stabilized my condition.

- Myron Baziuk (Edmonton)

That I had a wide range of treatment and I feel much better. So I think they should be helped too.

- Clifford Croteau (Edmonton)

Before coming I had been seen by numerous doctors and practitioners and none could help me or no one could tell me what this problem was so I continued and lost my ability to walk. In coming here and I am back on my feet and feel much better. My doctor are all amazed and have asked me for the clinic name.

- Louise Edward (Edmonton)

The center is really very efficient – Dr. Martin is so kind and caring, very professional – I feel peace in his presence. One can only feel grateful for his knowledge and caring.

- Anne Schaffer (Whitecourt)

That acupuncture I feel has successful for me. Dr. Wang is very professional and informative. That they should try it. Funding should be available to all people who would want to seek this type of treatment.

- Deborah Westman (Barrhead)

I recommend anything that works and so for it is working for me.

- Walter Falk (Barrhead)

I think treatment are helping me. If a person does not try alternative treatments they will not know if they would have helped them. One must also keep an open mind when following up with acupuncture.

- Karen Mackenzie (Barrhead)

Please, try it! I have lost 10 LBs in 7 acupuncture treatments. I could not loose any weight before! Also, I can go to the bathroom regularly and all my life I have suffered from constipation. This has been better results that I ever could hoped for.

- Harma-Elston Heleena (Edmonton)