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Dr. Martin Wang, R. Ac., M.D. (China), Ph.D.

Dr. Martin Wang, R. Ac. or “Dr. Martin”, as his patients affectionately called him, was initially trained as a cardiologist (M.D.) in China where he first gained clinical experience. In his early thirties he and his family moved to Sweden where he obtained his Ph.D. and conducted extensive research on heart disease and other health related issues in both Sweden and Canada. He then became a senior Scientist for a nutraceutical company in Red Deer, Alberta and also became a registered acupuncturist in Alberta.
His wide-range clinical and scientific researches on health and medicine made him believe that it was holistic healthcare, such as TCM that expedited the improvement of patient recovery times. He continued researching western and Chinese medical literatures which showed that alternative and TCM provided extremely effective treatments on their own.
Perhaps we would be stating the obvious that Dr. Martin was interested and fascinated by TCM therapies, which includes acupuncture, cupping, herbs, and many other forms. He decided to practice TCM to provide the best treatments to people who need it.
Finally, in 2003, he took the leap from western medicine and research, and co-founded a TCM clinic in Edmonton, which is “Bethune Oriental Medicine Center”. Later, he started his own practice and co-founded another one in 2006 with his wife and fellow acupuncturist, Dr. Teresa Zhang. They called it “Millwoods Acupuncture Centre”. That is the clinic where you go today for treatment. Since the 2000’s, Dr. Martin has launched multiple clinics not just in Edmonton, but also across the province such as Barrhead and Wetaskiwin. His patients would sometimes drive for hours from other cities for their acupuncture and massage treatments.
Dr. Martin always said: “Give me a chance and I will give you the result”.
In the course of the launching of these clinics, he has also written over 8 books and published research papers. These books are explained in a non-textbook format, so it would be easy for anyone to have a deeper understanding of TCM without having to learn the clinical details. Please feel free to check out these books in Amazon. See the books showed below.
His rich experience and knowledge drove him to setup the informative website for people to understand and build up their confidence in TCM. He also set up a professional forum in the website hoping it would spark everyone’s interest. In addition, he also prepared brochures for different types of ailments for anyone’s educational and light reading.
Dr. Martin’s almost obstinate pursuit of health and wellness in the patients’ best interests won him clients in Edmonton and across Alberta. His tireless work in TCM practices were instrumental in shaping the city’s growing understanding and acceptance of TCM and alternative medicine.
Millwoods Acupuncture Centre and the extensive health knowledge that this clinic and this team carries is his legacy.

Dr. Martin was known for stating the following:

“My biggest goal and dream in life is to be a good doctor”

We can certainly say that he did live up to this dream.
Not only was he a hard-working medical professional but also a very romantic one. He loved art, music, nature, flowers especially the peach blossoms, and travelling with his family.
Dr. Martin Wang, R. Ac, leaves Millwoods Acupuncture Center in the very capable of Dr. Teresa Zhang, R. Ac., who is also both a M.D (China). and Ph.D. with extensive clinical knowledge in both western and Chinese medicine. Like Dr. Martin, she is a registered acupuncturist and her ability to help treat your ailments to promote better health. Her inclination and natural and holistic way are the driving forces of her life’s purpose.
Dr. Teresa Zhang, R. Ac., along with all the practitioners and massage therapists are dedicated being the best they can be for you.
Thank you again for visiting our website. We hope that you visit us in person soon, and also believe Dr. Martin and his team of licensed practitioners. We are honored to continue helping you and your family.
Stay safe, thank you for reading and joining us in our journey in promoting health and wellness.