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TCM forum for professionals:

This column is set up for those herbalists, who do not speak Chinese and who get their education on herbal therapy out of China. If it is you, the aim of the articles here is to remind you that what you learned from your TCM school is far enough to allow you feel the miracles of the Traditional Chinese medicine. The reason is that there are many major mistakes in the TCM textbook you have been used since they are the simple translation version from TCM textbook used in China that has been well recognized not a good textbook for students and to learn TCM basically in school is not at all a good way to learn TCM. There will be soon a big reform of the TCM education system in China, by returning to Shanghan style, and to learn TCM by mostly following clinic experts, rather than following a classroom experts! It is not so late for you to know what is happening in the TCM society, in China and out of China. Keep your patch to the movement, for the aim to practice miracles of TCM to your clients.

TCM forum for acupuncturists

This column is set up for those of English-speaking acupuncturists, or someone who get acupuncture education out of China, to update their knowledge on acupuncture. The fact for us to recommend you to read the articles here is that, even for us as Chinese acupuncturists, we feel that it is far enough to practice acupuncture based on what we learned from text book. There are much more clinic experience and acupuncture styles in practice while it is not possible for us to learn all of them within five years. Open you mind, just as you always remind your clients, to learn more from others. Try to stop your laser acupuncture or electric acupuncture but use your hands only, and use as less as possible the needles in your practice. We don’t want acupuncture die because no one can reproduce miracles of our traditional acupuncture technique. It is not your fault, but you need to know where you are in the acupuncture professional.