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TCM, its past, present and future (2)

Author: Ai Ning (China)



 Chapter 35

The reason that the public feels mysterious and strange of the Chinese medicine is its theory, such as the Yin-Yang, Five-element, Five-yun-six-qi, etc. Nowadays, people live in city. They do not see the sun for the whole day, or do not see the moon often during the year. How can they understand that their living is related to the sun and the moon?

I discussed with my daughter, if we could throw away some of the theory, such as the Five-yun-six-qi?  My daughter said, it is impossible. It shouldnt be depleted out of the whole Chinese medicine system. People whole know the pulse diagnosis know that our body is very closely related to the weather change. The pulse is different in different seasons. It is felt as a string in spring, big in summer, floating in autumn, and solid in the winter. It is also different in the morning and at night. It is even different in the spring this year, as compared with that in the last year. The function of each organ is different in different season and in different place. Without the application of the Five-yun-six-qi theory, it would be very hard, or impossible to organize and to study the role of the pulse variation. My daughter said, if no this theory, how your mother predicted the kind of infectious disease in the given year?

Why the current clinic healing effect is not so good? How many TCM doctors are using the Five-yun-six-qi theory? The current TCM, in general, omits the Five-yun-six-qi theory in the practice. There are people suggesting to use an instrument to replace the hand-feeling of the pulse, to make the pulse diagnosis more accurate. These people are actually making a consideration that every healthy person has the same pattern of pulse, and the pulse does not change according to the season, the time during the day, and so on. They do not know that the pulse is even different between the old and the young; between man and women. This fact is very new to many of us, since we cannot feel such variations, but it is true. If the pulse is variable among people, whose pulse should be used as the standard or the background pulse? How can we use an instrument to replace it?

Think this way: if there is no Five-yun-six-qi theory, you felt the pulses of hundred people, if you are not good at the pulse diagnosis and if you are not sensitive to the variation among the pulses, you would feel the same for all of the people. If you are more sensitive in the pulse, you may feel each people is different for their pulses. This makes that someone feels the pulse diagnosis is easy to learn, and others feel it is hard so to deny the pulse diagnosis. This is also the reason that many TCM doctor can not apply the pulse diagnosis in their clinic work. Put aside the Five-yun-six-qi theory, the pulse diagnosis is an utterly mess.

When I was young, I had also some critics to the pulse diagnosis, for its uncertainty. For patients who came from far away places, the far they came from, the longer time my mother felt their pulses, the more questions she would ask, and the more careful she make assessment. Upon treatment, she would also make a trying first, watching for several days, then make decision to use large doses of herbs. I felt strange at that time, why mother could not make a precise diagnosis easily as usual?  

After learning of the Five-yun-six-qi theory, I understand right away: a Chinese medicine doctor is as a Chinese farmer. Chinese farmer plants according to the season (lunar calendar). The four seasons of a year is divided into 24 steps, and 72 sub-steps. Plant, transplant rice seedlings, harvest, every step in the farm work need to follow the weather and the natural Qi change. Once missed the natural weather steps, even if it might be only several days delay, the year-end harvest could be very different. Farmer’s proverb, or farmer’s saying, as the “Bible of Farmers” is used by farmers. For example, Chinese farmers said “Year of cow and horse is good year for farm harvest”. No one doubts it. When I was young, I heard from my grandmother: “If there is raining in the Chunfen[1] sub-step, there would have less patients”, “If it is not cold in the Dahan sub-step, people and horse would not be in peace (would have diseases)”. All are proven correct again and again, year by year. This is now called the environmental signaling. The study of the environment signaling is now a branch of science.

Five-yun-six-qi is the environmental signaling of the Chinese medicine. As a farmer knows how to deal with the seeds in his hands, after see the season at that time, and knows what he needs to do after see the conditions of the plants in the field, there is four-season-eight-step, 24 Qi, and 72 diagnosis system in the Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine masters the relationship between the human growth and the sun and the moon. This is not created from the mind of the Chinese medicine doctor, but a true exist fact. The pulse in spring should be felt as a string, it would be a disease condition if it is big. It is the aim of the doctor to adjust the pulse to match the season. This is the goal of the treatment. It is so simple the Chinese medicine is. In the treatment of female infertility, my daughter’s master adjusted the female circle matching the circle of the moon. He said, it is rare that, the woman’s period is matching the circle of the moon but not get pregnancy especially if the period comes during the full moon.

However, if we send a farmer who lived and did the farm work at the North of China to the South of China, he would be confused if he is given a hand of seeds, or the seeds of the plants growing in the South of China. He needs to watch, to learn and to understand and to adjust his previous experience to the South China environment. In the same way, the Chinese medicine has also a territory specification.

My daughters master needed to see 50 to 60 patients every morning. After my daughter felt the pulse of every patient, he no longer to feel the pulse again by himself, but wrote prescription right away. He could know the pulse for each patient without really feeling it. The more the patients came, the more possible he could master the environmental signaling, knew the disease at that time, knew the disease of the whole residence at that time. This is the reproducibility and the systematic of the Chinese medicine. This makes he looked very mysterious and marvelous.

In the same hospital as her master worked, there were also other Chinese doctors of old age. Their door of the clinic opened large, but with very little patients visit. My daughter chatted with them. She said, these doctors also had rich knowledge in the Chinese medicine, but they could not master the environmental signaling in Chinese medicine, so they could not practice the Chinese medicine in a proper way. The pulse is changeable, the pulse of a whole residences is also changeable, moving, in a dynamic changing manner. If a Chinese medicine doctor does not know this dynamic pulse changing, he would not be able to master the pulse. Therefore, if a student with Ph. D. in Chinese medicine could not treat disease, not because he did not read lots of books, but because the Chinese medicine can not be separated from the actual clinic and actual nature changes. If the learning of the pulse diagnosis is a not a continuous matter, if it is learnt as learn from textbooks, it is hard to master and the student may develop doubt to it. That it is said that Chinese medicine is hard to learn, just is because it is needed to learn from practice, not only from books.

My daughter felt pulse for everyone everywhere she went. She said, I could not stop to have a break. I need to master the environmental signaling by this way. If I did not feel pulse for a long time, I would not be able to know the basic pulse pattern of the people in this territory at this time. At this movement, if you let me feel a pulse, the level of accurate would not be high.

Daughter asked me how her grandmother mastered the environmental signaling in the beginning of her learning the Chinese medicine. I told her, my mother started Chinese medicine at her 24 years of old. She rode on a donkey, visited each family, visit patients by herself My daughter said, buy a car for me. I would drive it to farms. If I sit in the city to wait, I would be as many of the old Chinese medicine doctors who could not practice Chinese medicine even their mustache turned white. I dont want to destroy the Chinese medicine as them.

For thousands of years, the population of China is always one quarter of the world. In the analysis of the relationship between the weather and the diseases, Chinese medicine hold the very large pool of clinic samples. The watch, the monitor, and the summery for thousands of years are not exceeded by any other medical systems in the world. Respect the knowledge and life experience from far old generations. Chinese medicine is not hard to learn. Chinese medicine is neither old or current. It exists in the human experience. It should be easy to understand it if we stay in the practice of it.

Why Chinese farmers have no problem to accept and to use the Chinese medicine? It is because the principles for the farm and the Chinese medicine match each other. I have paid attention to the modernization of agriculture. Farm can be modernized, so Chinese medicine. If gene research can change the seed of human, Chinese would also be able to plant seed for human too.  


 Chapter 36

In Chinese, we call every day is “Day”. The time during a day is recorded according to the run of the sun. For every month, in old times, the old Chinese recorded the month according to the run of the moon, so the year. However, our 24 seasonal steps and 72 sub-steps, are actually recorded according to the run of the sun, similar to the western calendar, which is measured based on the Chinese Hongtian instrument, e.g. based on the consumption that the earth is a round planet. This means that old Chinese have tried to make the subjective and the objective equal. The experience of the old Chinese is to bring us to the objective, to the accurate and to the truth.

Old Chinese expressed, explained and associated the influence of the sun and the moon to the human being, according to the Yin-Yang. They adjusted the explanation based on their practice again and again, to make the theory more cooperated with the reality. After the historical wash, what is left is a clear river bed. This is the Chinese medicine theory. If we look at the Chinese medicine from the historical development course, we could see that it is actually simple, natural, true, and logical.

Since the living things on the earth are affected by both the sun and the moon, it was necessary that the old Chinese use both the solar and the lunar calendar. Universal stem of 60 years circle is the near moon circle and the year-returning circle. It expressed that the similarity circle, refereed with the Dongzhi (winter solstice) sub-step of season, for the relative position among the earth, the moon and the sun is 60 years. This is in assistance with the nature rule. This makes me think, either the life of old Chinese is not too short, either the records for the nature is very strict and precise from generation to generation, otherwise it would be very difficult to monitor the nature so close to the truth. Chinese emphasize the following previous generations job by the later generations, the knowledge passing from master to students. Without such tradition, it is impossible to fulfill such monitoring tasks.

Within such 60 years of circle, the change of the relative position among the earth, the sun and the moon, causes changes of overall environment conditions on the earth. Such environmental signaling is expressed in the Chinese medicine as the Five-yun-six-qi. The five Yun means: Metal, Wood, Fire, Water and Soil. The six Qi is: Wind, Cold, Hot, Wetness, Dryness, and Fire. Once we mention the Yin-Yang and Five-element, current people feel headache, do not know what they mean. In fact, they are not so complex. We can understand it in a simple way. For example, when we start to understand the concept of temperature, we understand it by use of the concept of cold and the hot. When it is minus 20 degree, we say it is cold. But could we deny the hot concept from the minus 20 degree?  Is it 10 degree more hot than the minus 30 degree? When we say that 30 degree is hot, does it also colder than the 40 degree? Therefore, when we speak of the Yin, it does not mean there is no Yang in it. Also, when we speak of a Yang, it does not mean there is no Yin in it. The level of the Yin in the Yang, and the Yang in the Yin, is expressed by the five elements. Therefore, the five elements are the status, or the level, or the extent of the Yin or Yang.  I believe that the Yin and the Yang, and the Five-element is the very practical fuzzy mathematics. In this point, it is not overstated that it is advanced science.  

After the establishment of the Yin-Yang and the Five-element theory, it becomes the law of the Chinese medicine. Nowadays, there are some people who stand in the middle the two major groups who are arguing against or for the Chinese medicine. The people in the middle group suggest to use the herbs or herbal formula of the Chinese medicine, but not the theory of it. Such only keep the herbal formula, but not the theory of the Chinese medicine, is just what I suggested when I wanted to learn the Chinese medicine, but refused by my mother. At that time, I thought that, if mother told me the herbal formula for the treatment of aplastic anemia, of psoriasis, or infertility, I would have hope to success if I meet trouble in the clinic treatment. For a long time, I could not understand why my mother is so foolish. Now, I understand, with the herbal formula but no theory to guide the use of the formula, the Chinese medicine would have no regeneration ability, have no ability to adjust the treatment according to the environment changes, have no ability to treat any possible new diseases in future. At this point, these theories can be regarded as the life of the Chinese medicine.

If there was no biological changes of our body according to the seasons, there would have no any meaning for the Yin-Yang and Five-element theory to the Chinese Medicine. My daughter said, upon the passing from one season to another, the first group of patients almost all are the seasonal disease, because their body did not match the change of the season. This group of patients can be used as a reference mark to the diagnosis and treatment for other patients, since the master of the environmental signaling in clinic needs to be used in each actual patient. The Chinese medicine doctor needs to set up a standard to be used as mark, to express the current environmental conditions. Therefore, we can say that, to a Chinese medicine doctor, the more his patients, the more precise his treatment, the higher the efficient his treatment, since every patient is related each other, referred each other, individual is the part of the whole group. The more the patients samples, the more precise his assessment to the environmental signaling, so the better the clinic results. Therefore, the doctor who has less patients would have less such standard or base mark allowing him to assess the environmental signaling, would have less level of precise in his diagnosis and treatment. The doctor who has less patients would need to try several herbal formula to try for each patient. For this reason, I do not recommend to change doctor so frequently. We should give each doctor enough chance to understand the disease condition.

In this way, some old Chinese medicine doctor looks as a farmer selling his melon in his clinic work. Farmer picks up a melon: 6 pounds!, another: sure it is mature enough to eat! after tapping on the melon. If you need him to show you evidence, he cannot show you. You can measure it on scale, or cut is open to see if it is eatable. When I lived in the farm and went to the melon field to pick up melons, I never questioned the scientific evidence for the farmers way to tell the weight and the mature level of the melons. Farmer understands  more precise to the Chinese medicine than some scientists. It does not approve that the Chinese medicine is not bear any scientific meaning, or the foolish of the farmers. In fact, Chairman Mao understand this well.

Modern life is more and more away from the nature. It makes us feel no strong relationship between our body and the nature. Later, the scientists in the western world started to find biological clock, the bio-rhythm. They found that it is not good to have physical exercise at night, found that sun bath can treat poor sleeping to be honest, because I paid close attention to the development of the scientific research, such new scientific findings pushed me again and aging back to my mother. Compared with what my mother said, such new findings are only a formula, not at all a theory, not a rule. Such formula can be deduced out without such scientific efforts to find it.  

Chapter 37

It is biased to believe that the current people is clever than old generations, western people is clever than eastern people, and scholars are clever than labor workers. I don’t believe that people using gun is clever than those who using long spear. People in modern life has technique but the old generations had skill. The dependence of people in current life on the technique makes the us only see the technique but not human being. The doctors in the western medicine act as a machine, or as practically no function. If you tell him that you have pain in stomach, he cannot give you a diagnosis, but send you to a B ultrasound detection. If there is really something growing in your stomach, it is not him who tells out to you, the technician who performs the B ultrasound could tell you already. My daughter said, coming into hospital as into a factory. Everyone is technician, cold and icy.

Why Chinese is modest. Why Mr. Confucius said: “Among three people, there will be one as my teacher”?  This is because what the previous human generations knew is not known by us in current human generation without learning. This is as walk. Everyone needs to learn the walk from child, a step no one can omit. Even if your whole life is to use the car, you still need to learn walk. Current technique is represented by scientists. Most people think that these scientists also represent themselves, so look down the old generations. Current people with weak body but with a gun in hands laugh at the strong body, braveness and skillfulness of the old generations. We use the robber manner of western world on the body of old human generations.

I dare not to deny things that look as foolish by looking. Foolish things come as flood. The Chinese medicine shows as the river after flood. There has been a man in the internet, who described the chicken blood injection, and Red Tea Fungus therapy that have been spread in use in China many years ago. He signed with emotion for the foolish of the people at that time. Though we know that these therapies are nonsense, the road for not only the Chinese medicine but also modern science is never a straight forward. Have a look at the current science, is it also the river after a flood? Is the current result of the science not also a bi-product of many trying that have been regarded as foolish action? Now the science is dominated as a king, some people struggle to give it a nice history and a nice reputation for its past. Is there really such necessary? When I touch the students in middle school, I told them the real history of the science. Not to let the students set a superstitions to the science so to suppress the students creation.

It looks foolish the chicken blood injection therapy. There are negative reaction in people of allergic body. But injection of penicillin can also cause allergic reaction. Beside of the surface foolish, if we look from the Chinese medicine point of view, animal therapy has been used for a long history. The medicine used is not only the part of animal, but also alive animal. For example, we use leech for bleeding therapy, and use bee toxic to treat joint pain, and so on. The therapeutic effects of pet to human are not only in emotion, but also in physical body. Now, it is admitted by the western medicine that, people may get less chance for allergic reaction if they have had pet in home when they are young. Old Chinese generations noticed that cat is a cold animal. It is suit for the treatment of hot disease. Dog is a warm animal, which is suit for the treatment of cold disease, such as cancer, liver cirrhosis, and arthritis.

I have a colleague. She never eats chicken. If she needs to have a party at home, she would ask me to help her at home. I wash and cook the chicken while she stand out of the house. She said she could not endure the smell of the chicken. To cook the chicken without the odor of the chicken, I cook it as the way for Xiangsouji dish. The chicken is boiled, then add orange peel, cooling wine and mushrooms into the chicken, then bring the mixture to steam. Then the mixture is fried with oil. I asked her to smell. There is no any smell of the chicken, but she still refused to eat. To stop me to try and try for her, she told me the reason that she does not eat chicken. When she was 12, she was very sick to die. Her parents tried the last way: they picked up a hen and came to her bed. They pear out the chest of the hen, put the hen on her chest. She turned alive, but she never eat chicken from that time.

I discussed with my daughter why the chicken can be used for a treatment. My daughter said, according to Chinese medicine, it is to transfer the life Qi from the hen to the girl. When speak of the Qi, it is opposed very much by the people who superstitious to science. It is very natural for my daughter that there is Qi in the nature. She said, that the pulse is different according to different seasons, is the association of human body to the Qi. Meridian is the pathway of the Qi in the body. If an acupuncturist only knows the acupuncture point, not the meridian, not the acupuncture feelings, do not know how to choose the acupuncture points, his acupuncture is not an acupuncture.

When my daughter was 2 years of old, she had heart failure. Various treatments and therapies had been used without clear improvement. I asked doctor to inject my blood to her to save her life. The doctors laughed at me: Is your blood a medicine? What disease it can treat? I insisted. After infusion of 200 ml of my blood, her eyes opened, that had been in close for two days, and she asked something to eat. I thought, if my blood, here to draw away and there to infusion, works as the same as the chicken blood therapy and the pear of the alive hen?

That not to deny something, does not mean to admit or support that thing, but means a careful attitude. I believe that it is easy to deny something, but there is no harm to ask more questions. The knowledge in our brain is different from that of old human generations, but it does not mean that the brain, the container is different in quantity from that of the old human generations. Our physical body neither change dramatically in quantity from that of the old human generations.  Therefore in the medical treatment, it would be more safe to choose some old methods than a new technique. If a strong body, brace hunter has a gun in hands, is it more perfect? Why after there is a technique, we should throw away the skill?

My daughter has a classmate. He found a way to learn Chinese medicine from a very famous Chinese medicine doctor. He found with great surprise, that this doctor is also good at the use of western medicine drugs. The healing effects are much high than ordinary western medicine doctors. In other words, he can be a high level western medicine doctor, but he still stands as a Chinese medicine doctor. Current Chinese medicine doctors are not living in a old generation. The scientific knowledge of many of them is higher than those who write articles to criticize the Chinese medicine. If science is able to combat the Chinese medicine, why they still insist on the practice of Chinese medicine? As a Chinese medicine doctor can understand the western medicine, and many western medicine doctors also suggest patients to try Chinese medicine. Those of people who publish article against Chinese medicine belongs to none of the medical system.

Chapter 38

It is difficult to discuss Chinese medicine with young generations. Even if in talking about traditional culture, there is hard a start point to talk about. The young generation is used to think things from the current life point of view, there is no space for traditional things in their mind.

Later, I finally find a way to talk with them about traditional culture. I asked youth: Do you like to eat dumping? Most of theme answered: Yes!. I asked: Whats the original material for the dumpling? They generally could answer out: flour, meat, vegetables, oil, salt, etc. When asked for the process of the cooking, they also know the preparation of flour, prepare the jiaozi filling, spread the flour, fold the jiaozi, etc. I asked, is it hard to prepare it? They admit it is hard and complex. I said: since it is hard to prepare, according to the theory of meat is broken in the pot, can we add all the material, that are needed for the preparation of dumpling, in a pot, cook and eat them? Why should we work so hard to prepare the dumpling following the traditional way? The youth said, it is still good taste for the traditional dumpling! I laughed. This is Chinese! They chase after good taste. Even if for the youth who keep their everything to the western style, in the eating, still remains the same traditional way rather than turns back to the western style.

I said, if you really want to learn from the western, I suggest you start from eating, since it is not a simple thing. It is known that western people do not spend time on preparing dumpling. For western people, they eat according to the nutritional aspects. They do not chase very much after the taste as Chinese. Food enjoyment is not very important in their daily life. Therefore western food is, generally speaking, simple. Though many food tasted pretty much the same, but it saves time, and contains enough so called nutrition. The concept of the western food culture is in accordance with their philosophy. What they research is the rule or the theory of things. The rule and the theory of things looks as the French-style lamb chop. One side is tomato mud, another side is the lamb chop, plus some green bean and tomato pieces. The color is sharp in comparison, the states are quite different from one part to another. Each part in the dish has its own color and taste. No mixing, no interrupt each other. If there is any connection, they connect within the dish and in surface looking. Such philosophy creates life for the western culture, making it have advanced development in the natural science, in psychology and in methodology.

However, the course of preparation of food, in Chinese, is called cooking. Chinese cooking means to make the food eatable by boiling, by steam, by fried and so on. Cooking also means to adjust various tastes in one bowl. The tastes mean the sour, the bitter, the sweat, the salty, and the hot. Chinese cooking pays attention to the beauty of the adjustment of taste. The shape and the color is the outside beauty, but the taste is the inner beauty. Chinese food pays more attention to the inner beauty rather than the out surface. [1] The beauty taste needs the original taste of the food material, the taste after cooking (steam, or boiling or fried, or smoking, or salty, etc.), plus the tastes of the addictives. The tastes mixed each other to create more new tastes. It is hard to describe the good taste by words. You can enjoy it by yourself but hardly to tell it out. This is just the same as the Chinese philosophy. Chinese chase after a kind of hardly described artistic conception in food. Artistic conception is the core of the art of all kinds, not exclude the food.

To chase after the good taste is not the real enjoyment of the Chinese to the food. Chinese medicine pays further more attention to the order and the time of the food taking. The food should be eaten according to the seasons: in summer and in autumn, the taste should be simple, and light; in winter and in spring, the taste should be relatively stronger.  The taste also needs to be different according to the environment territory, the time of the year and day, and the individual needs. It also emphasize that the herbal therapy is not better than the food therapy. Chinese medicine believes that different taste has different influence to the body, so has different healing effects. When we choose food, we need to take care of balance of the five major tastes, so to keep health. If any of the tastes is extreme, there will be disease happen. The balance of the tastes is the pre-condition of the health maintenance and long life.

My daughter said, upon the medicine, people would think about herbs. In fact, doctor can treat the disease without the use of herbs. For many diseases, such as hypertension, stomach diseases, fat liver, only change the diet, without herbs or medications, could also solve the problems. According to the research of the western phytologists, Chinese eat more than 600 kinds of vegetables, which is 6 times more than that eaten by western people. Every food is allocated into the five tastes, to make adjustment and coupling, according to Chinese medicine. The concern about the food is very much by the Chinese to a very high peak in terms of the tastes. There are so many concerns about the food by Chinese. It cannot be easily summarized by their chasing for taste. Some of the current modern diseases, are due to the chasing for the beauty of the taste only. From this point, Chinese medicine also emphasize that the disease starts from the mouth. When my daughter feels pulse, she may tell the patient: You are Korea people. This makes the patient very surprised. My daughter said, Korea people eat hot food year around, it will also reflect in their pulse. During Chinese medicine clinic, we cannot omit it.

When my mother is alive, there is rule what to eat in each special times of the year. It does not mean that only Chinese medicine doctor will do this way, an ordinary Chinese knows this. For example, in winter, we eat some food for supplement; in spring, we eat wild vegetables, in summer, add mustard in the food, and in autumn, add turnip, and so on. The fruits and the vegetables should eat the ones harvested in that season. This matches the Yin-Yang and Five-element, and the natural law. If we do things in apposite way, the disease will start from the mouth. Nowadays, how many modern diseases are not due to the wrong eating? If we peel off the food culture into only a taste, how could we not catch disease?

[1] Comments from the translator: this is one of the major difference between the Chinese culture and the western culture.

Chapter 39

No matter how I support the Chinese medicine, I still recommend the western medicine as the main healthcare stream in China, not to develop the Chinese medicine with too much efforts, since the western medicine is more matching the current needs of the time. In the population explosion time, in the war, the Chinese medicine apparently does not match the need to handle large amount of wounded people in the war. If we stop the Chinese medicine now, the society still run. But if we close the western medicine now, with two fold of the Chinese medicine, will it be able to take the full responsibility of the healthcare need? The doctors in the western medicine can be reproduced through the classroom and lectures, can be produced quickly. The Chinese medicine is hardly reproduced within a short time.

Some people said that the Chinese medicine falls behind. Yes, it is. The number of the Chinese medicine is as less than the half of that before the New China (year 1949). But can we say that the Chinese medicine hundred years ago is in its peak? No. Chinese medicine has never come to a peak time in history. It should not come to a peak time either. It is only because there is no competition force to it. There is an opinion that the falling behind of the Chinese medicine is due to the impact of the western medicine. I think that it is the excuse of Chinese medicine for its own low competition. The impact of the western medicine to the Chinese medicine is the historic necessity, but it is also an inner power for it to grow later.

I thanks to the eastern forward of the western medicine. Though it suppresses the Chinese medicine to a lower valley, it is not an absolute bad thing. Along thousands of years, Chinese medicine never had challenger from outside. It has never a reference to compare. It is not good for its development. It does not mean that some thing has life power since it is on its peak and is popular. Since there is the coming of the western medicine as a comparison, it allows us have a view point to the Chinese medicine, the view point that has never happened in history before. It also allows us to make a summary for the Chinese medicine. The aim of the comparison is to develop our advantage and to avoid and deplete the disadvantage. It is not the comparison in the eyes of a judge.  The aim of the comparison is not to deplete one medical system. We, Chinese, need to find our own position. If the western medicine is good, there is advantage in it, we should learn from it. We also need to know our weakness and to correct it.

Now, the western medicine takes the major responsibility of the healthcare tasks. It is a good time for our Chinese medicine to come into an adjustment for next step of development.

Compared with the western medicine, I felt that the Chinese medicine is bigger but also smaller than the western medicine. Bigger, means it is associated to every parts of human life. Smaller, means its technique is smaller than the western medicine. For example in the science area, Mr. Li Shizhen said: To search the mysterious of the nature, reach the peak of the nature development and evolution. Is his book << Ben Cao >> not a scientific research? Chinese medicine does not exclude the technique. Chinese Zhenggu[1] is a technique. When met patient with difficult in urine, Mr. Sun Simiao also used stem of Chinese green leek (scallions) as urine conduct tube (catheter). But none of the technique in the Chinese medicine could not smear off the nature of art in the Chinese medicine. Why we feel the Chinese medicine mysterious? Why people, in thanks to a good doctor, send him a banner with the words “Achieve a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life"? Why some people, no matter how hard he studied, cannot be a good Chinese medicine doctor?  Why the course of the Chinese medicine study following a master is as to discuss, to consider, to think, and to practice then think, and to think then practice again and again, as to create an art? My daughter said firmly that she is to “be a big Chinese medicine doctor, be a great master”. I never heard a western medicine doctor say this way, but heard from many people who practice art creating job, that they want to be a master, not only a technician. My daughter said, to save life does not convinced her to learn Chinese medicine; to find a way of living does not convince her either. She started the Chinese medicine for the reason that she found a kind of feeling from the Chinese medicine. I understand her when she said so. I believe that to find a feeling is very important even for a person in his occupation. Human life is commonly searching for the feeling that belongs to the one himself. For example, the mathematics seek for the beauty of harmony; physics seek for union field. And the artist search for the emotional feeling, etc. The feeling of human being has a way of excluding “wrong”. It does not hold that that does not belongs to it. The feeling has a leading effect. Its far seeing power cannot be omitted.

My daughter who likes art does not want to get rid of her love to music, after she started the Chinese medicine. In holiday, she still bring her violin to her previous teacher to practice it. One day, her teacher said: You have feeling before when you played it, why you have no feeling now? My daughter said, after a silence for a while: I understand, my feeling has changed. It has changed to Chinese medicine. My daughter brought the violin back home and said: That one mind cannot be spent on two things at the same time refers to my current situation. My feeling of art cannot be spent on two things either. So I decide not to practice the violin for a movement.

To reach the miracle in healing is the level of great doctor. Great doctor performs treatment is as perform art ability. But how an art be popularized and to reproduced in a large scale? How could it be enjoyed by the people who are with scientific eyes? How could it be framed in those numerous fine and practical courses, those feeling and feeling, those considerations and re-consideration, those practical exchanges? That covering the Chinese medicine, the mysterious feelings, the watch feeling, the unreliable feeling, is constructed with the art particles.

[1] Chinese Zhenggu technique is a kind of surgical technique to manipulate the bone structure or the skeleton alliance. It is much broad than the Chiropractic. Zhen means adjustment; Gu means bone.


Chapter 40

As Chinese, even if in practice western medicine, doctors have kind of Chinese characters in clinic thinking. Dr. Cao Zeyi, a famous doctor in gynecology in China, faces many cancer patients. In early years, when he performed operation, he tried to clear the cancer mass as much as possible. He was proud of being able to clear more complete the cancer mass than other doctors. However, when he see that those patients got life but loss happy family, even got disaster in life, he doubt his way of treatment. Now, if other doctor spend 10 hours on the surgical operation, he may spend only 2 hours and cut very little the tissues. He started to risk. The death rate becomes higher than before, since he puts the emphasis of the treatment more on letting the patient later lives as a human, rather letting the patient lives but suffers, e.g. he pays more attention to the quality of the life of his patients after surgical operation. In another words, he would rather risk the death of the patients, than create disaster for the patients with his surgical operation procedure.

His concept of treatment need much consideration and pay attention to evaluate it. This is to refuse the way of doctor who only see the disease but not the human being. This kind of treatment increases the risk factors for the patients, it is therefore not in a strong position in theory. However, many Chinese can understand and accept his way of treatment.

President Chen Guoqian, in the research lab of the Shanghai Hematology institute, China, heard: there are some old Chinese medicine doctors in the North East of China, who applied the “treat the toxic with toxic” theory, used arsenic to treat cancer patients. These doctors kept a large volume of clinic data for such therapy. He studied these data and found that, among 32 patients with cancer, there were 28 of them got complete release. Dr. Chen Guoqian, in his own clinic study, infused 10 mg of pure arsenous oxide solution in high risk patients, everyday for continuous three to four weeks, until the patients got complete release. Most of patients had no strong side reactions. This results make the western people stunned. In their mind, arsenic is a highly toxic for killing or for suicide. They felt very strange and hard to believe that  the infusion of arsenic in vein did no cause clear side effects.

The western medicine in the China territory, could turn, sometimes, independent of their will, to the road that the Chinese medicine went before. I thought, is this because in the mind of Chinese, there is more imaging thinking power than the western people?

When my daughter was young, I have tried to culture her scientific reason thinking. As many girls, she is not good at accept the scientific reason thinking. It was common that she is explained clearly, she said: yes, the reason is as such, but I still want that other way.

Well, it is to waste time to explain her any more reasons. Considering that many girls is not good at mathematics, physics or chemistry, I have tried to create her interest for those objects. Started from her third grade of school, I spend three years, read the book << Science history >> to her every night. I thought, the courses of mathematics, the physics, and chemistry, do not start from encourage the interests of students, to peel the history of the science development, does not in assistance with the learning rule of human. If I could culture the interest of my daughter to the science, the education in middle school would not be hard course for student to accept. Within the three years, I finished the reading and explanation to her the history of science development, but also emphasized on the theory of relativity of Einstein. We also read the book << Mysterious traveling in the science world >>. Then, I though it would be enough. However, in middle school, my daughter, together with most of her girl classmates, felt hard to the mathematics, physics, and chemistry. I have thought it is due to the wrong education manner in the school. I started to teach her by myself at home. I soon found that my daughter’s mind refused the solving of test, refused linear thinking. Her teacher in physics got mad and cried to ask God, by her strange questions in class.

I made strenuous efforts but failed to bring her back to a logical thinking. I felt confused and asked her: “I explained to you for three years the science. You opened your bright eyes, excited, focused on me. I ask you, where is the things that I explained to you before?” She smiled: “I felt fun when I see you are playing. Who listened to you?”. I, as her physic teacher to cry for God: “My God, does it not mean that I wasted three years? “ She said: “How can you say it is wasting? Without trying for so much efforts, how could you know that I am not good at leaning science? How would you accept the fact that I can not learn the science?” My daughter forced me to accept that people’s manner of thinking is not the same.

In fact, I know. My mind is neither pure reasoning thinking way. I studied with others to solve the mathematic test for “Olympic”. If others can solve ten tests, I could then solve nine. People said, it is not bad. With little trying you would also solve all of the tests. But I studied the last test and find that the problem is not whether I try or not. I could not solve that test at all, since that is the limitation of my mind in science wisdom. From surface, it seems that the deference between me and others is only one test, but in fact the difference is from the sky to the earth. The people who can solve the last test must be the pure math mind, but I am not that one. From other’s eye, there is only mild difference between me and math master, but the “mild” difference is far apart between us. From this point of view, to learn from others, we can only learn the surface, not the real thing. If we want to real as other, we can not mimic others. Later, when I help my daughter in home work, I no longer forced her to think the test with scientific reasoning thinking but allowed her use a kind of mimic thinking. Such mimic thinking can not allow people to reach the 100% but 80% to 90% of prefect. But in choosing a life long study, I cannot let her choose the life-long mimic thinking, but encourage her with her own way of thinking. This is because, for the people who come to the peak achievement in their profession, no one did not use their own way of thinking.

I read an article by Mr. Gao Gong. He said in his article: in history, yellow nations were melt in the Chinese culture, even if they are winner. However, the non-yellow nations, such as the nations in the Xinjiang territory, though they have been under control by the Chinese for two thousands of years, did not adapt the Chinese culture to a higher level. It is even lower than the yellow nations in countries around China. Is this only a chance? This makes me think if the Chinese way of thinking is hard to be accepted by western nations?

Chapter 41

Some people believe that, one without a mind of mathematic, physics and chemistry and without strong logical thinking, would have no ability to do scientific research work, or what the one did is not science, but a “Pseudo-science”, that should be killed by those who support the science and is the fan of the science. I admit that, science is marked and evaluated by the concept, standard, logic, and rule. From this point of view, Chinese medicine is not a science. I don’t oppose. From this point of view, it is also correct that many people can not learn well the science. But, if someone uses these parameters to separate the high or low wisdom, the reasoning or not reasoning, even to determine who should be further developed and who should be stop, be block or be destroyed, I would strongly disagree with him. I would struggle against the “science”, since such struggle is for the right to survive, to hold territory for my mind, for not be a slave of spiritual colony.

I never said that we should deplete western medicine, but the proposal is raised to delete the Chinese medicine. Would my mind is not a mind? Would the gun and cannon stick to our front head? Not to speak of that mathematician Qiu Tongchen believes that mathematics is closed linked with the art, of that a surgical doctor feels the same kind of happiness of creation as an artist, of that art feeling is the creating power of every scientific research area, how can we say that the development of science is only depending on its own efforts?

Check the records of science development, it fills with a lots of by-pass ways, unexpected, unwilled achievements. The history of the science tells us, the road that the science went is never a direct way. For how many days the science has started to concern about the standard, the logic, the concept and the rule? If Chinese great scientist in agriculture, Mr. Yuan Longpin, went a “standard” scientific research road, can he have the achievement in the current hybrid rice? How many great scientists were not criticized in the beginning for their research works?  I cannot understand why some people want to make the science look beauty and pure? Is the social position of Cinderella cannot be accepted by the science?

I believe that science is still going in a way of trying-to-going even now. I thought, with the aim of my daughter not being scared by the pure and honesty science, when I explained the history of science to her in previous years, did I implant the real truth for the science into her mind? The unexpected harvest that I got for the three years of explaining to her the << The History of Science Development >> is that my daughter is not superstition to the science. It might be that what road she is going is the original road of science development?

The science is so holy and pure, that scientist Yuan Longpin is so hard to be elected as academician of Science Institute of China. It is said that he will no long apply for the position in future. Science becomes pure under the defense by some scientists. Does it also lose some vitality? The authority of science makes some scientist hardly have any more achievement in their research work rather than defense for its purity. They hold the right of invention and finding. Whatever does not meet their requirement will be marked as pseudo-science. They in fact block the development of science. For this reason, the color of Chinese medicine is always gray. By this way, the science is high at the peak of mountain, does not connect with the products of other kinds of human mind working, loses strong living basis and source of nutrition. The disease of the science in China is the deficiency in both Blood and Qi. I have cultured bean spring at home. I added one pound of bean into basin, added water, left it in a warm place. No longer than two days, the bean spring came out all together. I picked out the spring to cook. There is always some bean left in the bottom of the basin. I call them metal bean. I put them in my hands, look at them. It is wrong if you think they are dead. They are against the common rule of water, temperature… the rule of the course of bean spring culture.

When I was a teacher in a middle school, there were always some students in the class, who is not good at the lectures. They are not scientific mind, nor imaging mind. They are called by other teachers as stone mind. I tapped their head sometimes, signed that they are the metal bean of human being. They accept the domination of bigger rule than the culture of bean spring. I feel lucky that my daughter’s mind is not science mind. She knows, the power to put the science to develop is not necessarily the great specialist, but those who has a special skill, has strong action ability, tends to have more feeling mind, pays more attention to practical results, not easily bound by science theory.

My daughter stop her current study for exam, and decided to visit a old man who is more than 80 years of old and who works to pick up herbs in mountains. I said, it will affect your exam. She said, yes, but the old man is already more than 80 years of old. If there is not one who accepts his knowledge and experience, do you think he can wait for us later? Between the exam and the visit to him, which one you think more important? I think, of course the later is more important. Her friends believe the former is more important. They think that the old man has only feeling experience, though he uses some herbs that is not in use for a long time by current people, applies the herbs in not standard way as the current people, and he can have some surprising healing effects, his way cannot be explained by science.

My daughter said, though she cannot understand it at this time, it is needed to inherit as soon as possible to save it first, then we can study it later, not to let it disappear in China.

In China, in deed it can happen some mysterious things. My have a friend. His daughter got a kidney disease when she was 5 years of old. He has brought his daughter to the local hospital, to the provincial hospital, then lived in Beijing for year long treatment. The aim of the treatment is to release the symptoms for the girl, to keep her alive until her 12 years of old. Then she may accept kidney transplantation surgery. No any other chose beside this. For the treatment for his daughter, he used up almost all what the family have, with terrible heavy debt. To release his stress, whenever I could find him, I invited him out to a restaurant or to drink something. He always started crying, bending on the table, after drinking a cup of wine. We all donated to him. He has the skill of decorating paintings, so we find such contract for him, to let him have more income. We all believed that he would be destroyed by such situation, he should try to plan in different way. They recommended me to talk to him. I, with very careful way, talked to him, he has tried very best to save the child, if he can plain to have another child… He stop me urgently without I finishing my words, and expressed that he would not give up at all for his daughter.

What I can do is just a sign. I can not nothing but wait for the worst thing to come. However, at that time, a mysterious thing happened. There is a old man in our local area, who has a inherit herbal formula what only treat one kind of the kidney diseases. Since there was no any ways to try, he used the herb formula to his daughter. The result is, for such a big disease, it is cured as easy as a common cold. She recovered so good that we all feel hard to believe. She had no any side effects or sequela! Later when I saw this child, she is not only healthy, but also naughty. I asked why she is more naughty. Her father said, What she got for education in her young life is a medicine education, which should be called a special education. The old man who cured this girl is not at a doctor, knows nothing about the medical theory or rule, has nothing to do with the mysterious.


Chapter 42

Recently there are two people whom I know about, died. One is 42 years of old, and another is less than 40. Both are overweight and had high blood pressure, brain bleeding. See their family are so sad to die, I feel that human life is very fragile. Remember my youth age, there was not so many overweight people. There was also very rare to see a people with hypertension. Once saw a patient with hypertension, my mother would be very interested.  The hospital also paid much attention to patient with hypertension. The patient would be given a break release certificate after their blood pressure was measured high. If there is some one who want to have a break from work, they would try to make their blood pressure higher. What they did, as I remembered, was to run for 800 meters, drunk a cup of hot water. Hold tight the hands when the doctor was measuring their blood pressure… the blood pressure by thus being higher. So they could get one day rest. In 1978, students needed to have their body re-examed physically. There was a female classmate, who would be very nervous upon the sphygmomanometer. When it was her turn to measure, the blood pressure is high. Doctor asked her stood aside for a while then to repeat. Her face turned pale. I went to comforted her, massaging her Quchi acupuncture points. When the doctor asked her to measure again, the blood pressure was normal. Later she gave me a big apple for thanks.

According to the statistics from 1979 to 1980 in China, the incidence of hypertension in human over 20 years of old is 5.8%. Broad line hypertension is 3.3%. Now, the incidence of hypertension over 18 years of old is 18.8%. It is even 29.2% in Shanghai city and surrounding countryside. Vice-president of education committee, Beijing, Mr. Du Songpen declared the data for national student body constitution research for year 2005. It indicated that more than half of the students at that year got their blood pressure in a high level. The statistic shows that half death reasons are due to the hypertension or the hypertension-related myocardial infarction and stroke. For this, the October 8th every year is decided to be the day of hypertension in China.

I felt very strange, why there are so many people with hypertension? Generally speaking, such modern, group-appearing disease in history is usually infectious diseases. Is the hypertension passed among people by “hypertension bacteria”? According to earlier standard, the half of students and one third of the residence in Shanghai city should have break for rest. Right? For the reason of hypertension, it remains unclear for the medical society. Some specialist said 95% of the patients are due to inherit. I thought it is impossible, since these family with hypertension also follows the same birth control policy in China, how can they have some much patients in their family? Again, I don’t think that these 1.6 billion people with hypertension are all having hypertension family history. Such doubled number of patients makes me have to think that it is a life style disease of the modern time. Why the incidence of hypertension increases so sharply? My daughter said, it is due to the modern life style of the current people, of course.

Statistic shows that, the incidence of hypertension is higher in city than in countryside, higher in brain-working people than labor workers and it is higher now than before. It is a common disease in the world. The more developed country, the higher its incidence. It in addition indicates the association of the industrialized life style with the incidence.

See that I am confused, my daughter said, as a non-doctor, I can understand it in a simple way. She said, we can look at the blood vessels as water vessels. Why the blood pressure increases? It is due to either with too much blood supply or to less blood supply. If the blood supply is too much, of course the blood pressure will increase. If the blood supply is less, what would the body do? The compensative mechanism of the body is to increase the blood pressure. It is the high blood pressure. The commonly used medication is to expand the vessel. The water vessel becomes bigger, so when you measure the blood pressure, it of course is not high. However, the reason for the increase in the blood pressure did not get solved. The burden of the heart does not get released, the blood vessel is unnaturally dilated, the heart has to work more hard to meet the need for more blood supply due to the dilation of the blood vessel. By this way, the hypertension was not solved but created more potential and possible problem for the heart and brain. I asked my daughter, current hypertension needs life long medication. What about the hypertension patients in old time? Is it no way to cure? Daughter told me, the sphygmomanometer was invented by Italian doctor in year 1896. Blood test came in about 1910. Therefore there is no concept of hypertension in Chinese medicine in history. The hypertension belongs to the dizziness and headache in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine believes that there are many reasons for hypertension. If people have high fat in the blood (hyperlipidemia), have high viscosity in blood, both can cause hypertension. If one has anemia, with Qi and Blood deficiency, can also have hypertension. Therefore, overweight body can be high blood pressure, and slim person can also have hypertension. But the treatment by Chinese medicine is absolutely different for each of them.

Chinese medicine believes the reason for hypertension is associated with body constitution, emotional disorders, life disorders and so on. The most important factors are the body constitution and the emotional disorder. The person with slim body, easy to get upset, with Yin deficiency but Yang overwhelming conditions, tends to have hypertension. Overweight body, with Spleen deficiency and more Phlegm in body, the Wind and the Phlegm mixed and enhanced each other, can also get higher blood pressure..... When people is in highly upset and angry, his liver Qi reverse up, the blood goes up too with the reversed Qi, will also have increased blood pressure. With strong happy or strong sad, scare feeling, nervous emotion, the heart and the live was disturbed. The person in such condition can also have high blood pressure. If one eat too much fat and heavy taste food, the food damages the Spleen system, blocks the function of Stomach to cause accumulation of Phlegm in the body, to cause hypertension. Eat too much spicy food, which exhausts the Yin part of the body, causing Fire going up, can also result in hypertension. Especially if a person eat more salty food, the blood becomes sticky, damaging the function of kidney, can also have hypertension. All of such factors are enhanced in current modern life style.

The vice president of the Ministry of Public Health in China, Mr. Wang Delong said, statistic indicated that the overweight rate in China in adult is 22.8%, Obesity rate is 7.1%. It is estimated that the number of people with the overweight and obesity is 2 billion and 0.6 billion, respectively. That number in big city is 30% and 12.3%, respectively. Professor Jing Haibing stated that, the incidence of mental diseases was about 2% in the last 1950’s. In year 2000, it came to 14%. This figure suggests that emotional nervousness is another character of our current time. My daughter said, there is so many people with overweight and obesity, together with so many people with emotional distress, how could we have less incidence for hypertension? In fact, it is not hard to treat hypertension. Only change the life style could reduce the blood pressure dramatically. Is it a clear fact? But people would like to take blood pressure reducing drugs that have high rate of side effects, pays high cost and risk, rather than to change life style. Under such emotion in mind, it is hard for them to accept Chinese medicine.

Chapter 43

My friend came to my home to visit me. She brought a bag with her. She took out several boxes of “Guiling Gao” to me to eat. She said it works for beauty. She opened one and started to eat first. She said she ate three boxes every day. I took up one and read its ingredients. I told her: “It is not suit for you to eat.” She answered: “Look at the function. It works for detoxicification, improve face beauty. “ I was stunned. It is hard to talk with current people. I remembered that my daughter’s master would stop to explain, when he met similar situation. When people use herbs as the same way as using western medicine drugs, that the function of the herb is fixed, no change, he would feel that you do a extra thing to read the ingredients. This friend is weak in body. She needs to eat several doses of “Shenmai Yin” every year. If you did not monitor her for a while, she would start to eat something as “Zhenzhu Feng”, or “Kuding Cha”. Now, she started to eat the “Guiling Gao”. You cannot prevent her always. I said: “You always want to remove toxic. What toxic in your body? What do you mean the toxic? What it is? When ordinary people talks about the toxic, they mean the toxic fire, do you have such toxic fire?”  

How many Chinese are Yang overwhelming? You body shows all a Cold condition. You need a condition as in summer to nourish your Yang Qi. Now, however, you eat such cold thing that suppress your body Yang Qi down, making it in cold condition for your Spleen and Stomach. It is strange that you do not feel pain in your stomach when you eat such thing?” She held her stomach and said: “I need to go to washroom now.” This makes me cannot cry or laugh: “You are too sensitive to the suggestibility. When I did not tell you, you eat three boxes without stomach pain. Once I asked you, you feel stomach pain right away.” She said: “No as you said. I do have stomach pain at home, but I did not link it to the herbs. After you told me, I cannot hole any longer.”

I have mentioned the toxic nature of herbs. I clearly oppose the saying that every drug/herb is with 30% of toxic. If this saying is true, the treatment procedure would be 30% harm. Arsenic is strong toxic, that is clear to the public. A healthy person will die after eat it. But when use it for a treatment, the patient does not die, but rather alive. From this point, there is precondition to say that the arsenic is toxic. For ordinary food, who of use would believe that it is toxic?

However, I always remind this or that of my friends, do not eat this, or do not eat that. Why? For example for this friend, I recommended her not to drink green tea, or cold tea. She refused to follow me. She said that green tea is good for face beauty. I said that if your Yang Qi cannot arise, you have dark face, how can you have face look? I opposed her to use air conditioning, eat ice cream, even asked her not to eat bitter melon. From this point, did you find that I regarded some food as toxic? This is true. If something is not used in a proper way, no matter it is a drug, herb, or a food, would be harmful. From this point of view, everything comes into the mouth would be either good or bad to our health. Chinese medicine emphasize that “Disease comes from the mouth”. The disease does not mean a bacteria or virus, but means the cold or hot nature of the things that come into the mouth.

I am not only opposing the food that we are eating everyday, but also the life style. When the refrigerator was just showing in the market, I bought one. I thought that I would like it, since I like cook. But I used it for only several years, I throw it away. I did not use refrigerator any longer after that. Now, I would rather to go to the market to buy vegetables, not to buy them to store in the refrigerator. I would rather to serve my family with warm food, not the cold ones, such as iced watermelon. Air conditioning and refrigerator makes the body Yang Qi sediment down. They make the stomach and spleen system in weak and cold condition, and make the summer hard to nourish the Yang Qi in our body.  

Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) of China, concubine to the Xianfeng Emperor of the Qing Dynasty and later empress Dowager, was the power behind the throne in China from 1860 to 1908. Her court physician prepared her diet according to Chinese medicine, but not to the nutrition value. From her diet recipe, it is not hard to find out the aim of the physician. For the food that needs to be warm, he prescribed to use casserole. If it needs be to cold, he asked to use thin bowl, etc. For my requirements, such as the balance between the rice, millet, bread, and the seasonal fruits and vegetables…, people feel hard to follow. They feel that it means not to enjoy the current civilization by following such requirements. They eat heavily, stick to cold and ice, enjoy the air conditioning to high level. They feel it is high enjoyment of life, if they could let them not feel hot in summer or cold in winter. Furthermore, they eat the fruits that are not the harvest in that time of the year…  the body that has been in harmony with the nature for thousands of year becomes no longer harmony with the nature. The inner body becomes in disorder, so the modern disease come out.  

Some people opposed me with the life style of the western people. They said that the western people live in a very modern style, but they are healthy. How do they solve the weakness and coldness of spleen and stomach that bring to them with the modern life style? I noticed the physical exercise of them. For example, their physical exercise is national wide. They have heavy physical activities such as running every day, not the running by looking, but real running and heavy breath running. Such running is a way of rise the Yang Qi. It makes the Yin and Yang in the body has change to balance each other. It can adjust the side effect of the modern life style, becomes the important means for the people there to balance the Yin and Yang. Therefore, they are addictive to physical exercise. Once they stop the exercise, they would feel not good, not comfort.

Some times ago, there is a debate whether the life depends on the moving or on the quiet (such as meditation). Each side has its own reasons. To me, the life depends on the balance of Yin and Yang. If the exercise could balance the Yin and Yang, the life depends on the exercise; if the quiet helps to balance the Yin and Yang, it depends on the quiet. It is such simple.  


Chapter 44

The mother-in-law of my friend, who heard about my daughter, came to ask her to feel her pulse. On the feeling, I noticed that the face feeling of my daughter was strange… After everyone left, my daughter said, with rubbing her hands: “What pulse she has, no root?!” I laughed after heard: “This is right. Her life was bought from the King of Hell. How could her pulse have root?” I told my daughter, she was very sick three years ago, bleeding in whole body, in the urine, stool, eyes, everywhere. The western medicine failed to make any diagnosis nor to treat.

Chinese medicine believed she got depletion of her kidney libido. It is hard to supply more libido to her and she might die. My friend then waked with her conscience, remembered all the goodness from her mother-in-law, swear to save her, but no way to go. So she came to me expressed her worry, that makes me annoyed very much. So, I send her to a female sorcerer, since at that time, only this sorcerer “has the way”. To my surprised, the sorcerer said, she has already died. What can I do? I said, you can go to another side, to see if she has already filling her position there or not yet. If she has not reached her position, try to see if you can find a way to buy life spasm for her again. So, the sorcerer guided my friend, “bought the life” with some kind of magic. By this way, the friend had something to do, so not come to bother me any more. Her mother-in-law in this way kept alive. I laugh to my daughter: “She belongs to another side. Her life is bought back. She is here in alive, just as a release on parole. Is it correct that her pulse has no root?” My daughter signed with hopeless: “You can really make fun. A no-root pulse can be explained by your way”. I stop laugh and told her: “Of course it should not be explained by this way”. I continued: “But we need to understand the meaning of life further deeper.”

I remembered Mr. Lu Xun (A famous novelist in Chinese, 1881-1936) said, if his disease happened in people in European, he would die five years ago. So he said he cannot depend on this doctor to treat the patient who has died five years ago. If Mr. Lu Xun met the female witch in Europe, would he accept that he has “gone”? The mother-in-law of my that friend is a mother who cares others very much but not herself. She cared the family in her heart, but not herself. It is not her wish to live for herself that keep her alive, but her extreme worry for the family. She therefore endured a lot of discomfort in the life. If it was other people, she would have died five years ago.  

People how grow flowers know that some flower has a personality would to keep their flower rather than life, some flowers would to keep life rather than flower. The personality of chrysanthemum is the former. Several children jumped into my garden and picked up a chrysanthemum that is to blooming. Next day on the road, I found this flower that was so withered to die. I took it back, planted it in soil, watered it. The flower started to blooming again. It was as fresh as nothing happened to it. After blooming, it died. Facing this flower, I stood there for a long time. All sorts of feelings well up in my heart. The color of this died plant is not in wither yellow. I have been for a long time believed that the wither yellow is the color of death. But rather, its whole stem, its branch, leaves were in dark brown, as the color of sauce. It made me know what is trying the best and what the real life is. On autumn, when I come to the field, everywhere is in yellow in color. I know it is not the death. It is the harvest, the hold, the store. The life is continuing… The mother-in-law of my friend is showing such dark brown life. It is her true libido, her kidney spirit hat prolongs her life.

We know that human being could have extraordinary ability in special conditions, can perform whatever he cannot in ordinary conditions. Especially mother, such ability is much more unbelievable. Then, where such ability comes from? It comes from kidney libido. In theory, the kidney libido cannot be supplied again after used up or exhausted. It is not a re-circle thing. The modern life style is a style that exhausting the kidney libido. People make themselves under highly exciting condition, highly metabolic condition, their adrenalin secretion is in a high level, that makes them not tired. This is the same mechanism as using hormones in treatment by western medicine. Hormone works very fantastic. No matter what disease, its use could create miracle. Therefore, upon coming of SARS, no one knows how to treat. What should be used then? It is the steroid hormone. What the steroid doing in our body? It stimulates the coming out of our kidney libido. It starts the consumption of the kidney libido, our inherit life power. The phenomenon of brief revival before the death is due to the spark of the kidney libido. It is the burning of the last drop of oil in an oil lamp. The therapeutic effect of steroid hormone is not due to its supply of more libido to the body, but to disturb the original libido out to work. This is similar to the use of steroid hormone by athletes in the competition. It could largely increase the achievement of the athletes, but it is due to the exhausting of the kidney libido. Is the sudden death of the athletes not due to the peak exhaust of the libido? If the he is not died, the person would get bone necrosis, since in Chinese medicine, the kidney is associated to the bone marrow and dominate the storage of libido in the body. Exhausting of kidney libido makes the bone hard to store the libido and to grow the bone, so the necrosis happens. Such “removal of the east wall to repair the west wall” and such urgent to achieve, is against the principle of Chinese medicine to enhance the kidney libido. Health maintenance, how to do and what to do, we should not unknown.  

Chapter 45

In explanation of the kidney libido, I think that it is the “Super energy” saved by the Nature (God) for us. When we meet great disaster, such as meet a tiger or wolf, we may run much fast than ever, crib much higher than ever. Science terms it latent energy or potential energy. If we have used it too much for ordinary condition, we would have it “damaged”. My daughter is good at Shadoboxing, so she is chosen to attend a national competition. She got four moths of training before the competition by a professional gym teacher. The training damaged my daughter however. She feels scared upon mention of gym. She asked her teacher: “ We are competing Shadoboxing, why should we get training in physical energy?” Her teacher told her: “This is scientific training manner, we must do this way.” So, she had to run 5000 meters, do push-ups for 200, do sit-ups 200, lift 75 kg solid box for 100 times… Her original body condition was pretty good before. She plays basket ball, play foot ball. The football team in the senior high school is the mixture of the boys and girls, chosen based on personal skill. She was the only girl in the class team. However she lost interest to the gymnastic by later training.  

The Olympic slogan is “Higher, faster and stronger”. To me, it exceeds the common concept of training for health. It is to explore the extreme level of physical ability of human being, to challenge the extreme point of human ability. However, it makes most athletes loss their health through the training. As a statistic from an insurance company for 6000 athletes who have died, the average life span is only 50 years of old, far less than the average life span of 70 for the overall public. There are about 1000 German died during play tennis, or practice clambering. Based on the data of Russian Health and Sport central institute, there is only 12% of athletes who gained excellent mark in competition is healthy. Watching the World Football Match, the question why Chinese football team is not good arises again. Exclude other factors, simply consider the body constitution, the Asia people is different from the western people. To let the Chinese team play football with Italian team, is almost as to let women play football with man. Compared with the body constitution of the Europe, I believe that the body constitution of our Chinese belongs to the “Yin”.

Statistic data showed that the length of intestine of white nation, with 1.8 meter high, is about 5.4 meters. The ratio of the length of the intestine to the body height is 3. For Asian yellow nation, body height of 1.7 meters, the length of intestine is 8.5 meters. That ratio is 5. The length of the intestine separates the grass animal and the meat animal. The protein from animal is similar to the human body. It is easier to be absorbed and used by the human body, becomes the nutrition to the body. The protein in the plants is more different from the protein of our human body. It is hard to be absorbed and used by human body, so human needs longer intestine to digest and to absorb it. Therefore, no matter it is human being of animal, whichever eat grass and plants would have longer intestine than those which eat meat. Further more, we know that, meat-eating animal and the plant-eating animal is very different in personality too. Meat-eating animal obtained more nutrition and hormones from the meat, so it has stronger body and more aggressive personality; while the plant-eating animal has smaller body and more kind and less aggressive personality. For the same reason Europe people eat more meat, they are stronger in the body ship and also has stronger attack tendency in nature.  Asia people mostly eat plants, e.g. carbohydrate, they have shorter body, and kind personality as well. The hunting life of the Europe nation needs them have stronger body and   Therefore their body is Yang overwhelming. To digest and absorb animal meat protein, their intestine would secrete a hormone called “norepinephrine”. If one eat meat for a long time, there would be more of this hormone in the body. This is a hormone that could stimulate increase in blood pressure, stimulate brain surface layer, reduce the control ability to the feeling zone, so makes the meat-eating people easy to excite, easy to develop spark feelings, tend to creation, risk challenge, wish to be excellent and stand out. All are needed for animal that needs hunt for food.  

For thousands of years, Asia people most eat plants as food. Their personality, generally speaking, is kind and meek, inner warded, and deeper in mind. Football match is basically a strong antagonism match. It is natural that the Europe people is good at such match. It is an original ability. On a comparison, yellow people, though they started tennis very late, no nice or excellent training conditions, but has excellent player, such as Zhang Peide (He is yellow nation in USA), Sha Shaai, Silichapan. In China, there are also some player, who have no good environmental conditions for their training, no nice or warm atmosphere for tennis in China, but beat the seeded players again and again. This is because the tennis also needs very quick reactions. In another words, Chinese has talent ability in tennis.

It is known that China is best in acrobatics. In China, it is also known that Wuqiao city is best in acrobatics. It means, the acrobatic performers are not chosen from whole of China, but a small county, Wuqiao. The player in one small county is already the excellent in the world.

People said, Chinese athletic Liu Xiang is not an except either. He is not good at short-distance running, but his skill in running over the obstacles and in keeping rhythm. 110 meter obstacle is an exchange course of kinetic energy and potential energy. Every time he run over the obstacle, he could transfer his kinetic energy to potential energy, since he is good at the running over the obstacle. Over every obstacle he could save little potential energy. After several obstacles, his potential energy shows advantage in the later course. So, we see that his most achievement is in the later course of the competition. He exceeds his competing runners during the last several obstacles. This means, if we want him to compete in short-distance running, he would not win. He is good at more in his technique advantage.

I thought, should we have more scientific considerations in the development of sports?

Chapter 46

To explore the secret of human life, it is needed such as anatomy. But can this branch of science reach the core of the life secret directly? Life is as music. When we explore the mystery of music, can we study the string, open the piano body with physics? Is the study of mechanism of sound equal to the study of music? Did we find the goal of our study, when we study the life? The study of music should no limit to the study of music instruments. Chinese medicine theory studies life over the human physical body. It looks the nature as the out layer of the human body. It pays attention to the harmony between the outside body and the inner body. In such life study, is the Chinese medicine not mastering the core and truth of the life? Beside the concept to unite the nature as the outside of human body into the whole theory of the Chinese medicine, the another characteristic of Chinese medicine is dynamically dealing the relationship between the technique and the medicine.   

Medical technique may avert from the direction of medicine. This is as the swimming technique may bring the swimmer to death. When I was young, I don’t agree that “Those who die during the swimming is those who know how to swim”. I felt it is not logical. If the one really knows how to swim, how could he die during swim? Since he dies during swim, it means that he does not know how to swim yet. So, once he dies during swim, I would allocate him as not knowing swim. He is dead during swim since he did not master the technique of swim. I believe this is solid truth. But later, I find the truth: many swimmers died just because they had nice swimming technique, proving the saying that “Those who die during the swimming is those who know how to swim”. I studied the photo records for those who died during swim. I found that, their skill of swim is perfectly well, no error in the body position, no problem in the strength of actions. The reason for their death, is not due to their poor skill, but in their mind. Most pity thing is, the dead man, upon to their death, never realize that it is wrong for their mind in swim. If they could realize this at the last minutes, they should be able to save themselves. They are the victim of their mind.

For a long time, human being walks to the opposite side of the nature, based on their technique. Technique becomes the weapon of human to combat the nature. We not only developed dependence on the technique, but also created a technique dominating thinking. This results in, when in risk, it is better without technique than with technique. It is very stupid to swim across a big river, according to technique, especially swim in a status of competition. If the swimmer stop the use of technique upon critical time, following the nature of water, stop to struggle against the wind and wave, regarding himself as part of the water, you would find that, the water is not against you, not wants to make you to death. When you do not want to master the control of your body, you would find that you did not lose this power.  It is really pity that so many people did not die from their technique, but their mind. It is not easy to let a man who has high technique to give up the use of his technique. It is the most people’s way to struggle again and again until the last minutes without trying any other ways.

Watching the video records for Chairman Mao in swimming in the Yangzi river, I am surprised. The old man has no standard position for swim, he is simply rolling in the water, no technique to show. It can be said from this point that he does not know swim. But you have to admit that he knows the nature of water. Why he asked for swim in river, lake and sea? It is because there is no water nature in the swim pool to learn. Learn swim, technique is not the only thing. There are many things that are outside of the techniques. Without knowing this, even if a person know the technique, it does not mean he know the nature of the water. If one does not know the nature of water, there would be risk to die in swim.

Chinese medicine looks, some time, not so advanced in technique, is not so rich in technique to use or to depend. If there is some technique, it is melted in a natural manner, not so apparent, not so stand out. This makes the people who practice Chinese medicine shame, in such a time when the technique dominates. However, as a current people coming into a forest, his confidence and brave does not come from the heart, but from the gun in his hands. Once he loses this gun, he will loss values that he had. Western medicine makes all values outside. You cannot see human being from the inner nature of it. Chinese medicine looks backward. But should we have a look if the Chinese medicine has some unique characters in the unite of the medical technique and the medicine theory?

My mother did not teach me any technique, did not show me any unique skill in the treatment. She forced and pushed me to explore my own potential ability. If a person has already had inner gaining, then learn the technique, the technique is for him to use, rather than to become a slave of the technique, even tortured by the technique. 

Currently, a hospital cannot be without instruments. Doctors cannot do anything without instruments. The hospital and the doctor melt into a tightly close big machine. The heart and the body the medical staff closely depends on the technique, on the hospital. Out of hospital, the doctor is nothing. They are not individual human being, healthy human being, not to speak of the release and freedom in the heart or spirit… Why the graduate from university chase for big city? Why they apply for a job? The reason is: the textbook “technique” educated from school acts as a “body-selling indenture” for them. It makes them adhere in social technique groups of machine nature. Such adhering relationship is so torturing, that people commonly develop discomfort feeling, creating lots of emotional trouble. For this, people analyzed more from social aspects, less from the scientific technique point of view. What they searched is simple reason, not a complex and comprehensive reasons.  

From the technique point of view, it one has disease, it should be treated. If it is not treated, it would be a wrong thing. Any cure or healing without technique would be laughed at, blamed and criticized. The mark of social advance is expressed on the disease treatment. That is: if there is a disease, it should be treated; if it is a small disease, it should be treated with big efforts; if it is severe disease, the medical facility of the whole hospital, or even whole country should be tried. The dead swimmer never knows the reason for his death, until he died. Those of us who remain alive can use a single word of “not good technique” to put the responsibility to the dead. This is just as the Beijing university that uses “depression” to blame the dead student. This makes this university that has produced a lot of “crazy man” or “crazy genius” before now depletes crazy and genius. What a spell the “Those who die during the swimming is those who know how to swim” is?

Chapter 47

I am not a Chinese medicine doctor. If allow me to talk about Chinese medicine, there would be two negative results to the Chinese medicine. First, I would be laughed at being a “expert”. People would feel that I like to put on airs in front of others most, and I win popularity by cheating the public. Second, it reduces the Chinese to a level at which everyone can talk about the Chinese medicine, making the Chinese medicine look as not a special academic department. Here comes out a topic, the department separation. It is well known that the western medicine has very detailed department separation. There is specialist who specially studies the brain. There is specialist who specially studies heart. Some specialist only studies hands, nothing else. So, a specialist who studies hands could have a high title in the profession but may have no ability to solve a small disease as common cold. If a Chinese farmer comes to a big hospital, he may not understand why a president of a department has no ability to solve his disease. Why the smaller the disease location, the more mysterious it is for a doctor to cure.

It is hard for Chinese medicine to separate into various departments. It is hard for Chinese medicine to only treat headache if the patient has headache; or to only treat the pain in feet if the patient has problem only in the feet. So, according to the western mind, the Chinese medicine is not super, not specialized. Chinese medicine, if it can be talked about or discussed by ordinary people, to some peoples, it means it has less technique value. To them, the polarity of the Chinese medicine suggests it low level and less value. Is this not a fooling-people mind that is secreted out by the scientific separation? This is a contradiction. We feel that simple thing is lower level thing, so we go to complex and specialized. The so called specialized means what is in the specialized area is unknown or hardly known by the public. “The public out of the special area” has no right to question, but pays respect or fear to it. Many scholars feel pleased with themselves in their own specialized castle. If what they know can be understand by the public, it would be their shame, since the higher the specialization, the lower its popularity. Therefore, the separation between each specialist is as the separation between two mountains. People feel hard and hard to understand each other. There is no right to criticize the other side. What I want to ask is: as human society, can we allow our society continue to specialize further and further again? If yes, then once we solve the contradiction from the society aspect among countries and nations, would we have separations again due to such scientific specializations?   

Why there is so much stress relationship between patients and doctors and have so many conflicts in medical services? Why we hate the police and government officers? Why the up-visit cases increases sharply? For this, people are more to find a reason from the social system, less from the point of professional separations. In fact, the reason is that, the non-professional people don’t listen to the explanation by the special staff. Hospital in our city set a “Grievance award” specially for those of doctors who explained to the patients but not realized or understood by the patients. If the explanation can be understood, why no longer has overall law education campaign to the public? People has willing to understand the special issue. They would not give up the willingness due to the deny of their ability to understand, or to the limitation to the special area. The logic of doctor blocks the patients, patient’s logic would regard the doctor as killer. Logic of the law blocks the ordinary residences, the ordinary residences would regard the law-enforcer as robber. The things that is hard to be understood creates not only respect and fear, but also refection, refuse, oppose and hate. That Chairman Mao did not allow the law being too specialized, might also be due to such considerations.  

Chinese medicine is similar to the game of go. Chinese medicine is simple. Doctor can pick up a hand of grass that growing in front of the door to treat disease; can use a needle to treat disease. It can be popularized to the whole country by the model of “Barefoot Doctor”. But is the Chinese medicine really very simple? Do you want to have a study to try it?  Go seems the simplest game among all the games. There is no king, no general, almost no rule. Almost everyone can play it. But the go is really simple? Do you believe that human can invent a computer that is master in go? There are many people playing go, but there is very little people who can play it well. We do not deny the go for the fact that there are too much ordinary players. There are little people who practice Chinese medicine. The number of these people who are in the master level is much less. The public in deed deny the Chinese medicine for the less number of masters in it.  People believe that there is difference in the level of talent among the go players. They do not deny the Master Nie Weiping or Ma Xiaocun[1] for the low talent of themselves in the go. But they commented Mr. Zhang Zhongjing and Li Shizheng[2] as swindlers for the aim to deny Chinese medicine. This is because they can not deny the Chinese medicine if they have to admit there are masters in Chinese medicine.

In current concept, physical body is as a machine. I use my body but I do not need to understand the mechanism by which it works, nor to repair it if there is something wrong with it, since it is the job of specialists. If there is some thing really wrong, hand it to doctor to repair. When the doctor is working, I do not know how good they are, what I can do is to look at them with uneasy eyes. I can only deduce their skill from their attitude. If their attitude is careless, and my disease becomes worse, I will think that they must have made things wrong. Since the life and dead is the matter of doctor and hospital, and if I cannot accept the fact of death, is it natural that I will transfer my angry to the doctor and hospital?

I am talking about medicine since I have a body. As a human with body, I need to understand my body in medicine point of view. I want to be the first doctor of my body. The same as I play go and love philosophy since I am living, I need to be my own player and philosopher. I cannot stop to play go and study philosophy due to the fact that there is already Mr. Ma Xiaochun and Mr. Li Zehou. I don’t want to give up my own life with go and philosophy but only cheer for go master and great philosopher. I want my own life. In the beginning of Chinese medicine, it did not want to be specialized to only small group of people to understand it. Why Chinese medicine needs to be consistence with the Chinese culture? Why it has been tried to unify the way of Chinese medicine, the government of a state, and the law of the nature?

Why it is said, if a man has no chance to be good officer, he could be a good doctor? Only understand the reasoning of the nature and human society all together in a same way, could the reasoning of medicine be understand and accepted. The unity and the same system of the Chinese characters, and the consistence in the expressing manner of the characters, make the dialogue even between the king and the ordinary people no misunderstand. Nowadays, the Chinese medicine is hardly understand by the public. The reason is that the western culture broken the our original common understanding system. The Chinese culture that is depended on by the Chinese medicine is hardly understandable by the public. But the diversity in the understanding, if it is too long time, will require unification and merge again.  

[1] Mr. Nie Weiping and Ma Xiaochun are two very famous go players in China. Both are master degree in go.

[2] Mr. Zhang Zhongjing and Li Shizheng are two very famous master level doctors in Chinese medicine in history.



Chapter 48

After the “Deep Blue”[1] beats the International chess master, human being creates scare, self-abased and confused feeling in heart in front of the computer that he himself created. Along with the more and more powerful and higher and higher ability of the machine, human being becomes more and more admires the machine. How many people have beaten by a machine. They wanted themselves be the “Deep Blue” but cannot. It seems that the machine will dominate the world. The question is where is the position of human being? How the international chess master find his value in front of the “Deep Blue”?

Will human being be the slave of machine that he created, lose dignity in front of the machine in not far future? One day, if we are completely beaten by robots, would we only masturbate ourselves by blasting that the robots are created by us? The same as the God masturbates himself that human being is created by him? In the area of logic and wisdom, this would be the reality in not far future. How would the science solve this problem?

Many evidences show that, our human being want to combat with the robots by making ourselves as machine. At least we want to struggle for an even position as the robots. When human being is lead by the robots by the nose, towards a direction that human being is also a machine, should we feel cheer for the wisdom of the machine, or feel sad for the wisdom of the human being? That I said that Chinese medicine would die, is due to the development of the science that cannot be stop.

When human being makes the weather warmer, and makes the solar periods in disorder, the Five-yun-six-qi in the body will also lose its regular order. When the weather becomes disturbed, environment becomes contaminated, plants lose normal growing conditions, the nature of the plants changed, the Chinese medicine herbs would no longer the herbs. When the surgical operations are more and more frequently applied, the Qi and Blood systems in the body would also be disturbed. The acupuncture and other Chinese medicine therapies will also lose its functions. When the silica gel, plastic, metal and other man-made material are implanted into the body, the Yin and Yang would no longer show… Chinese medicine loses the soil it depends on before, loses the target it works before. Without the original herbs, and without the adjustable Qi and Blood, the Yin and the Yang, the Chinese medicine of course will die. The degenerating of current Chinese medicine has been contributed in some ways by such factors. The day at which the human being comes a machine is the day the Chinese medicine dies. This is because the Chinese medicine is a medicine based on human being, an alive thing. The restriction of desire in Chinese medicine is to save desire, but the indulgency in sensual pleasures in current life style is to destroy the desire. If the body desire is destroyed, what’s the use of the body? If human has no body, what’s the use of Chinese medicine?

Therefore, to delete Chinese medicine is the beginning of our human to delete our body. I don’t feel pity if the Chinese medicine disappears. I, as the all of you, believe that there will be a time of high technology. When human being is no longer a human but a machine, what’s the need for the Chinese medicine to exist? Human being will accept calmly the fact that we become machine. We have already be impatience to our body now, felt that the body is a cumbersome. We have already had a kind of urgent desire to become the machine, to solve our living fear. If being a machine can allow you live to 150 years, would you refuse to be a machine? Our body makes us have less and less reluctant to leave. Even the little desire to food has been depleted for the aim to lose weight.  The psychology feelings that our body allows us to feel, such as love, art, are more and more looked down. What our body can still supply to us? When all of the alive things on the earth have been contaminated into toxic things, and when the living environment becomes worse and worse, our body cannot endure the outside environment at all, what you are going to do without choose to be a machine? At that time, would it not be a release to get rid of the body? Current education is the computer education, to make the human brain into computer. The difference among people becomes the difference in the function of computers. Human brain becomes the target of logic analysis, classification and leveling.

Comparing the reasoning of  “Deep Blue” and human chess masters, it is natural to question the dignity of human wisdom. Our brain educated by this way is beaten by the same way? International chess is the logic wisdom of the western people. The “Deep Blue” of logic search beats the logic wisdom of human being, declaring that human logic wisdom can be beaten by machine.

Does human has any wisdom that has not been beaten by the machine? Our eyes then fall on the go, the only kind of chess in which human wisdom has not been beaten by computer. On the combat of computer against go, the first thing analyzed is the difference between the international go and the chess. It is interesting that the difference between go and the chess is gust that between the eastern and the western culture. They are hard to be linked or connected with logic wisdom. The go that looks simple, contains image wisdom that cannot be beaten by logic wisdom. There is many pseudo positions in the game of go. The player has to also be very big in imagination in his mind, so to handle all of the positions in his mind.  The pseudo position is space. It is the combined reasoning exist of time and positional structure. It is not within the logic wisdom area. In the go, once put in a point, the potential the whole game changes. The value of each point can not be analyzed by itself, but from its relationship with other points.

The group of people who support to keep the herbs but delete the medicine, suggesting to keep the function, the nature of the herb, believe that they picked up the most valuable things from the Chinese medicine. They do not know that, the function of every herb in different herbal formula is different. The nature of the herb could change according to the formulation. A herb, due to its supporting-combating-depressing-facilitating relationship with other herbs, shows complete different function compared with the analysis in research lab. This is the same as the function of a individual in a society. His function is associated and limited by his environment and his relationship with other people. Chinese medicine is a container. It saved an original seed of human wisdom. 

People will eventually find that silica gel, plastic and metal material, such filling stuff is the cumbersome of our body, will eventually throw away the body that bring to us by gene project. The gene project that has not been well developed yet will be throw away by human, as they throw away the Chinese medicine. Human being will exists in a pseudo form, e.g. the form of energy, completely goes to the opposite of materialism. Upon to that time, could the pseudo human being realize the concrete exist of Chinese medicine thinking?  

[1] The name of a super computer.  It has been used to play go game with international go masters and won.


Chapter 49

My daughter told me that new born baby dislikes Caesarean section. I laughed. My daughter said, yes, it is true. The baby who was taken out from the surgical opening looked sad, very unhappy. I said, the babies with normal birth course are also crying to the world. No one comes with smile. She said, well, if you go to the ward to visit them, the babies with the natural birth look calm in face. But babies with surgical operation still look upset. I have no experience in watching them. Of course I cannot oppose against her. However according to my not-smart thinking, the natural course should be better than the surgical operation.  Not to speak of the disadvantage of the Caesarean section, the baby birth course is a co-action course between the mother and the baby. Mother chooses this Caesarean section, but the baby does not know it. He tries his best way to come out following the thousands years rule for birth. Surgical operation disturbed his first life plan. No wonder he does not feel happy when he is taken out from the mother’s abdomen. The happy that the nature gives to the mother is through the first bitter then happy. Without the bitter course, there would have no such happy. When the mother is in the course of the baby delivery, it makes her escaped from a chance to test her brave, through the Caesarean section, then escaped the responsibility of breast feeding with reason. The statistic data from women healthcare institute, Shanghai city, China, suggests that the rate of Caesarean section has come up to 60%. In some hospital, it is even up to 80%. Non-breast feeling rate also comes up to 50%. The mother who escapes from above responsibilities later can also escape from the responsibility of education. Some mother would like to stay with pet, rather than stay with her child. She is wiling to send her child to hosting house or hosting school in years of the child. Facing to my question, they said: “ I paid money to them. How do you think that I escaped from my responsibility?” I know that, the Caesarean section saved the lives of many women, but to take a small road as a broad road to go, as to use the hormone as medicine, is to go to an extreme.

To give birth, to have breast feeding, and to bring up the kid, all are the key to open the nature of mother. If the key has been thrown away, how the mother can be explored out? That a woman has no mother nature in heart, and that the baby has not been nourished in the mother nature, have not been calculated into the loss of life by people in the modern life. The most poisons thing is the article << If no breast feeding, why big breast? >>. The author asked, with the answer she know, the big breast is not for baby, but for baby’s father.

I thought, from what time the Chinese men started to like big breast? In history, Chinese men have no such hobby. They learned from western people. Liking breast seems elegant, but it brings a trend of illness. The hobby of the western men reflects their mother-adhering complex. The reason for it is the lack of mother’s love when they are young. Have a look at the mother-adhering complex of Prince Charles! 

The book << Child, Whole aspects >> written by western people that I bought twenty years ago, is good enough to produce man with mother-adhering complex, if we look back now, consider it and bring up baby according what it asked. To feed the baby once every four hours, leave him alone in a room, to allow him crying, and not to hold him… are what introduced in that book. Nowadays, 80% of Caesarean section and 50% non-breast feeding, will allow future Chinese men really stick to the breast. But the breast is not his mother’s but his child mother’s. His sun has to robber his sun’s. Would perversion it would create in psychologic aspect?

Currently, there are some experts, such as Mr. Li Yinhe, struggling for the rights for some group of people with special psychologic emotion. They also tried to confirm the exist of such group of people in the society. To me, it needs no confirm. Even if they are small, they will become lot in future. Only at that time, people will think that such groups of people are there and they are a lot.

Not to speak of the next generation, even our generation is affected by the western thinking unconsciously. For example, we don’t want our sun to completely enjoy the breasts of his mother. We connect the breast with the sex, thinking that the breasts might bring to the sun some improper sex stimulation. One day, a old lady told me. She said, her sun brought her wife and his sun home. Her sun asked to feel her breasts. The sun hold her breasts and said: “I really see my mother!” I was very astonished after heard this story, so his wife and his sun. The sun laughed at his father on spot.  

Breast belongs to the child originally. It should be the pronoun of mother. It is however reversed by current people into a sex organ. When it is not occupied when in young, the man will rob it from his sun when he himself grows in adult. So, the natural function of breasts leave the position to the need of modern psychology. I am not disregard the current things from the moral point of view, but believe that moral things is produced when it is melt with the natural things. There is many reasoning things in it. If it is broken easily, there will be cost to pay. Current women refuse to have natural birth delivery for fear of loss in vagina; refuse to have breast feeding for the fear of breast prolapse;  refuse to bring child up for the fear of affecting the wife-husband feelings. The love of current women to the men is so hearted, but it is in a totally wrong way, and it is against the nature.  

If we really love man, let do something from when they are fetus. Give him whatever the world could give to him without any conservation. The side effects of Caesarean section are lot. It has been realized even by the western medicine per se. The side effect of the Caesarean section are just the loss of vagina, prolapse of breast, reduced sex desire (frigidity) and early menopause syndrome.

My daughter’s teacher in western medicine advised again and again to her students: don’t do the Caesarean section unless it is really needed. Love, in the aspect of philosophy, is the psychology space. With big space, it can hold and can contain. Now, we do not give it channel, but forces it to a narrow and twist road. The psychologist marked it as abnormal first, then asked people to adjust emotion, and to look things with normal heart. Many abnormal phenomenon described in the psychology books twenty years ago are now normal phenomenon. Western people are really good at joke!

Chapter 50

I do not support to delete Chinese medicine, because I don’t want to lose “heart”. Specifically speaking, that I don’t want to lose my Chinese heart.

There is a Chinese scholar. His name is Wen Shahuai. He is 97 years of old this year. He has been the professor in the Beijing Chinese medicine university. He said, he accepts western medicine with brain, and accepts Chinese medicine with heart. I feel that he said to the point. One lives not only with brain, but also has to live with heart, and spirit. Those who lifts the western flag, regards himself as the representative of western, has their brain as western, but how many of them have western heart and western spirit? Human not only live on brain. When Chinese advice others, it is said that the advisor should let the one knows the reasoning, but also the feelings. Even the best reasoning, it is not easily accepted if it is not in consistence with the human feeling. This is the same as many reasoning does not work for people in love.

Compared with the western medicine, the focus of the Chinese medicine is on the heart. Many people do not admit the “heart”, thinking that it is enough to have the brain, with the same reason as if there is the reason for feeling happy, there should be feeling of happy. Chinese medicine emphasizes on the “heart”, the intuition, the intelligent nature and ideological state in its learning course. This is laughed at by those of people who are fan of science. It is not easy to promote or popularize the Chinese medicine, since it is not easy to master and understand.

Mr. Wen was tortured during the Culture revolution in China. He felt sad, depression, fullness and continuous in abdomen. He is diagnosed as late state of hepatic cancer. When declared this result to him by the Rebel group who gloated at his misfortune, he stunned for the beginning, then he laughed loudly. He said, there should have no traitor inside of the body, which may cooperate with the disaster in the outside of the body to harm the body. In the following three months, he lied down on the bed, reciting poem and classical prose. Three months later, his hepatic ascites disappeared. The cancer, also disappeared. To this, he explained: the medicine is actually the intention. At this time, the poem and the classic prose, all are medical herbs. He said, what I used is the heart therapy. It is calm in my heart though it is storm outside of the body (e.g. the political torture).  

In China, many scholars know Chinese medicine. For example, Mr. Ju Qiubai[1] wrote prescriptions to the warders. He might not cheat these warders. I read an article. It said there is a man. He had his bone broken. His friend recommended a expert to solve the fracture. He asked how good the recommended expert. The answer was he is very famous. So they went there. What he saw is famous author Xiao Jun[2]. His famous is the reputation in literature. Mr. Xao Jun helped the re-connection and adjustment of his bone. Then everyone sat down and talked about the literatures. Be able to make the cancer disappear and able to solve bone fracture, is it the ability of very good doctors? However, it is lesser talent for these scholars.  

In China, there are no less such people with “excellent talent”. My fourth great aunt was often invited out to see patients. In seeing how she saw the patient, even mother was stunned. For patient with high fever and spasm, she asked to open the anus of the patient. There was a white color hard lesion. She picked open the lesion with small knife and picked out strings of white string. After finishing the pick, the disease is cured. The fever after infection is regarded as septicemia by us, but the old lady tried to “stop red line”. She found the “red line” along the wound, picked broken the “red line” at the end, release the “toxic”… There is another emergency condition. She used a needle to press a white small spot on the throat.  Compared with her, my mother appeared more as a western medicine doctor, since when my mother treated such conditions, she treated them as a big illness. My mother though that the way of my great aunt for the treatment has no “reasoning”. Later, she made conclusion that, that was not professional way of treatment, it worked for these diseases of local area. But my great aunt felt very happy herself. She said, it would be a big thing to deal with if the patients went to hospital of to my mother. To her, it is a small thing for the treatment of such diseases. She however could not solve her own arthritis. From time to time, she had to come to my mother, to have acupuncture or herbs from my mother. Many diseases, if they are big and severe diseases, would be a small thing, or an easily solved disease to the Chinese medicine. The same thing, some diseases are small thing and easily solved diseases for western medicine, might be a big task to Chinese medicine. If some clinic conditions are difficult for both western medicine and Chinese medicine, it might be small thing to the indigenous therapies. For this reason, it would be a good cat if it can catches mouse, no matter it is white cat or black cat. It is natural that, human, can solve his own disease, no need to depend on a doctor. If the leg of a red-crest cane broken, it can use grass-mud to fold the broken leg, as the human using plaster. If a wolf gets sick, it can also find a herb for itself to eat.

There is a old saying that “man could be a doctor after having disease for long time”. It means that if a person can pay attention to the summery and experience in the treatment and reaction, he would also understand some healthcare knowledge. Not to speak of the Chinese medicine, it has kept made the summery and the experience for thousands of years!  Such ponder needs not only the brain, but also the heart. Man has to use the heart to feel, to experience and to ponder. The feeling is a strong necessity in the Chinese medicine. My daughter now watching people is from the doctor’s point of view. She deduces the conditions of several body organs from the face. She even deduces the health condition from person’s breath, and body odor and so on. Though I know it is very primitive, but I admired her: “Good, my daughter is good. She can look the lab test report, but also the face of the patients. She is still a doctor out of a hospital!” Now the analytic chemistry is so advanced, but to tell the level of the goodness of wines and tea, it still needs the master of person to taste them. We have to still depend on smell to tell the quality of a perfume. It means that, the quality of a thing is not only recognized with the instrument measurement. It cannot be omitted the human feeling organs.  

[1] Mr. Ju Qiubai, a scholar and the early leader of the Chinese communist party.

[2] Mr. Xiao Jun, a famous novel writer in China.


Chapter 51

As man, do you want woman as a man? If not, what do you want a woman is? Has the current woman female nature? Before I gave birth to my daughter, I am the same as a man, in terms of language, thinking and do things, through work, education, read, coming into society and working with men. At that time, I did not realize that this society is set up by man. The so called standard that the society required is actually for man. I thought that this standard is common for everyone, no sex difference.  The society is set up by man. In the science and culture and other aspects of the society, woman seems not special contributions. Man denies woman in reasoning area. A philosopher said: if a woman said 2 3=8, what mistake she got is a mathematic error. But woman quite often said it is equal to a candle. My father believed that woman can not be reasoning with. If a woman has dignity, how would she face such social reality? So, many women tried to meet the requirements of the society, to approve that woman is as the same as a man. 

When I felt that I am as the same as a man in society, and one time when I wrote an document to a women association, the leader of that association told me that what I wrote was the same as a man did, having no “women” taste. I felt stronger, what is woman taste? Is it fussy and sissy? Is it sticking and adhering to love feelings? If not, then what it is. How could it be 2 3=candle? When I was young, my world view is what I called it a triangle with equal edges: materialism, objectiveness, and science, the same as a man’s. For this, I felt satisfied. It seems that I should have no change in quantity. Or you may hardly believe that I may change. If such change does not happen to me, I would not believe either. If there were no such change, today, I would have been a man. It is very simple when speaking. My change comes from baby delivery. To give birth to my daughter, I tossed and turned for two days. At the time I exhausted my body energy, and I was in a condition almost to die, I heard a cry of a baby. Open my eyes, I saw my daughter.  

Just this glance, along with dizziness, reverse of the universe, I felt that my triangle turns opposite. The turned triangle is still a triangle, but the sequence of concept in it is completely different. In the new sequence, I found, with astonishment, that 2 3=candle! Suddenly, I understand what is birth and what is death! The fear to death that around me and bothered my for a long time went away! I knew from that time I could face the death bravely and I would happy to accept death. If there were no such birth course, my life would be one generation. I might be good-for-something (promising) in some thing, be excellent in some thing. But I would be obstinate, and too sure for myself. I would be a pupa crawling on the ground, cannot go over a ditch without a stone under feet, cannot go over a river without a reasoning tree branch. I would have no the second generation of my life – becomes butterfly. Woman can have two generations in one life, as the life of a butterfly.

Research has found, Caesarean section prevents the production of oxytocin and reduces the level of happiness feeling during the birth delivery and affects the feelings between the mother and the baby. I believe this research report. Both father and mother love child, but the way of loving is different. Father loves child, but the triangle will not turn off. He would change his world view for having a child. We all know that stepmother is crafty and ruthless. We also know that “there is stepmother there would have stepfather”. In fact, many stepmothers do not do anything wrong, but are realistic to the child. The father, who is originally realistic, certainly accepts the realistic manner of the stepmother, trusting more the stepmother. When a family is overwhelming the “reasoning”, there would be something wrong soon. A child who is looked at by reality and by objective manner, would be withered as a young grass without sunshine and rain. This fact in turn reflects the reality of the stepmother.  

Current people feel that children do not need special love. General love and like to them is enough. So they believe that it is not a mistreat to the child to find a stepmother to him. Nowadays, some mothers’ love to their children remains in the level of a like. When they talk about their children, their spoken manner is as a teacher, a nanny, but a mother. They often assess their children with the social standards. They do not know what is the special role of a mother. It might be a reason for a university student who catching suicide, that he was treated in reality at home and in society.  

Who wants wife to look at him in reality? Would don’t you think that women look men more and more reality nowadays? The bitter feeling during the baby delivery peels the layers of social shells that covered on the body of woman. It digs out the primitive basement of human nature. It sets the relationship between the child and the mother on the most primitive base. There is no reverse of the universe, there would have no the coming of true mother love. The heart of child would have no full sun shine. It is said what a mother beggar could give to the child cannot be given by a officer father. It is this reason. Why stepmother is cruel? It is because her mother love has no broad road to go. She is forced to go on a narrow and twist maintain road.

Man can also become “butterfly”. I noticed that, it is “realized out” of the arising of man’s thinking. A “realized” man can also overcome the society reasoning as a “realized” woman. The course of the “realization” is usually accompanied with the bitter life and painful body, such as Trappist. I thought, there could be a kind of force in the painful course of the realization, which has not been understand fully by current people. We did not really make it clear the relationship between the pain and the happiness.

In earlier chapter, I said, there was a couple with infertility. The husband beaten the wife broken her ribs. I felt very angry at that time. My mother however said, good, they will have child. I could not understand what my mother mean. Later, I understand. It is well known that the emotional factors has very strong impact on the course of infertility. What we do not know is how it impacts.

There was a wife and her husband, both are my friends. There came red light for their marriage life. They had no friends except me. Their relatives were also far away in other cities. I did not support their friendly devoice. I closed them in a small dark room, letting them to communicate. It was a very hard course. Not to speaking of they did not eat or drink, blood or tears, violence or suicide, they felt very exhausted finally. Now, they met the most primitive, and the move nature love. They fell into love again. If they are a couple of infertility, they would get pregnancy at that time. In animal world, there is commonly a exhausting stage during the heat period (oestrus). Does it mean that such exhausting condition is helpful for conceiving? In the torture-love in some of western people, does these people are tying to find the primitive nature of love by such twisting manner?

There are three time period for women in which there body and emotion are nourished: adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause. Caesacean birth does not nourish woman. Menopause syndrome bothers many women. Medicine does not work for them. Some people asked me what drug or herbs they can try. I said, nothing needs to be eaten. Once you have a grand sun, your problem will go away. The current young couple refuses to have bay even if they are over 30, which makes their mother fall into menopause trouble that is the seasonal disorder of human life.

In the nature, there is much bigger wisdom than that in human brain.


Chapter 52

Yesterday, I had a party with one of my friends, to celebrate the five years after she left the “Cabinet”. She had stem cell transplantation. According to current medicine theory, after five years of transplantation, patient’s survival rate will be higher. So we celebrated.

There have been nice patients including her out of the cabinet the same time. Now there are only they two alive. I saw her doctor when I accompanied her to have a check of her body condition after out of the hospital. I admired him. When we thanked him for saving her life, he said: there are three reasons that she could be helped: a good doctor met a good patient, plus a good fortune. I agreed with him with nod. This doctor is the authority in this professional area in China, but he terminated the role of doctor so low. It appears that great doctor feels thing to the point. This makes me remember another authority doctor who specifically treats late stage diseases. He said he is trying in his treatment. “ I know how my patient died, but I do not know how my patient survived.”  For the patients who survived by his efforts, he never believed that they were saved by him. He always tried to know why the patient did not die. From this point, is the western medicine also tries to find the way of treatment from the nature? Just because the western medicine can tell out clear how the patient dies, it creates over-fear among the public. Because it becomes popular to ask for the right of knowing, patient needs to sign on a contract or information sheet. On the documents, list many possible results this surgical operation might cause. Even if it is a mild surgical operation, there will also be several pages. Its scaring nature is enough to destroy the patient’s spirit. Following the eyes of the western medicine, people turn their eyes to the death reasons that it can tell out clearly. Once a patient gets the diagnosis report for a cancer, he is as getting a court verdict. 50% of patients would be scared to die. I always advice people: in fact western medicine does not know how patient survives, why give you up to western medicine. The advance of the western medicine in clearly explanation of the death reason is well documented in the forensic medicine. So there is example in which criminal invents new toxic stuff to kill people, but escapes the penalty of the law since the forensic medicine fails to explain its mechanism. I thought, Chinese medicine could kill people with the Yin-Yang and Five-element, the forensic medicine cannot explain it either.

Chinese medicine usually knows how the person survives, but not knows how he dies. So, western medicine studies medicine from the alive person but Chinese medicine studies medicine from dead person and makes corrections. Chinese medicine never emphasizes the great role of medicine. This is different from the western medicine and it appears that the Chinese medicine therefore is without strong confidence. When in work, the Chinese medicine doctor has a kind of attitude that he may treat the disease but not life. The disease in a young of twenty years of old is easier to treat. For disease in a old man of eighty years of old would be hard for any Chinese medicine doctor, since his body is already in an autumn, not in spring. Chinese medicine emphasizes more the role of patients, not the doctors, since it is the patient who solves the disease,, and it is his body Qi that works. The doctor only helps the body Qi. It is a helpful role, not a determining role.

That the public does not now pay much attention to the Chinese medicine is also because some reasons from the Chinese medicine side, since it does not want people develop addictive to the doctor. The risk of the dependence of the public on the western medicine is that the public ask the western medicine take the responsibility in healthcare, for people with over-load enjoyment of life. The western medicine not only refuses such requirement, but happy to take the responsibility of protection. So, human, under the support of science, diverts far and far away from the nature. What I worry is if the science can support all the way. In another words, if the speeds of the science development could match the speed of the desire expansion of human being. With the support of “Viagra”, indulging in sexual pleasures is not longer an abnormal life style. “Viagra” can cause sudden death of people, will the western medicine also causes sudden death of human being? How couldn’t I know that the most importance is the development? I admit in fact that science is a elixir of life and believes that eating the elixir the person will become an immortal. But it is not that everyone can eat the elixir. With dirty body, with the non-settled desire, the elixir would cause sudden death!

Science is the gift given by the God (Nature). But it has its own “proper time”. If it is not used in the proper time in proper manner, it is poison! Some patients were very happy after listened my daughter’s explanation for their diseases: “What you said is correct. Write your prescription now. I want to try it as soon as possible.” My daughter refuses to write any herbal formula to them: “if you cannot change your life style and your temple, drinking herbal tea is not to help but harm you. If you drink liquor while you drink herbal tea, what the herbal tea will work for you? If you get upset or angry when you are drinking the herbal tea, what meridian the herbs would travel in? What’s the difference as to kill you? 

During the diagnosis by Chinese medicine, the role of “I” is very important. The Chinese medicine emphasize not only the doctor’s “I”, but also the patient’s “I”. This is hard to be accepted by the western medicine. There is almost no any “I” in the western medicine CT film. The difference between the instruments and the doctors in the western medicine is not clear. It is very obscure the personal color in the medicine. I saw a medical suit. The responsibility is fall on the quality of an instrument, in final determination.  I noticed that, the number of psychologist and the patient is one to one during psychotherapy. Even so, there is no “I” in the doctor’s side, neither a “I” in the patient’s side. So the therapeutic results of the western psychotherapy is not satisfied. The personal role is so heavy in the Chinese medicine, that once a senior Chinese medicine doctor dies, his medicine loses for ever too.

In Chinese culture, everywhere there is such “I”, so that Chinese feel that there is no more significance for a prescription of a pure objective. For example, if a teacher teaches the essay << My mother >>, he would think that with too much objective prescription of the mother, making the mother as the same as other’s mother, would be an artistic defect. The title of the essay is only to tell you that you need to write something about your mother. But if you did not imply yourself in the relationship with your mother, did not tell out how you love her through your prescription, your essay would be a meaningless one.

Chapter 53 

My grandmother died when she was thirty years old. She died of withered, very weak in physical body energy. She had even no power to breath. The night she died, she said to her two daughters: “You can go to sleep. I would be ok in the first half of the night, it would be a event in the later night.” Her death triggered my mother to learn medicine. My mother told me, she was only little more than ten years old when my grandmother died. She knew nothing to help her. If she would have had given her some supplementary and nourishing medications, my grandmother would have not died. After my mother died, I realized that my grandmother might also die from a heart disease. My mother’s heart was always in a weak condition for all of her life. She dared not to walk cross road when she was 17 years old, since she may fall in loss of consciousness any time. How could the later nourishing medication help such inherit weakness? In my family for continuous three generations, there was only one child in the family in each generation. My grandmother strongly insisted my mother have four children. My young brother is only one year younger than I. It was during the time in China, in which there was “three years of natural disaster” and also the “Cultural Revolution” period. The poor life condition made my mother fall down after give birth to my young brother. She lied down on the bed for three years. Now I can consider that she might catch rheumatism. She felt pain all over the body, hard to move. It was in the Culture Revolution, my father escaped away, no one knew if he is dead or alive. No one could help my mother. She lied on the bed, performed acupuncture and cupping for herself. It is interesting that she also injected some vitamins to herself with syringe.  Three years later, she could get up, but the bone in whole body had changed form. Ten years later, she died from heart failure. After giving birth to me, my mother has no breast milk. Also due to it was the “three years of natural disaster period”, my body is very weak in both inherit and later life nourish. I have had experienced many times of the close to death feeling. Whenever there is infectious disease, my mother looked at me and felt worried. Mother let my three brothers catch measles and chickenpox to get life long immunity. She however dared to let me catch such diseases. She said, I would die if I catch such diseases. Mother let me eat a spoon of placenta hominis (e.g. dried human placenta) and I escaped from the infectious diseases. But she was still worried that I did not get life long immunity.

When I came into middle age, and felt my heart weaker and weaker, I realized that the quantity of the hearts of mine, my mother’s and my grandmother’s. Later, I got the same symptoms as my grandmother. I felt weaker and weaker. I could hardly get up for a movement. My heart was exhausted with burden, extreme fatigue. No medication works. I know it is not that the medication is not good and it is not that the therapy per se is wrong either. It is due to the too weakness of my heart that was too weak to hole any medication. For such condition, the author of the book << Ponder of Chinese Medicine >>, Mr. Liu Lihong compared it with the soil that is too dry to absorb any water. The water poured on the soil is not only not absorbed, but also flows away. The weakness of heart resulted in many other problems, such as the failure of other organs, and growing of bone spurs. The walk is not only weak, but very difficult. Clearly, the road of my mother and my grandmother is in front of me.

Nourish and treatment are not a escaping way for life. Wouldn’t the doctor who treated my grandmother give her nourishing medications? My mother drunk her own herbs, expanded her life to as long as possible. But the weak heart finally made her leave the world too early. When I lied down on the bed and felt hardly to move and felt very tired, I knew that I cannot escape from the fate of my mother and my grandmother. My grandmother who did not know any medicine and my mother who knew medicine went the same way. Is there any third way for me to go?

I chose the third way. I bought a land in the countryside. I sat on the ground, sometimes lied face down to the soil, from spring to summer, to autumn, to winter. I had a house built. The house was ready, and my heart was no longer weak. The bone spur disappeared. The weakness was stop.

When I was young, I could not understand why old people like to have sunbathing. Now I know, the sun, the soil, and the spring wind have something that nourish the human body and that could improve the life energy of human being. Returning to the nature should be the bigger therapy than the nourishing and treatment. It is pity that my mother and my grandmother diverted away from the nature for too long time. They did not realize or experience it. For this, I doubt that the disease of my mother and my grandmother might be a disorder of life style. Is it due to the long time of isolation from the nature, artificial living and work conditions that evoked the resist of the heart? The heart opposes the burden through not working hard. We however use drugs, heart pacemaker, bypass operations to maintain the heart, but not follow the nature. Sometimes, only the sunshine can help the people with depression. The lack of sunshine alone can cause depression. The patients with depression are more convincing for the harm of escaping the nature, than the patients with heart disease.  For those poor but healthy people, psychologist gives various explanation from the psychology aspects. To me, the poorness makes them more close to the nature. This should be the main reason for their happiness and healthy. If there is no energy source from the nature, even the Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs are hard to supply more libido to the patients. So, don’t have superstition to the western medicine, nor the Chinese medicine. The best herb cannot replace the role of the nature in the health maintenance.

In the nature, many kinds of diseases can cure naturally. Many diseases should not be regarded as a disease. I told my daughter. If I would get dementia, she could perform peace-death (euthanasia) to me, since this disease could bring a lot of troubles to others. My daughter smiled and said she will have me wear a body of animal fur, and leave me in the mountains. She said: you can wander around there. What trouble you can bring to us? I will send a shepherd dog to watch you. I feel her idea is excellent. Patient with dementia would damage things in the room. What they can damage in the mountains? If the patient returns to a wild life, it might be good for their recovery. Have a look a the nursing home in US, the patients with dementia sit in wheelchair line by line. How terrible the picture is. I thought, if there would have some dogs or cats around them, have children playing around them, would the mind of these patients better? The importance of the human relationship and human feelings, as well as the nature life style, are all more important than we believe now. Even if we do not realize this importance of the harmony of the nature and human, of the Yin-Yang and Five-element theory from the Chinese medicine point of view,  only from the consideration that human is birth from the nature, and human needs the re-relation with the nature to maintain the health, it would be enough for us to establish a theory much similar to the Chinese medicine. If someone wants to suppress this realization, they appear not close to the human nature. It would evoke our suspect for their intention.   

If it is correct that our health needs us not to throw away the primitive life completely, should we return to the primitive life style from time to time? We admit that many current diseases belong to rich diseases, to life style disorders, but we can do nothing to correct it.

I remembered something that my grandmother said before. When we feel hard to understand those of people who are lack of life care, are not living according to the modern life style, she said they are brought by the Nature. At that time, I felt that my grandmother is very superstition. We always believe that the nature is cruel to the human being to live. If we exposure to the nature completely, we would be able to live. Those who were said by my grandmother to be brought by the Nature, are just living in a primitive life style! Now we realize, it is not at all strange or mysterious that people are brought by the Nature. are our live really nourished through the modern life style? Do we not regard the secondary factor as the main factor in a way of putting the cart before the horse? The most nourishing things are in the nature. It is the best way to find health by returning to and by loving the nature.

My mother told me before that her senior fellow apprentice got tuberculosis. Sixty years ago, tuberculosis implied death. He set a shell under the mountain and said that he was going to mourn for his mother. He started to live in a primitive manner. Three years later, his tuberculosis got cured without any treatment. I thought that her fellow apprentice understood the meaning of the nature more than my mother.

Chapter 54

A survey for the university students in Beijing showed: there are 100,000 students with depression. It was one quarter of the all students at that year in Beijing. It is also indicated from the results of the study of Beijing university student psychology conditions, more than 60% of university students have above middle level of disorders in the psychology. This number is creasing. Recently, the data from Xi’an psychology health institute suggested that in this province, half of the 720,000 patients with depression are students. Junior school students were 16%, senior school students were 18% and university students were 24%. We cannon understand for these data. What happened to our children?

According to the national health minister: there are 287,000 suicide cases every year in China. It is about 3.6% of all death cases in the country. Among the death reasons between 1995 and 2000, this is the fifth big death reason. 80% of suicide cases were with depression. Two third of the patients with depression have intention of suicide. Ten to fifteen percent of them successfully suicided. From year 2000, there was 22.2 persons suicide among every 100,000 population. There is one suicide every two minutes, eight not succeed. The ones with suicide intention is six to seven fold of those who already tried suicide. Beside the death due to suicide, there are ten to twenty fold of people who did not succeed in the suicide got functional disability. Among the 15 to 34 years of old, suicide is the most important reason for death.

There was a young boy whom I have help him to decide the desired university to go. He told me, the first day when he went to the university, the psychologist doctor in the university declared to all of them new students: “There would be 20 of your guys get suicide. My job is to reduce the number to ten…” I felt hard to understand. Is it infectious disease or epidemic disease? Even for famous university as the Beijing University and Qinghua University[1] become careless about the jumping building suicide. A “depression” becomes the full reason for these students’ suicide. If we accept this reason, we should carelessly look at the one quarter student death? How scare it is! (The reason to develop such thinking is just from the western medicine, its definition thinking manner. The Yin-Yang and Five-element thinking would be able to correct it.)

I also checked the conditions in US. In USA, there are 5,000,000 people taking anti-depression drugs. There are 300,000 people died of suicide. One fifth of children and youth in US have emotional disorders. Experts induced, there are about 6,000,000 children in US who have severe emotional disorders. It appears that the condition in US is much worse than in China. They have only 2 billion population. The World Health Organization now lists the depression as one of the five diseases that harm the human life. It predicted, up to year 2020, the emotional disorders, including depression and epilepsy, would be the second major reason for human death.  

Experts estimated, in future 20 years, the number of the people with emotional disorders will increase sharply. The depression causes the stress in the family and social relationship and reduced labor ability. It is estimated, one suicide could affect at least six persons around the dead one. The person with depression and their family all stick in the deep pain.  

Fearing death, is it human weakness difficult to combat? It is hated and understood for a traitor, since it is human weakness.  To not die, how many people would rather crawling out of a dog hole? Does to want to die not appose the human nature? If the suicide is due to too poor, it can be understand. However from the statistic data, the territory with high rate of suicide is usually where there is advanced in social and economy. Does that mean: the more developed, the more rich, the more cultured, the less willing for people to live?  Is it true that richness and education kill people? Professor Boris Birmaher, a psychologist in the Pittsburg University found, the children from a family with history of severe depression have abnormal reactions to a substance that stimulates the production of growth hormone in the body. Though the study does not imply that the children with depression would have retarded growth, it supplied data for the reasons and deep mechanism of the depression syndrome. It also supports that the depression is a kind of inherit disorder. The experts said it is a biological disease, not a mental disorder. They said that it is a mistake to believe that the suicide person is in a condition at which they “did not have clear mind” , if encourage or convince them, they would not go to suicide. The experts also said, the suicide is a disease. The patients must go through a professional treatment, with drugs and electric shocks, as well as mental directions. There are 80% of patients who can get cure though the treatment. But this way, it appears that if there is relatives or friends who got depression, we, as non-professional, would have no help to them, since the experts said it is no use to have ideological efforts to them.

We did not hear any depression syndrome before. Is the depression syndrome “found” the same way as the homosexuality? Statistic data indicated that the number of the homosexuality is about 4% in populations. The number for the depression is however as high as 20%! It is scared to think continuously. If there are just 100 stuffs in our company, we stay every day together, know each other, and have good relationship each other. Now, let me think that there are four homosexuality and 20 depression syndrome. How scared it is! Experts said, the best treatment for the depression is electric shocking. Use it to beat the patient, to let him lose consciousness, so let him shacking without consciousness, though it is needed to prevent suffocated due to nausea during the coma. I thought, if my co-worker is just under very important time of his work and he tells me: “I get sick, I need to go for a electric shock”. I need to stop my work and accompany him. Otherwise, what about if he cannot walk after the electric shock? Does he need some help to take a car home? If I said: “Insist for a while, wait for me to stop my work first”, but he jumps off the building after turns his body? As for the homosexuality, experts said, it should be changed that the traditional idea about the suicide being not radiance. The suicide is a social phenomenon, not the dark side of the society, nor a not “radiance” thing. The suicide person should be understood by the public. As the ratio, there should be one depression out of every five persons. Among those who are my best friends, there would be several depression persons. I should follow the advice of the experts, look at them in normal emotion. They depress themselves and I enjoy my own happiness, since the expert said it is no use to do any ideological effort to them. The suggestion of “look at them with a normal manner”, to me, sounds that I should ignore what is happing to the depressive person – see as not seen. If he is to jump off the building, I said “ok” to him? If I try my best to stop him, or ask more of my colleagues to stop him, would these depressive persons, as the homosexual people in US, go to street and cry loudly: “ We want suicide! Give us freedom to suicide”?  

[1] Beijing University and Qinghua University are two of top range universities in China.


Chapter 55

It is lucky that we have no, according to the ratio, four homosexuality or 20 depressive persons in our company. The question arises: “Why we do not have such number of the sufferers in our company, according to the ration?” In fact, in our company, according to my observation, there is not no the persons with corresponding personality. In another word, we have corresponding people, but such possibility was not changed into reality. I believe that it is the group living that corrected them. Currently, many people think that group suppresses individual, so they oppose the grouping work. I think however, the too loss connection between the individual and the collective, could be one of the reasons causing emotional disorder of individual. There is a clinic doctor in US. I think he found the core of the depression. He thought that depression is due to the result of wrong way of thinking things.

My colleague, who got leukemia, did not follow the advice of doctor. She started work after surgical operation. Many people regarded her survivor as mystery. Journalists also came to visit her. Later, one of the upper leaders studied her case carefully, and declared to her: “You are lucky to live in a good collective. You would not be able to survive today, if you change your environment to different one.” Some journalist feels hard to understand. They asked again and again: “How cruel your leader is, to allow a patient to start work, who has just finished the transplantation operation. Does he not know that the patient with leukemia needs sterile environment?” Such a question is hard for us to answer right away. It is risk to allow this colleague start work so soon. In fact, she indeed got infection again and again every week for some days. She was again and again in an emergency. If she really died in such way, and if there is someone really checks the responsibility, it would be very tough case, since our way does not follow the doctor’s advice, or follow science. It is also very hard to explain our intention. If we however allow her lying down on the bed for a rehabilitation, as many other people who had the surgical operation as her, I thought, she would mostly die as them quite long time ago.

Coming to the work, at the common efforts of all the stuff and friends here, she, as said by herself, had no any time during the whole of the day to remember her disease. I don’t know what else an environment would be better to reach such a result. She had the most suitable chance to develop depression. In fact, among her wardmates in hospital, there were persons who did suicide by jumping off the high building. She said two days ago, that one of her wardmate, during the time her family discussed whether her disease got returned, she jumped from the ninth level of a building. Her family did not find that. After retuned to the home, he was not there on his bed, but the windows were open… If people cannot think about his disease, and enjoy the happiness of the living, people would have no depression. In this way, how the person would think about suicide? To reach this point however, it is not enough to depend on the efforts of the individual, but the common efforts of a collective.  

When I was young, I could not understand many of the thinking of my grandmother. My grandmother emphasized a lot on the affection among family members, on the selfless, responsibility and contribution. In all, all are the old thinking of old generations. When someone emphasized that he is living for himself, my grandmother would show contempt with smile: “If one lives for himself, he might live very well, but might also have no desire to live.” When I was young, I could not understand the first half what she said, since she worked very hard for her grandchildren, but she suffered a lot. Everyone knew this fact. But why if one lives for himself and he may not live? Only after I come into adult, stated I understand her later half sentence.

I told the wardmate with leukemia: “You should no die. Think about it, if you die, how many disaster of life would happen: You sun loses mother when he is very young; you husband loses wife in middle age; your parents loses daughter when they are old. For us, we lose money only. The money paid for your operation is donated by all of us. If you die, does not that mean our money was wasted as a water bubble?” Therefore, she endured heavy pain due to the rejection reaction. The spiritual energy is not only for herself. If it is only for oneself, one may lose life many times. How many lives a man can give up to a suicide in one generation?  

Current people over emphasize the importance of self. No others in his heart. Very thing can completely concentrated to himself, but gives up life so ready. This means, once the life is concentrated to the self, the “I” is not expanded, but shrunk. “I” is an army group. There is “you” in the body of your children. There is “you” in the body of your parents. There is “you” in the body of your brothers and sisters. There is also “you” in the body of your friends and relatives. “You” are in everywhere you are something to do with now and before. If you lose part of “I”, you will feel that you lose part of your own life. If you lose to much “I”, though you do not realize, but your “I”, cannot be cheated. He will be unhappy, gloomy, even depressed. The thinking of contract all the “I” back the self is a way of suicide. It is imbalance for the development of human brain or heart. Over emphasize the social nature or individual nature both are harmful. The human brain and heart is seeking balance between the human individual and the social nature.

Some experts said, the reason for the US Children to feel depression is due to the frequent change of living and working environment of the parents. Many children have their teenage time spend over the traveling of the family. It causes them have no fixed play friends. In additional the devoice rate in US is very high. The children need time to adapt the family stress in a psychologic aspect. The nature of this question, to me, is due to the difficult to set up a concrete or solid social relationship.

Confucianism culture, as a sociology, has a relatively better way to deal with. Real sociology is not set up on a so called correct theory that is independent of and isolated from the human heart, but set up to harmony various social relationships. There is always someone who comes to seek my help and wants my idea or suggestion. After long time of observation by my daughter, she said: “The suggestion you gave to people is not always the best or the most correct. It is neither your idea. You actually tell people what they want to do most in their hearts. You are not helping them to find an idea, but to help them settle down their own idea.” I said, correct. You found it. What I believe the best or correct idea might not bear significant meaning for them. An idea that opposes the inner feeling of the individual, is not a good idea. Why the university students feel depression? Did they not follow the parents to pass the exam to university? Does they not succeed? Why they still feel depression and jump off the building to suicide? When an idea is very clear, our mind (brain) can realize it. But is does not mean that our heart can accept it. All in all, we are not only living by brain, but also by heart. No matter how clear a reasoning, if the brain suppresses the heart to accept, it can work one day or two day. After long time, the heart will feel tired and exhausted. The person will get sick. To study the suicide, it is not enough to have medical stuff attended, but also sociologist, philosopher and psychologist as well. It is not enough to have scientists only from the western. For the product of their thinking manner, they may not help themselves, such as a knife cannot cut its handle.  

Chapter 56

Currently, the healthcare expenses of China can only cover about 20% of population. Under this real condition, to ban the Chinese medicine is as to allow Chinese only eat one meal with fine grain, rather than three meals of coarse grain. There are half of patients who should come to medical help but they do not. One officer said: “The financial ability of China cannot meet the needs for healthcare for all population.” All in all, one word for China: “poor”. If my grandmother lived, she would have said: poor people has poor way to live in poor. Can we not live since we are poor? Can we let the half of Chinese not have healthcare due to our poor? From what time we can only live in a rich life but not a poor life? I don’t think that there is big meaning to discuss whether the Chinese medicine or the western medicine is good.

Even if the western medicine is 100% good, it occupies 100% of the expense for the healthcare but only serves the 20% of Chinese. Is it not an aristocrat medicine? Hospital always builds up bigger building, imports more advanced instruments, and serves more aristocrat people. Science is under continuous development, to catch the speed of the science, the hospital can only input more and more high technology, and goes far and far on the road of aristocrat style. If the treatment needs only ten dollars, the cost of the examination and of “seeing a doctor” may need ninety dollars. If you have money, you have all the examinations done, you would see your disease, even if you are not a doctor. If after the complete examinations, you can not see your disease, I would be sorry to say that your doctor can not see it either.  

I remembered when the MRI just came, doctor asked me to have a test. The price is two fold of my monthly salary. I asked, can this machine treat the disease? The answer is no. It only allows  the doctor to see my “disease”. The doctor wants to see my “disease” but wants I to pay the cost.

Does that mean that I need to buy glasses for him if he is short-signed? During the course in hospital, I feel that I need to pay money for the doctor for X-ray glasses, later, Ultrasound glasses, again CT glasses, or MRI glasses. If I do not pay money to buy such glasses for doctor, he cannot work.

I feel that my disease has much value of enjoyment, so I had better to leave it to myself. I asked doctor, if you see the “disease”, how are you going to treat? Doctor said, there is no way to treat currently. I asked, then what’s the meaning to have this test? Doctor said it allows us to make it clear what it is. This makes me remember the biopsy after death. It bears meaning to the doctor and medicine, but not to the dead. I am not going to pay to dissect myself.

In earlier year of last century, some Chinese felt happy for able to see their “disease”. They feel clear in heart even if the disease cannot be cured. Now, people spend a lot of money, they can see the “disease”, but not get cured. They feel not happy. They wish to spend money on the most important point, e.g. on the cure. The costs of detection and tests in hospital is scared high. The nature of the aristocrat of the big western medicine expresses on the fact that, without big hospital, without instruments, doctor is hardly still a doctor. Many doctors in the hospital with high titles are only the technician knowing how to manipulate a machine. If we let them go to county hospital, town hospital, village clinic, the are no longer a doctor. They can do nothing.

It is commonly said that doctors want to work in a big hospital. If there is no instruments, the doctor without the instruments can still be called doctor? It is commonly said that ordinary people want to go to big hospital for treatment. The term of doctor is no longer for an individual, but a collective. It is the overall term for the sum of the medical instruments and medical stuff. This big “doctor” occupies the whole healthcare expenses of the whole country but only serves the 20% of the population. These 20% of Chinese must be also rich people, or those who can find money to pay to it. The metabolic function of the big “doctor” is very strong. It consumes a lot. So, the things turn worse and worse: there is no doctor out of the big hospital. If the ordinary people can not come in the big hospital for the medicine, he would only stay to die.

One of my colleagues returned recently from hospital. He had surgical operation for stomach cancer. He spend nearly 300,000 RMB. He said, the patients can be separated into three groups. The first one third group, they spend about 30, to 50,000 RMB, no more money, so they stop treatment. Second one third can not endure the painful treatment, or do not want to continue the treatment, of are treated to die. Only one third of them can finish the whole treatment. He want me write an article to admire his wife. Seeing me feeling strange, he told me, he feel thanks to his wife since he saw many patients have been deserted by another partner. He commented very hard to go to a doctor. It is “so hard as to go to sky”. He anyway belongs to those of 20% Chinese.  

I said that my mother had a nickname of “Yu Big Head”. “Big heat” in our local language means foolish. This comes due to the fact that my mother paid for the patients, the money or herbs. Now I think, why my mother did so? She did so for the example from her master. She inherited from him. I was her herbal technician. I know she earned or lost. Chinese medicine doctors can be a role of “kill the cruel rich to help those poor” in society. Why the Chinese medicine cared the rich and the poor the same way, not refuse the rich out of the door? This is because the rich goes to doctor even if it is a minor disease and they care their health condition very much. Why there are many nourishing and adjusting herbs? It is the serves of Chinese medicine for the aristocrat. There are always some relatively rich people who need prevention, and healthcare services. My mother used the money from the rich to the poor to save their life. By this way, there would have no situation such as not to save those close to die, refuse treatment or stop treatment for those they really needed.

I saw an advertise in a city. It said, do not give anything to the beggar. If you feel sympathy to them, please call the following number, the relief provider station would come to help. I though, this station would supply the meal and hosting, basically for everyone. How a high degree hotel to hosting the beggars? If the beggars come to the hotel, they would be beat out. If every hotel is the high degree hotel, would we let the beggars live in the street? Therefore, my mother served the poor to save their life, and served the rich with aristocrat help. I never saw my mother refused patients for they having no money to pay. If the patients had disease that is hard to treat, my mother always gave them either the medicine or herbs for free. It should be known that, my mother did so with her private effort. It does not mean she is dignity. I said, my mother is a very pure person. She has no that high level of think. It is the nature of the Chinese medicine that determined her action, since her master did the same way. Therefore, Chinese medicine has never been reviled. It is after the western medicine comes to China, that the Chinese medicine was reviled.  

My daughter said that she will work in a hospital in a small town, which serves about tens of thousands of residence. She is to serve people with Chinese medicine thinking, combined with the Chinese medicine and the western medicine. She is to pay much attention to the prevention. Based on the meet for the requirement for all the residences for the basic healthcare, try to meet the need for more people’s need for higher requirement. As the democracy of US style that we can not afford somehow, the big “doctor” can not be set too much. She is to use two third of the money to run big “doctor” and use the remaining one third money to help doctors such as Chinese medicine doctor with more flexibility and more close to the ordinary residence.

Chinese medicine is developed in the poor history. We have no bread yet, how can we throw away corn bread now. Without bread would rather die. What logic it is? My daughter said, 80% of the disease can be solved with ordinary treatments. The big hospital documented talented people, the instruments, techniques, price, but has low efficiency. If one has a ordinary disease but goes to the big hospital, it would be said to be cheated to pay money, rather than to be treated. This is one of the reasons that people now feel unhappy. Though the medicine has a tend to go for higher. People wants to find the best doctor, use best medications, in fact, what people need is the best suggestion. People needs a doctor whom they can trust. My daughter learn the western medicine, has friends in the western medicine, is to understand the most advanced development in the western medicine, so be able to give the best suggestion to her patients.

Under such condition, it is a very significant thing to train a doctor with both Chinese medicine and western medicine. 

Chapter 57

Though I am a Chinese, I am still very interested to the study Chinese. The foolish of Chinese, in the eyes of others, is the alive fossil in my eyes. Many people said that Chinese have no religion believing and they feel sad for this. I feel that it is a good thing for the world, If the Chinese would have believed an Allah, or Jesus, whole nation has one heart, one believing, they may also launch a what “Holy war (Jihad)” again and again, for so called truth, it would not be as simple as the Second World War. The Chairman Mao time was the time in which the Chinese turned a body during a dream. This work is very interesting. US has high technology, but less population. It feels bit hard to occupy whole of the world.  China has large population, but as a sand. It does not destroy the world. Thanks that the Chinese have no religion believing, so the world is in peace.

The reason that Chinese have no religion believing is that the current believing systems do not meet the needs of the Chinese. Water in the bowl can believe the bowl; water in river can believe the river bed. What would the water in a sea believe? Allah and Jesus, to Chinese, are the bowl, the river bed. It can be used to drink, or to have bath, but can not be used to travel in the sea.  

Foreigners admit that individual Chinese is very clever, but believe that as a group, Chinese become weak for inner conflict each other. This is as they are good to study the individual, but good at collection or comprehension. They can not find that, it is due to such inner conflict, that makes the Chinese not stick to the bowl or pool. After drinking, they left the bowl, and after bath they left the pool. The things as the bowl or pool do not meet the need of our Chinese. We need much bigger things. To study the individual Chinese, you can not understand the Chinese as a nation. So, I don’t care very much about the comments on Chinese. The person who can make correct comment on Chinese has not been birth out yet.  

Individual Chinese is a drop of water. This has been realized by Mr. Lei Feng[1], who was only 21 year of old. Why he tried to mix himself into the masses? What’s the real nature of his spirit?  

Study the H2O is to study the water nature, but is this the whole of the water nature? Is there wind and wave in a bowl of water? Is there any hidden stream and whirlpool in a pool of water? Is there any typhoon and seismic sea wave in a river?

Someone may say that the typhoon and sea wave can not be regarded as the nature of the water. But they know that, without water, a lot of water, how comes the typhoon and sea wave? How could people build the ship to travel in the sea without understand the ocean stream and sea waves?

China is not a bowl of water. The study on a bowl of water has no big meaning to deduce the things happen in China. China is neither a pool of water. A pool of water cannot hold a boat or turn over the boat. A lot of water of Lei Feng style, though each is only a drop of water, makes the Chinese into group, to potential, to accumulate into a deep pool and to hold a dragon. This is why Chinese tend to chase for big, for size, and for space. They do not care the small stream but river; not care the river, but the ocean. It is not a small math, but a big mathematics.

Egyptian used pyramid and obelisk to express forever. Chinese culture used another way to build the pyramid and obelisk. The material for the pyramid is human. The building structure is the human social relationships.

Chinese study the water nature, not only through the fish, the ship to feel and to express, but also use dragon to express the nature of water in an extraordinary manner. Therefore, Chinese do not believe bowl, not river bed. If they believe, they would rather believe dragon.

The nature of dragon makes the Chinese has willing to believe but hard to have superstition. Let ask the question: how many Chinese not believe science? No one. But how many Chinese have superstition to the science? This makes the Chinese goes to western medicine hospital for check, but also goes to Chinese medicine for pulse feeling diagnosis. There is a kind of reasoning factor for such apparently bland and no-aim manner in the medical care of Chinese. Such action and behavior of ordinary Chinese is actually to combine the study on H2O on the wind and wave. So, believe both western medicine and Chinese medicine, among ordinary Chinese, it not at all a conflict. It has nothing to do with the foolish. Therefore, the opinion would fall into failure, that if the person becomes rich, and if it is no longer expensive to see a doctor, the Chinese medicine would have no its market. These people think that through the education to the ordinary Chinese, the Chinese would deplete off the Chinese medicine after their understanding to the science become better. I think such opinions all will fall failure. Many scientific and so termed reasoning thinking come to failure again and again.

No matter how deep the study to the H2O, it cannot replace the study to the flood and sea wave. In sociology, the study to the individual cannot replace that to the group. In medicine, the study on the local cannot replace that on the whole body, and study on the still part cannot replace that of dynamic action.

Deep understanding of Chinese to the relationship between the local individual and the collective, the whole, help them to understand the relationship between the western medicine and the Chinese medicine. Why, human should live in a collective and in a society? Why a Chinese would consider and care the whole society or the whole nation, even if he stays alone in a single room? That the Chinese chase for a group is to chase for the potential of a group or of a collective. The “potential” does not exist with the individual. Study on individual would never reach this “potential”.

The “Qi” and the “potential” (imposing manner) is the commonly used terms in the Chinese mathematics and physics.

Einstein finally chased for great field of unite. Chinese culture always chases the great field of unite. The universe, the Dao, etc. represents this great field of unite. The study of individual thing must be compared and adjusted from time to time to the great field of unite. Chinese medicine theory is established in such continuous comparison and adjustment with the great field of unite. How could we say it is not science or not reasoning? To have systematic observation to propose a theory; to use the theory to explain the phenomenon to predict and change the future, which of steps commonly used in scientific research has been lost in the Chinese medicine? If the Yin-Yang and Five-element model in the Chinese medicine can bear the examination and test for long time of history, if it is excellent in the prediction and treatment of disease, and if it allows us find a clear view of the body, emotion and spirit, find a way to dominate the healthcare and disease treatment, how could we say it is not a science or not reasoning? To study the water nature through H2O and through the water in a sea, though they seem no common aspects, which one is more close to the nature of water from the water nature[2] point of view?

[2] Water nature: here does not mean the structure of the water: H2O. It means what the function of water, its function or potential compared to other elements: fire, wind, soil, metal and wood. Clearly, study of the water chemical structure does not allow understanding of the water, about its flowability, evaporation, penetration, viscosity, dissolution, ice points, light reflection, so and so on.


Chapter 58

My daughter saw there was a man practicing pseudo-boxing,  when she went pass a garden and park. After watching for a while, she went to talk with that man. It is correct that his pseudo boxing is family handed. She consulted with him and showed what the style she was practicing. The man said, what you are practicing is a gym, not pseudo-boxing. My daughter disagreed. The man said, practicing as your way, you would have illness, feel cold in hands and feet…I was stunned when she told me this. For the late two years, she was indeed, cold in hands and feet. She tended to pose her feet to my chest to warm, when she went to bed at night. We have discussed several times for the reason.  

During my pregnancy with her, she did not got cold. When she was young, her small hands and feet are commonly warm. So where comes the cold? We never thought that it is due to the practice of pseudo-boxing for a competition match. I felt hard to understand. Even if what she practiced is not pseudo-boxing, but a gym, how could it cause sick? Could we get sick when we do exercise to radio music? My daughter said she asked so. The man said, the pseudo-boxing is using mind to control the action. It asks the unite of the mind and the action. If we only do action but not its mind part, it would be harm to health. After heard this, I opposed: action is a form, it is empty. What’s matter if we practice an empty? My daughter, who appeared understood, said that: is the form in the pseudo-boxing the same in the gym? Why it is such form but not the form in gym? How could we say that the form in the pseudo-boxing is an empty? What about the sequence of the forms? How could we say that the sequence of the form has no meaning? Once we start the action of pseudo-boxing, our body meridians would have corresponding reaction. The uncontrolled reaction would not cause harm to the body?

My daughter wanted to adjust the body condition to normal, so expressed willing to learn from him. The man said, he would teach a person who has never learned pseudo-boxing, than teach a person as my daughter who has gone a reverse road. My daughter said, why give me a chance to try a while? Later, the man signed to other students: “Your guys, no one has higher realization ability as this girl to learn fast.”

From this story, I thought, not to speak of Chinese medicine, even if for a pseudo-boxing, which looks very as simple as a gym, how could it be so mysterious in Chinese mind? Since my daughter followed the guidance of a gym master, practiced pseudo-boxing as a match, she got hurt, according to her own words.  This made her to think, if the sudden death during exercise also the result of a kind of “hurt”? Currently, it is so common that people doing exercise being damaged. Including the author of book << Slow run, Every aspect >>, he died from sudden death during the exercise. Is this not against the original aim of the physical exercise? Western style of pseudo-boxing could hurt people. Deducing it to more, would the practice of Chinese medicine by the western medicine manner also hurt the Chinese medicine and make it withered?

My daughter learned the pseudo-boxing very hard and she learned it with her heart. I said, do you really need to learn in that way? She answered, Gongfu, Gongfu, what it needs is the Gongfu (practice hard). She said, understating the Chinese culture during the practice of pseudo-boxing, many things in the Chinese culture can be linked and melted each other. Not only the Chinese medicine, the military, the 36 tricks… I asked, what is the relationship between the exercise with the 36 tricks? She said, this is boxing. Boxing is march art. It is force. Is the force not factor in a military? Pseudo-boxing focuses on cotton-soft. Cotton, there would be able to hide a needle. Soft, there would be a solid-hard in it. Pseudo-boxing can also be used for a body-to-body fight in a war. It has heart principle but no action principle. She said, from the pseudo-boxing, she realized the use of herbs. For example, the herb Gancao is used in 93 principle formula. Every of the herbal formula has the herb Gancao. What’s the role of the herb Gancao in each herb formula? The current text-book said it is to adjust the natures of other herbs in it. In fact, its role varies in each formula, depending on its couple with different other herbs. I asked: “By this way, the herb Gancao works as me. My function varies in different person groups?” She said: “En, somehow yes. Therefore, Chinese medicine does not feel bothering. You would always have new experience, have your own findings. It is felt by your own heart. If you want to teach to others, their hearts is different from yours, so it is not easy to pass to them, since it is not replacable. Therefore the Chinese medicine teaching needs inducing, inspiring, and needs different way for different students…”

Mr. Zhang Gongyao[1] red the Chinese medicine books for 33 years. He cured his grandfather’s disease with Chinese herbs. His wife is also a Chinese medicine doctor but he opposed the Chinese medicine crazily. His story makes me remember my father. I grew up in the voice of my father’s opposing against Chinese medicine. The current opposing voice against Chinese medicine, to me, sounds as the same voice from my father. When I was young, I stood at the side of my father, since science meets the taste of young generations. It is easy to attack others. It is funny to do so. I thought, if there were no young generations, and no the western thinking, would the “Culture Revolution” really happen? My father regards the not counteract and not argue of my mother as the reasonless of Chinese medicine. He therefore always gave a lesion to my mother, wishing to change her with his truth. My mother always listened smiling. Many years later, my father admitted to me his failure in his correction project, since my mother changed nothing. He summarized it is due to woman’s not reasoning. He thought woman cannot accept truth.   

Now I think, my father’s attitude against Chinese medicine, and simply denying the women, all in all is due to his eyes towards outside not inside. Man needs to feel no anything he does not know, no anything he cannot do. He needs to feel he has truth, has dignity, is very strong and fears nothing. He needs to feel he is very strong, nothing can beat him. As to her sun, my mother protected my father’s such feeling and needs. It is needed for a family, a nation and a country, since what we face the universe is so deep to measure. We need the man who feels very strong and has brace to open a survive road for the human being upon disaster. For this reason, when I grow up, and when I stand on the side of my mother, I also, as mother, protected the dignity feeling of my father, as a man.  I thought, the wife of Mr. Zhang Gongyao did not refute him, most probably with the similar psychology. After 33 years of reading Chinese medicine, fail to really understand the Chinese medicine, then turn to attack the Chinese medicine, I understand such feelings. I also feel sympathy to him. It is not his own error or mistake. As what I have gone the curve, it is the historic error. It is the penalty of the history.

My daughter said: “My grandmother did not allow you to learn the Chinese medicine. She was right. If you do not learn it with your heart, but with your brain, it is not good for both you yourself and the Chinese medicine”.

I guess if I have had learned the Chinese medicine at that time, I would also have leant it from the science point of view. Most possibly I would not be able to change my mind, the result of which is not better than Mr. Zhang Gongyao. The example of Mr. Zhang Gongyao can only happen in China. Watching him, I feel kind feeling. It is the mistake of Chinese style. One Chinese medicine doctor told Mr. Zhang Gongyao: “You said the herb Renshen (Ginger) has no herbal effect. It is simply a piece of turnip. It is not as nutrition as the turnip. Now, I invite you to eat. Dare you?” I think, if Mr. Zhang is a western people, he will follow. Now, don’t see that he is so opposed to the Chinese medicine, he absolutely dares not to eat the Renshen (Ginger). This is real the humor of Chinese. Being a Chinese means living in a comic dialogue. Very interesting.

[1]  张功耀 1956 1110 -), 湖南郴州人, 中国学者, 中南大学哲学系教授,以推动废除中医而闻名Zhang Gong-yao (1956, November 10 -), Hunan Province, Chenzhou people, Chinese scholars, Central South University philosophy professor. He is known to promote the abolition of traditional Chinese medicine.


Chapter 59

All in all, people said they do not oppose the Chinese medicine, but it is hard to understand the Yin-Yang and Five-element theory in the Chinese Medicine. In fact, anyone who has had modern education is hard to accept the Yin-Yang and Five-element theory. I felt hard too. If one wears suit, he needs to wear leather shoes. No one will wear Beijing cotton shoes. I did not think that I would accept the Chinese medicine either. But I accepted it very natural and very simple. For example, during the years in which I worked for women benefit, I needed to study the direction of women movement.  According to western theory, women are lack of spirit value. Beside multiplying human generations biologically, women had almost no significant role in the human history. Therefore women are the second, who follow and adhere to men. In modern times, the arising women movement in the western world made the women standing in the opposite position of men, causing conflict, resulting in a difficult task for human being. In the studying of the comparison for the women movement between the western and the Chinese women, it was found that the western style women movement has never grown up in China. The reason for it is the function of the Chinese Yin-Yang theory. In a thinking that man dominates outside, women dominates inside (home); that the Yin and Yang helps and nourishes each other; that men govern the public, and women govern the home issue; all things in the pubic are as in a single family, women have much role to play in the field of the land (man is sky). The dignity and the self confidence of women were not hurt or damaged. In the Yin-Yang theory, we can find many “new” clues to solve the confusions that occur in the western women’s movement.

In study of criminal psychology, it was found that the similar results. According to the western theory, and according to the body constitution classifications based on psychology, any people would have both merit or defect sides. The defect ones would be classified into the psychology disorders. This makes the prevention of the crime into the correction of the human “defect”, resulting in a very poor effect in the correction of human psychologic diversion. However harvest is poor though hard work. Under such case, if we care the specific body constitution, separate the person according to the Five-element theory, it can create much more methods for the prevention works, than the simple body constitution according to the western psychology. It can be said that, my understanding and accept the Chinese medicine is due to my return from the western world.

Chinese care the “root”. The root is the history, is the tradition. The history buried in the soil is without branch or leaves. It needs the current sunshine and rain, to have its new branch and leaves. When its leaves and branches become rich, we could then understand its relationship with the current time, but not with root. Only when this generation of branch and leaves got withered, we then found the meaning of the root through the falling of the leaves.

Chinese Yin-Yang is regarded as the two sides of the conflict, in the view of the western theory. The transfer of the Yin and Yang is also regarded as the conflict-reunite. But the western thinking does not consider five-element as the power to push the Yin-Yang transfer. It terms the Yin and Yang into the “Water” and “Fire” two elements only. The ‘water” and the “fire”  has no “wood” to conduct each other. So, in their mind, there would have only “combat”, no “nourish”; only “struggle against”, no “reconcile” or “compromise”; only deny the deny, no confirm the confirm. Only paying attention to the two elements but not five elements, the water and the fire would only come to fight, to conflict, to struggle against each other. Without the help by the wood, without the expanding and suppress by the metal and soil, there would have no circle running of the five elements, no “long running machine” mechanism for the universe, there would has neither the “water-fire co-assistance”.

 If we allocated the people with the Fire constitution into the western gallbladder type, then the fast reaction, strong action, and active is the merit of people of this group, and pushing, irritable, easy to get upset would be their defect. However, in reality, how could we separate the merit and the defect of a person apart? Is there any necessary to separate them? If we remove the risk of the fire off, is there any function of the fire? To separate one thing into two, it can be done in theory, but cannot succeed in reality. To it is separated with great effort, it would create confusion.

Either the western or eastern, both make the thing that can be seen easily as the starting point of thinking. Both start the study through exploring the nature of the things. The difference is: Chinese believe that the nature of thing belongs to a “hidden”. We should follow its “hidden”. Western believe that the not-showing things should be shown out. I said, human usually has no choice. What he choose is his own nature. During solution of a mathematic by mathematicians, it does not mean that they cannot solve the math, but that they want to find a way to solve it, which he believes the most beauty. From this point of view, the solution has already in his mind. He is not seeking outside solution, but seeking from his inner side.  

Yin-Yang and Five-element are also such inner nature, inner own. So, when we are seeking the explanation to the world, we seek not only the correct one, but also happy one. Otherwise, even if all agree it is correct, we still feel not a beauty, not satisfied. I agree that the western things are advanced, the scientific. I agree it no matter how all of you admire it. However I disagree as a woman the theory in which woman is looked down to no use, or no dignity, or the theory in which women is bring to the opposite side of man. I neither agree, once there is some crime or jumping down a building (to suicide), to kick off the question by saying “he is sick”. In fact, if we apply the Yin-Yang theory to cover the Contradiction theory, separate the two conflict sides as two elements, add additional three elements, make the theory more complete, nothing is to waste time. Why not we cannot do this way?  

I feel the Yin-Yang theory can also be used in the internet discussion. It is common in the internet that there occurs conflict and abuse due to hard to understand each other. It is actually a small obstacle set by the Nature by propose. It asks us to turn a small curve to connect each other. For example, if we connect the fire and water directly, they would be conflict each other. If we allow the wood to connect the fire and water, it works well. Chinese chase the personal relations, just because the nature set up the person relation there. If we regard the western thinking as Yang, the Chinese thinking would be the Yin. People can be separated into five major group, according to the five elements. Though the fire person is hard to co-operate with the water person, but with the presence of wood person, harmony by the soil person and metal person, the conflict relations can be changed into a power for the group. Such as the connection of material with different conduct ability could produce the “electric potential”. The Five-element “electric potential” is the “Forever running machine” of the Yin-Yang running. If we build up the five element association in the internet society with this propose, the internet would be full of growing power, not crisis.

Chapter 60

There will have a new turn of medical reform in China. From the plan for the reform this time, it is to re-build the medical net that has been broken before. But the designer of the new reform said: “ The new reform plan is the truck of the England, arm and leg of German, Head of United States, a combination of the three plans.” We ordinary people have not forgotten the healthcare system in year 1970s’. We will see what may happen, see if this new one would be better than the Chairman Mao’s model.

No matter how you say, we need to see the nature and the result. The designer said: �����The direction of future is: the treatment of small illness is paid by the government; general sever disease depends on the social insurance system; very severe disease depends on the commercial medical insurance.” “The practical procedure is: in the city, in the community healthcare system, such as in the community clinic, it is free. In the countryside, such as in the town clinic, the treatment is also free.”

I shake my head while I read this plan/proposal. “According to the preliminary calculation from the healthcare reform, the Ministry of Health, China, to reach goal of the free healthcare coverage for whole nation, there needs 2000 billions RMB. The Ministry of Finance doubts the figure.” The money, I wonder it may go for vein. It seems that we are not poor. To be able to spend 2000 billions means poor? The point is that we cannot live poor life. “Eat would not make you poor, wear would not make you poor, but if would calculate carefully, you would get poor.” Old Chinese said so. I worry, this 2000 billions would be spend on proper place?

With very little consideration you would be able to know if this plan works or not. To leave the mild disease in the community clinic to treat is a nice idea. However, what disease, to which level the disease would be the mild? Appendicitis, hypertension, birth delivery is mild disease or not? I think it is not a severe disease. But a surgical operation as appendicitis can be performed in town clinic? If yes, they can. But they need a B ultrasound. Should we buy it for them? If not, the patient needs to go the city, then turns back for surgery? For birth delivery, right now, each family has only one child. Who dares to have the birth giving in the small torn clinic? If on the half way to the delivery, do the Casaecean section in the small town clinic? Should we have surgical operation room in the small town clinic too? For high blood pressure, sometimes the patient needs to have CT to see the blood vessel block condition in the brain. On the analogy of this, who dares to take the responsibility to determine which is small and which is severe disease? Would it be more conflict between the doctor and the patient?

For the real severe disease, such as cancer, some patients are waiting to die. They only need little bit maintenance treatment. The community clinic can well deal with such case. However, current people live so closed and crowded, people feel not good to leave the patient die at home, so the patient is left in the hospital to wait death, at least with the aim to use mortuary the in the hospital. Should the community clinic prepare a mortuary? In addition, if the community clinic is made as a final place for life, is it good for the emotion of other patients? The defects caused by many of such problems would not make the 2000 billions as a new warm tent for corrupt?

Invest for 2000 billions, but no care for severe disease. Small and mild disease can be endured, or can be treated, but severe disease can cause disaster and totally loss of a family. Since it is said that the 2000 billions is to express the concern of the government as “send fire in snow weather”, it would be better to invest the money to severe diseases, to those of diseases that can be cured, but ordinary people cannot afford. That’s the way to save life. 

Think about why ordinary people try to save money but dare not to spend money. It is because they worry possible big need during life. What’s the biggest worry of them? Is the mild disease? No. They do not save for the mild disease, but a severe disease. If the government helps them in the treatment of severe diseases, it would remove the burden in the heart of the ordinary people. Good metal should be used in the edge of a knife. It would be better to think as such, rather than spend the 2000 billions for nothing. Think, if the government takes the responsibility to pay for the treatment of severe disease, the expenses of scientific research, training, development on the medicine, would not fall into the ordinary people. The cost for such as bypass surgery on heart will reduce dramatically.

My daughter and I went to hospital to see her grandmother, who is to have bypass surgery in heart. The old lady was not in the ward. She went to general ward for visiting. I brought her back and asked: “What are you doing there?” She said, I let them see how success my operation is. I said: “You are stimulating them. How do they not know that their disease also need such bypass surgery? How do they not want to do this surgery? But can they afford the operation? They cannot afford the operation that costs 60,000 RMB for a bypass branch. They therefore have to endure the short of breath and palpitation, and move to ordinary ward, bearing not only physical pain but also the emotional suffering for possible death anytime. You go to them to show your success. Is that stimulating their suffering?”

Later I got know that, the reason for the high cost of heart bypass branch surgery is the result of monopoly and control. The force behind it is the market economy. Generally, marketing competition makes the price goes down, it is however not so. When the market becomes monopoly, the price goes up. If the government inserts into the treatment of severe disease, the whole room of the patients who look at my stepmother with painful, desperate and envy eyes, would have chance to survive. Should the government first save these patients? If the government supports 100 patients who need the bypass surgery, would the cost comes to 6,000,000 RMB? Not. It might even not be as half. The intervention of the government would make the false high price reduces dramatically, so half efforts would gain double achievement. It would also make the large number of doctor get training. The skill is no longer monopolized by minorities.

Of course, for a long run, it is needed to set up a medical network. The western style healthcare system, big and whole, makes this idea hardly work even if in the western developed countries. The combined western and Chinese medicine healthcare network is proposed is to be considered.

We have had such healthcare network before, but we stop it as a backward thing. We thought it not correct the way of old generations in living. We don’t want to live in poor life, but a rich life. Once the amount of money is limited, there would be a question how to calculate and how to plan the spending. In rich life, the planning is very important. We admit its usefulness of the Chinese medicine. It can be used and is helpful in the living. Since it looks simple and primitive, it is therefore refused by those of people who wish to live in a rich life. It appears that they would rather die, than use Chinese medicine. It really makes us doubt their aim of live.   

The summer this year, a couple of retired doctors came to visit us and to escape the hot summer. The man is a expert in the brain surgery. Many years ago, he was sent to one of town clinic here as president. He had very good relationship with the ordinary people here. For 30 years when he worked her, the ordinary people from the area in which he was in charge before, still went to the provincial hospital to visit him for help. He was a channel of medicine for them.

My daughter went to the home of her grandmother to see this couple. They chatted for a long time. I knew them as well, since they came here once every one to two years. Though they went to abroad quite often, they still kept contact with the ordinary people here closely. That’s the doctor-patient relationship of thirty years!

However, it is for the benefit of ordinary people that the government pays much attention to the basic healthcare. I feel happy for my daughter. By this way, her idea to go to countryside to open clinic can get the help through government authority. She can spend more on the medical skill improvement. I think, in the town clinic, the combination of the western medicine and the Chinese medicine, that is the objective of my daughter, would be better than single Chinese medicine or pure western medicine. In the medicine, there need someone for study DNA, some for surgery, also someone for dealing with various needs in healthcare by many families, with flexible manner. Western medicine is needed, so is the Chinese medicine. How can we develop one end but throw off another end? 

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