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TCM Advanced Class


  <<Yi Zong Jin Jian>> All parts
(Re-organized according to herb groups)

Readers may notice that the books above read as a clinic manual which tells how to diagnosis and distinguish the clinic diseases, and how to treat each disease. It does not tell why,  a disease has such symptoms, neither tells why we need to use such herb formula and what's the function of each herbs in the formula. In another word, they are not a TCM pharmacological books. As a TCM herbalist, I know you want to know and you indeed need to know the function of each herb in a herbal formula.

You may also notice that a herbal formula has been used by the Master in various disease stages. Let's make a summary for the herb formula first. If you have learned the TCM in local school, I suggest that you had better forget what you learned before from your TCM text book, and pay attention to what we explain their function. Each herb may have various more functions for healing, but we make a preliminary summery fort its main function that used by the Master in his clinic.

  Chapter 1, Guizhi series

Chapter 2, Mahuang series

Chapter 3, Dahuang series

Chapter 4, Chaihu series

Chapter 5, Shigao series

Chapter 6, Fuzi series

Chapter 7, Ganjiang series

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  Chapter 8. Banxia series

Chapter 9, Huanglian Huangqin series

Chapter 10. Zhizi series

Chapter 11. Fuling series

Chapter 12. Houpo series

Chapter 13. Gualu series

Chapter 14. Zhishi series

Chapter 15. Danggui series

Chapter 16. Gancao series

Chapter 17. Renshen series

Chapter 18. Huangqi series